These same ill begotten seeds evolved with the help of their big sister the Brutish Empire to forge a country based on domestic and foreign conquer of others in order to create their “Manifest Destiny”… the belief that their god (Satan) had equipped them with the right to take what is their divine right to take. These unskilled, savages tried to force the Aboriginals into chattel servitude, with limited success and seeing that even the most industrious of their brethren balked at a similar fate, went to Africa to steal the bodies and minds of the more highly skilled and stronger first world people to build their “free nation”.

Even after the path to nation status was embarked on and even after the Brutish Empire, like a natural shark tried to eat its young, by encouraging and supporting tow fratricidal wars (1) War of independence (2) The American Civil War, the latter almost tearing and threatening to undo their attempts at creating a monolithic nation, the ill begotten savages still maintained that their god ordained that the united states for america would remain in the hands of Europeans (colloquially called whites) for ever and a day. Unbeknownst to these sad people, elements within the Brutish Empire had already had designs on this new land, ever since the war of independence, when they felt the King and by extension the Vatican owned the stolen land. Through the nefarious activities and accounting magic tricks of the Rothschild clan and similar built pirates, Abraham Lincoln – the great emancipator borrowed money from these international pirates (banksters) to bank roll the North South tribal war, which the blues were losing. He even had to reluctantly enlist the former prisoners of European colonial wars, the enslaved Africans, to be cannon fodder for the blues as they wore down the grays to “win” this family spat. In order to secure the funding, Lincoln offered up the Constitution of the united states for america, as collateral, which the banksters gladly accepted.

By reproducing a similar but largely different piece of document, the District of Colombia, became the pawn shop for the constitution, and the struggling European off shoot nation became a corporate entity called the United States of America (or America Inc. on this side of the blog sphere). In order to pay of the debts to the banksters, the little remembered sacrifice of paying taxes towards war effort, was not rescinded after cessation, and feeling fat like pigs in shit, the banksters strove to derive a method of continuing milking this cash cow, with both hands and feet. Since America became a corporation, then it stands to reason that the people needed to be remade as commodities in order to maximize the profit margin of the banksters. Eventually with the willing help of the crack ho’s in congress and the senate, the birth Certificate was created as bar code for the remade commodity called a citizen. This bar code was held in trust as proof of future payment for the debt, which through compound interest….never goes away. So every citizen through their sweat and toil, repay this never diminishing debt by continually paying more and more of the taxes, they thought they had stopped paying after the end of the American North- South tribal war.

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