Two man
A hug up on an kiss up
An lay down inna bed
Hug up one another
Anna rub dung leg
Send fi di matic an…
repeat chorus
Caw woman is the prettiest thing
God ever put pon di land
Put pon di land (Pu-pu-put pon di land)
But some man a turn around
Where dem get dat from
Peter is not for Janet
Peter is for John
Suzette is not for Paul
Suzette is for Ann
Here come di DJ name Buju Banton
 (Come fi)Give di massiveSatisfaction
Happy how yuh lovin (Ju fi)

repeat chorus
All a di New York crew
Dem no promote Batty man
Jump an dance
Unno push up unno hand
All di Brooklyn girl
Dem no promote batty man
Jump an bogle
Anna wine yuh bottom
Canadian gals dem no like batty man
If yuh are not one
Yuh haffi push up yu han
repeat chorus 



I find it not only curious, but utter bullshit that international entities focus so much on the violence against homosexuals in Jamaica and the violence in the homegrown music, yet barely focus as much venom and effort to correct the over all societal ills which create the climate of violence in this tiny but internationally influential Island of predominately African people. 

Jamaicans are trauma victims, like any other descendent of the Anglo-Saxon induced MAAFA, where over 250,000,000 men women and children survived being hunted, captured, penned, abused, tortured and enslaved by a devilish and barbaric people seeking world domination. As with all trauma victims that did not receive corrective therapy, Jamaicans left on their own to fend for themselves in a Eurocentric, White Supremist  world, then engaged in self destructive behaviors which when documented by qualified therapists should’ve illicit support, nurturing and coxing back to normalcy and good mental/emotional health. His-story and my-story tells us that Jamaica is where the devil sent the baddest, most rebellious, most defiant niggers to be “broken” in spirit in order to fill the plantations request in nations that encouraged the trafficking of hue-man misery. 

Add to that stew of pain and misery, Colonialism, the foulness of the Monroe doctrine, the IMF, WHO, so many NGO’s to mention and Christian insanity (all ways the shock troop of colonialism) and we then view a Dante’s Inferno of violence, suffering and pain with out end. One cannot speak out against Jamaica’s 1864 “anti-buggery” law without explaining that Jamaica was a British protectorate and only had its first leader with clearly African feature in 1967 when the Hon. Hugh Lawson Shearer became the Island’s fourth Prime Minister. While one can speak out against the violence and violent lyrics against homosexuals, how can you ignore the misogynist lyrics and violence against women and children.

Is not violence against women and children deserving of international concern? The fact that so many young girls and yes boys have experienced sexual abuses, the fact that Jamaica is a world leader in teenage pregnancy, where the baby daddies are OLDER MEN!, the fact that while the anti-abortion laws are in place, officials look the other way when abortions are routinely performed. Is this not an anti-African genocidal behaviour allowed to be played out, while the so- called developed world sit back and drink Jamaican rum and smoke a spliff? 



At a time when Jamaica is experience severe poverty, due to Washington’s and the IMF‘s supported mismanagement and Violence funding, import/export trade piracy and laws (see the documentary Life and debt: by Stephanie Black). Outside of drug smuggling (an industry supported by Washington, Columbia, the CIA and the IMF) the exportation of Reggae music and the numerous brain drain of educated citizens Jamaica’s only sustaining and viable industry is Tourism.   

 When Anglo-Saxons and other nationals from abroad call for a boycott of Jamaica’s tourist industry, when these calls are in turn supported by knee-grow sycophants, it grows  similar to the imperialists and White Supremist call for boycott of Zimbabwe (when Robert Mugabe elected to right a colonial deal that the British reneged on), Somalia (where the Anglo-Saxon barbarians in Washington uses the lie of Islamic terrorism to cover their scramble for Africa) and many other countries in Africa or outside, whose leaders choose not to follow the European colonial policies as they’re played out in international politics.




Some of the calls for boycotting Jamaica come from England and its colony Corporation America In., where Anglo-Saxon led gay bashing has a long entrenched his-story. I read sometime last week where a Miami based church is galvanizing members to call for a boycott of the Jamaican Tourism Industry.  This European religion and its fanatics have no moral ground to stand on and should look to its inner demons before seeking to heal others. Child molestations, anti-homosexual agendas, the impregnating of female members by church leaders, the internal issues of homosexual or female run churches, embezzling of funds and the lavish lifestyle of pimps and dealers as apposed to that which the fabled Jesus rebukes as an exercise in egotism are a few of the issues these “holier than thou” hypocrites need to examine before they start Jamaican bashing before Gay bashing. 




We also have the homosexuals of African descent, who allows their personal agenda and preferences to blind them to anti-African hatred of many non Africans, including those in the homosexual communities. Like any group of knee-grows seeking Anglo-Saxon approval, they will kill the fly with a cannon, instead of a fly swatter. Jamaica’s anti-homosexual stance and violent actions has its genesis and nurturing in the church and in past Anglo-Saxon colonialism.

Rooting out that specific violent tendency would be easier if the over all social reality is dealt with in a healing way. Politically oppressing an already economically oppressed people will make them circle the wagon and become more resentful of a homosexual agenda. While unprovoked violence against anybody is wrong, this tourism boycott of Jamaica is unprovoked violence against 2.5 million people, my birth land and my family, that’s not just throwing the baby out with the bath water, that’s declaring war on the baby.


Buju Banton singing Boom Bye Bye

Inside Jamaica


5 thoughts on “original batti riders, boycotts and murder music: continued

  1. Anita

    Readng comprehension is lost on too many people. Incidentaly my sister, I am working on a post based on your suggestion on the division in the African male-female relationship. Perhaps Tom in Houston will put his club down and ask some one to help him over stand it when it is posted.


  2. I read his article and I dont think Sankofa is agreeing or promoting violence against anyone. He is simply stating facts about what has contributed to Jamaica becoming one of the most violent country today. The Jamaican people are some of the loviest people on the planet, but we cannot ignore the fact it is a very violent society in every area, it is not a society just violents against homesexuals. To speak of violence in Jamaica you have to speak of it in all areas not just violence againce against group of people.


  3. Go ahead, tell the world that what some white colonizer/enslaver did years ago gives you the right to lynch black Gay Jamaicans in the streets of Kingston. You really are showing those Anglo-Saxons by murdering your own people! Tell the world your ‘one love’ rastafarian religion and “Christian” faith requires beating/killing of black Gay Jamaicans.

    You are some piece of work.


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