The worshiping of the many aspect of the divine became a religious tribal conflict as spirituality moved from Africa to the world…in particular, when we encountered the religious tribalism of Europe. In rejecting the European personality of Christianity I watched as it became what I called Christian insanity, in its his-story of internal and external conflict against women, children and other nations. Even then, I have watched African men, here in the Diaspora and on the continent embrace Arabism as an antidote for Christian insanity, yet failing to see how Islam did as much or even more in destroying African culture. What is happening in Sudan, in Mali, In Somali, Eritrea and Ethiopia. What is happening in Nigeria, even in Trinidad is a disturbing trend that we willfully ignore at our Perl.  We have substituted Christianity for Arabism, disguised as Islam, all the while willfully ignoring the destructive swaths both religion is making in Africa…along with state sponsored Zionism disguised as Judaism in the stolen land called Is-it real (Israel).

I remember one of my past associates questioned my defense of Africa proper, disparaging the Masai people and their tradition of drinking cattle blood with milk, all the while he is eating factory farmed cow thingy.  Yet we as Africans seeking to our African our story and roots, took a left turn and ended up as Arabs without over standing the consequences of what we are doing.  In order to over stand what is happening is to over stand what is an Arab and it’s connection to Islam. The following is my lazy mans way of killing two birds with one stone…actually three, as the last two video series explains how Africans continue to be fucked over by foreigners ad infinitum

Pan Arabism


Nazism, Fascism parallels in Arab Nationalism

Islamic totalitarianism

African Islamic Terrorism

Mass Murder of Africans in Libya

Many Muslims, much less non Muslims are familiar with Wahabism and its current effect on the Islamic world. We as Africans with courage and knowledge chastise Israel for its anti-African Zionism, but chose to ignore the Anti-African hatred fueled by Pan-Arabism and the destructive bent of fanatics using the term Wahabism.

Islam and Destruction Go Hand In Hand


It is infuriating to see these knee-grows following traditional Arab practice of decimating African Iconic structures, because it doesn’t fit into their worldview of what should be. These people claim to be followers of Muhammad Ibn Abdulla, yet fail to accept that according to their narrative, there would not have been much to Islam without the Ethiopian Christians who sheltered him from persecution. Nor the hypocrisy of Islam as there continues to be enslavement of Africans, even though the story of Bilal is one of the more inspiring stories in Islamic lore, though misleading when they cast him as a slave. I guess it was not enough to have a free African man be one of Islam’s most important figure, they had to make him a slave.


The iconic structures of Mali include ancient places like that of the Dogon People. Will we see this devils attack the Dogons because their practice is outside of the Islamic-Pan Arabic world view?

Dogon Cosmology


Dr.Clarke – Islamic / Arab Destruction Of Black People


Islam and the Arab Invasion of Egypt –

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