One supporter of Badu named  Darkaqua posted on the net that “Badu’s body of work over the years speaks for itself,”. “The reference to JFK [is] great, using nudity as a reference to people not wanting to conform to the masses, but shot down for their beliefs, was a classic touch. Badu has never followed the script from the very beginning. … She’s always been naked to the industry, never following status quo. Kudos to her. She doesn’t have to explain herself.

Then the poster Darkaqua gave the ultimate validation to Eryka Badu’s Window Seat video when she said…..

“Alanis Morrisette did it years ago for the very reason. Stripping down for your beliefs no matter what others say or believe.”

For the voyuer in you , you can see that video here. Not only his her sister slapping her ass repeatedly, rubbing sparkles over her body including her shaved vagina, but she is also rubbing blood like substance over her body as well as a semen like substance which she also suggestively swallows or come close to.

Now embolden by her supporters and I guess her detractors, Badu has now ventured from soft porn to hard core porn with this latest video, supposedly conceived of and directed by a couple of Caucasian males. It’s Ironic that this song first sung by Roberta Flack almost became a footnote, because the Caucasian men who controlled the music industry told her that this wasn’t a going to be a hit, as it was not a cookie cutter tune similar to what was around then. Yet Mrs Flack stuck to her guns by staying true to her artistic bent of putting out a classy music that had deep meaning.

Contrast such a beautiful song with Badu’s version coupled with the imagery of hard core porn, that these Caucasian men STILL have on the internet.

The first time ever I saw your face

I thought the sun rose in your eyes

And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave

To the dark and the endless skies, my love

To the dark and the endless skies
And the first time ever I kissed your mouth

I felt the earth move in my hands

Like the trembling heart of a captive bird

That was there at my command, my love

That was there at my command, my love
And the first time ever I lay with you

I felt your heart so close to mine

And I knew our joy would fill the earth

And last till the end of time, my love

And it will last till the end of time, my love
The first time ever I saw your face, your face

Your face, your face

African women occupy a special place in the Caucasian man’s pornographic fuck dreams…women in general, but specifically African women, ever since they saw her. She is their exotic, sexual paradise and for centuries Caucasian men have gone out of their way to live out these dreams and fantasies. The other post by Kalamu ya Salaam, of knee-grow women being upset about being allowed to participate in Caucasian peoples fantasy, tel-lie-vision programming, such as the bachelor/bachelerette/all my children and other wonderful piece of work, reminded me of something that went down a couple of decades ago. A while back some knee-grows decided to voice their displeasure that the porn industry discriminated against them for denying them access to that sterling association of artists. In fact it was such a big thing, that the purveyors of porn and decedance had to interrupt their slurping and such to yell at the knee-grows to go make their own damn movies, because porn was the domain of Caucasian male fantasies…true story.

So with the advancement in technology and the growth of the internet, not only can your daughter/son can upload stills of himself/herself in provocative, naked or near naked poses (ask basketball player Greg Oden and a host of other celebrities and athletes); they can also upload videos of themselves having all manner of sex, doing all manor of sexual acts, for free. The result of such abomination is something like the following from youtube.

Even Laurence Fishburn’s, daughter by his first wife, wanted to become a actress in Hollyweird by travelling through India (it’s a Muppet movie reference) by doing a porn video. She stated that Kim Kardashian was her inspiration.  Not her father, Kim Kardashian. It is also interesting that these women will also post these video for free, yet the Caucasian men will pimp his woman but will have a site were he has advertisement and will have membership pages. We can’t even whore our pimp each other and make money off of it. Anyway this post is really about how tired i am hearing these women and men too,  talking about being artists but the extent of their art is about being at the the lowest of the spiritual spectrum or the ones who yearn to join the Caucasian man on his downward spiral into Isfet (chaos). Even Caucasian decadence is more desirable than knee-grow decadence. Is this what Malcolm and Martin, Sojourner and Harriet, Nat and the Black Panther fought for and even died for? For you to be able to twerk on youtube and do music videos where your ass is exposed? Something is amiss in our over standing

The following is a video from the black authority. Food for thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Pornography and Art the burring of the line

  1. I was wondering about GMO food, when it occurred to me that marijuana is probably GMO to the nth degree! That stuff probably doesn’t know from where it once came. The more it stinks, the better people think it is. And here in Oakland where there’s a battle for the little marijuana storefronts downtown on Broadway Street, the stuff they sell up there, no telling what it actually is. One things for sure, it stinks to high heaven. Tricked to think it’s in sunlight, when it’s under lamps and tricked to think it’s getting natural nutrients, when they are feeding it God knows what.

    Yes I think that stuff is wreaking havoc in the melanin of young black folks.

    Ms Fatty Fatty might think she is brilliant, but I’ll be the judge of that.
    I’m about to go in the trenches myself. At least I think I am. Human trafficking aka pimping and ho-ing in East Oakland, Ca. A very DIRTY business! I have no idea what I’m in for, or even if I have what it takes. I’ve been studying with the veterans of the movement and I’m inspired. I would love to sit at your feet, because veterans have knowledge, as opposed to information. It’s my Sag Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Libra Ascendant that makes me so into people, knowledge and justice. It also makes me blabbering fool.

    I personally don’t have any degrees in anything, but, TRUE STORY, a coworker of mine back in the day said I looked like a Dr. and gave me Dr. O as a nickname. I decided to use it as an email address, tweaked it to Dr.Arwo and now people mistake me for a real doctor whenever I add my email to any lists. Ha Ha! Above my workstation at home, I have a vision board and on it a quote saying: “Formal Education Isn’t Necessary” Hey, if I could get a degree from the amount of study I’ve done in my life, I’d have a triple PhD!! Or at least a double. *smile*


    1. Lol! you are the truth sistah. A question I would like to as all those pile higher and deeper is…”the man who gave out the first degree, did he have one?” in many post secondary profession (profess) people spend too much time reading the book and forget about getting behind the wheel of the damn car the forgot that in order to swim, one must, you know…get in the water.

      The term chronic has taken a whole new dimension to the point where they have something called the wheel chair drug. This is supposedly weed, that with one puff, you freeze…literally for long periods???? Are you kidding me? I am doing some research on this whole zombie face eating thing and its connection to bath salts. Do you realize that outside of the incident in China, the majority of attackers are knee-grows? People throw out the name bath salts, but I believe it’s hydrophobic with extra additives that are causing us to literally eat feces, eat people’s faces and fight off ten cops. I know PCP gives you superman strength…but eat people’s face?

      All I know is that along with their bazaar choices, I a m seeing a lot of these circus performers (entertainers) doing bazaar things, such as Kanye west and his pants incident…I don’t want to talk about that.

      Anyway as the Gladiator in the movie of the same name said…”Are you not amused?”


      1. Getting high doesn’t get you high enough anymore. Being a zombie won’t do it after a while. Haven’t heard about Kanye’s pants, and won’t look into it either. And amusements won’t be amusing. They obviously already are NOT. I walk a very tight line regarding entertainment. I’m super careful. I notice I can get a song stuck in my mind for days on end. Careful is the word. You be careful as well my brother. Protect your spirit.


  2. I have to be honest.
    I think Erykah is burring the line, but on her own terms. I don’t believe at all that she and her sister went into this thing blind. All that came out of it is just more fuel to the fire that is Erykah’s “art”. And judging by her FB page, nearly 2million are checking her. It’s interesting how easy it is to control people’s minds. The trick is to make sure they don’t realize it, because it’s also so easy to break the mind control spell. So where does Erykah set up her “healing arts” store in this mix? She wants God’s righteous chirren to think, but what about?

    So she’s gone to the dark side and is raising Cain up in there. I don’t know if the end to her means is enlightenment, as I’ve haven’t listened to Erykah since “The Healer”, but it just might be time to check in with the sister. I’ll determine if she’s healing or not. A good listen to the lyrics of her “art” will tell me if she’s a Pied Piper leading the flocks out of hell.

    Yes, black women hold a special place in white men’s fuck dreams, and probably always will. Each black woman has to determine how she will react and respond to that, and so does each black man. For me, I don’t care about white men’s fuck dreams, and thanks to my ancestresses, I don’t have to care. White men don’t faze me. I’m NOT in their sexual space, by accident and design. I’m thankful that I didn’t live in the time when I didn’t have the say so. When I think of my ancestresses, my soul shuts down at the thought of what they endured for me. I have yet to delve very deeply into that.

    Erykah understands, yes she OVERstands the power of art, symbols and the like. But how is she using the art of symbolism? I looked at her afro and saw toilets, money signs, a tuning fork, an ankh, babies, and some other stuff. I looked at her womb and fallopian tubes and saw an old turntable and speakers. Well I can answer my own question by listening to her most recent stuff.


    1. Ana…what I love about you is that you are not afraid of self reflection. This is the first step to greatness. As you ask the questions, you come closer to answering and thus seeing the truth. in Erykah’s, just like many of us in this dysfunctional society, having knowledge or spouting something that sounds good, is not the same as being it. As the old folks say, walking the walk as well as talking the talk. this why I have so much respect for India.Ire. She is consistent and i will support her and her music until she falls of the wagon, then i will delve into why that happen. You see, the industry brought in Alicia Keys to counteract India, but then Alicia is who she is, so now more people are seeing that con job. They brought in my girl from Philly to counteract Angie Stone, Angie stone wasn’t glamorous, with her big girl body and Afro singing about her love for brothers. But when my girl from Philly, Jill Scott, proved to have some substance, the industry made them feel attractive. So they lost weight, which was good, but they moved away from their original natural/African look, to the more accepted…”glamorous” look. Their music is still good, but they are trying to be who they are not. Am I projecting, perhaps so. But I believe Erykah wanted to have her proverbial cake and eat it too. She knew exactly what she was doing in the beginning and was even praising the video, before the shit storm hit, then was backing up as fast as Usain Bolt could sprint. Two million hits don’t mean much in this dumb down society because people like controversy. If that was an indicator of something valuable and not transient, then you and I would have 2 million hits on our blog. Erykah Badu is a playah, but in pushing the envelope away from her original fan base, she risk becoming played in a game bigger than her.


      1. Dayum! Yes I remember reading somewhere that she was asking her Twitter fan base if they liked the video. Didn’t sound much like a betrayed person to me.
        Yes Erykah is doing a juggling act. She’s definitely a playa, and I hope it’s not merely for money’s sake or fame’s, because she’s as good as gone if it is.
        The industry is genius at addicting their artists to their own reflections – then smashing the mirror on them. And from more than a couple of videos, where I notice Erykah takes MINUTES just to introduce herself, Analog girl, medula oblogata, fatty bella, Erykah Ba-doula, and a looong list of other names, I feel a little worried about her in this regard…


      2. My sistah, all i can say is the effects of narcotics on the brain is something serious. In my line of work i see substance abusers so much around me, I have become desensitized to the condition they are in. But it doesn’t mean i don’t recognize the effects and those who are severely affected by it.
        In the social service field, it is customary to include emotional and mental discontinuity as one. Something I disagree with…but I don’t have that colored paper with lots of letters behind it, i just work in the trenches. The effects of weed on African people, especially if the are emotionally imbalance or fragile is fierce. Plus with the conductive nature of melanin and the rise in the type of weed , the additive in them, trust me when i say that people like Erykah think they are being creative, but are being messed up. Yes! I said it, a combination of her already outrageous mode coupled with weed will make her more messed up than Loren Hill…and that’s a stretch.

        But you are right the industry hire psychologists to study our behavior and though process, that’s why the industry personalities indulge so much in decadent behavior. They get you leaning one way then….


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