All pro football player, Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings apparently created a splash in the news lately in an interview with Doug Farr of Yahoo Sports, equating the treatment by the Owners of the players as akin to slavery. Immediately the attack dogs came slobbering out of their kennels lambasting him for that comment.    In a documentary on the so-called “Fab Five” of the University of Michigan  basketball fame, former NBA player Jalen Rose was on tape as saying as a 17-year-old cat from the mean streets of Detroit, he viewed African players like Grant Hill as Uncle Tom for going to Duke University.   Grant Hill took exception to that characterization and penned a letter to the New York Times disagreeing with Rose, ending the letter by reminding Rose of  Duke’s record against Michigan. Caucasians be coming out of the wood work acting all affronted that one African can call another “uncle tom”, as if their opinion in this matter counts.

As par for the course their argument not only hovered over Roses (and other athletes) financial status, but roll out the ever-present fall back, ghetto, thug and uneducated comments. I was surprised I didn’t hear nigger and monkey, but then I didn’t read too far as I began to suffer a sudden infusion of narcolepsy after 5 minutes on the comment board. In the case of Peterson, while his choice of words maybe an affront to some and is a real insult to actual prisoners of the over 500 years of the  European Imperial and colonial wars against Africa.  He was speaking in the context that these billionaires are using up these players bodies, reaping these billions off their literal blood, sweat, tears and damaged brains and body parts, only to discard them on the trash heap of “former player” status, or sell/trade them to another plantation/team. These same greedy megolomaniacs cry poverty, as they rape municipalities and pimp city councils to build expensive stadiums and give it to them  basically rent free. This while America Inc.,  is losing jobs in the millions.

How many africans…and knee-grows up in here have heard or themselves have said they are going to do some slaving or going to the plantation, in describing going to their jobs or doing some work that kills their souls, or ambition? Testify now! It is in that context that I see Adrian Peterson using that term. That the work environment of an NFL player is less glamorous than the average fan sees and that they are treated as disposable parts to be dumped when they hit  the expiration date or become damaged goods. All one has to do is view the narratives on brain injuries, lack of  pensions for older players and the amount of cripples walking around as ex NFL players.

And before some idiot cries, well they chose to play the game! Take your jealous, fat, non athletic, low wage earning, broke ass out of here. Don’t hate because some one else dreamed big, by honing their pass catching, jump shooting self to the LEAGUE! Isn’t America Inc, supposedly the land of opportunity?

I’n’I nah come to fight flesh and blood,
But spiritual wickedness in ‘igh and low places.
So while they fight you down,
Stand firm and give Jah thanks and praises.
‘Cos I’n’I no expect to be justified
By the laws of men – by the laws of men.
Oh, true they have found me guilty,
But through – through Jah proved my innocency.


Of course the fact that Peterson and other  professional athletes make above MacDonald’s wages or even the median, seem to be  the normal focus of everyday citizen in the  corporate entity called America Inc. The sheeples and lemmings falling over each other to jump off the cliff, keep breeding and not dying off fast enough from all that extra cheese pizzas, beer and cigaret in their pathetic diet.  The fixation on what other people make honestly or even dishonestly seems to be the narrative so much these days, that certain gate keepers to the New World Order have begun a campaign of Union busting as a way of managing their commercial products.

In a earlier post I mentioned that you are all slaves. Check out the link before continuing.

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