Two points.

1. I suspect it was uncovered that Flo Jo was doping and they quietly gave her an ultimatum, retire or be exposed. You can imagine Bolt “retiring” a few months after this performance in Beijing instead of reaping the full rewards of his prominence?!!

2. With all the skeptics talking about how unusual it is that the members of the Jamaican track team all peaking at the same time then what would you say about the american men’s swim team breaking a world record everytime their toes touch water??? Look at Michael Phelps as opposed to Bolt. 8 Gold medals in a few days with almost as many World Records each time. Bolt breaks the 2 world records over a few days Phelps breaking world records back to back in minutes!!!! So Phelps and his team mates are just “special” and the jamaicans are on something??!!.

I agree with the plan to preserve samples for future testing down the road when new substances are discovered and new and improved testing is available.

——Read on ESPN message board

Point to ponder Bolt et al actually volunteered to be participants in WADA Testing programmes and as a result are among the most tested in the world I would like to have seen Carl Lewis eta al make such a gesture back in the day.

——- Read on ESPN message board



These Olympic games appear to be bringing out some of the worst player haters in America Inc., I have seen outside of the Barry Bonds fiasco… so far! They Caucasians couldn’t get enough of swim phenom Michael Phelps, nor could they get enough of shoving him down the throat of the rest of us, who don’t genuflect before an icon chosen by others for us to worship. While there are quite a few people who have expressed genuine admiration for Usain Bolt’s feat, many expressing this without interposing Phelps name in the conversation, some could not speak with out the bitter pill of envy and jealousy.

Even the supposed neutral International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge spoke out against the celebratory gestures and happy dancing performed by Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt after his record-breaking performances in the 100 and 200 metre races. After first praising the achievements of Bolt, 22, comparing him to American great Jesse Owens, Rogge then chose to verbal admonish Bolt like a little “nigger”, pointing to his gestures towards the end of the 100 final and accusing him of showing a lack of respect for his fellow competitors.

“I have no problem with him doing a show,” massa Rogge said, in an interview with three international news agency reporters. “I think he should show more respect for his competitors and shake hands, give a tap on the shoulder to the other ones immediately after the finish and not make gestures like the one he made in the 100 metres.”

BITCH!!! How long have you been heading this group of corporate pirates? How long have you witnessed other Olympic champions lay down the smack down on defeated opponents, during heats, quarters semi’s and finals, all the while preening and prancing … even gesturing towards their opponents, SOMETHING BOLT NEVER DID!

Lead by the very anti-African western press, Usain Bolt was accused of deliberately slowing down near the finish, looked around with arms outstretched and pounded his chest as crossed the finish line in a world record time of 9.69 seconds.


Further on in his arrogant diarrhetic outbursts, Rogge claims… “I understand the joy, He might have interpreted that in another way, but the way it was perceived was ‘Catch me if you can.’ You don’t do that. But he’ll learn. He’s still a young man.”

Before I go further and tear the roof of this mother, let me point out that Jacques Rogge is a Belgian. And like German Sheppard, Cops and Caucasians with guns, Africans and Belgians have a legacy of antipathy that came from the ruling class/lower class slave matrix.


 In half a generation, in the late 1800s, six European powers sliced up Africa like a cake. The pieces went to Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Belgium; among them, they acquired 30 new colonies and 110 million human cattle. Although African rulers resisted, many battles were one-sided massacres. In 1904 the Hereros, a people of southwest Africa, revolted against German rule. Their punishment was genocide–24,000 driven into the desert to starve; those who surrendered were sent to forced labor camps to be systematically raped by these dogs of Europe, literally worked to death. At center stage are a motley band of explorers, politicians, evangelists, mercenaries, journalists and tycoons blinded by romantic nationalism or caught up in the scramble for loot, markets and slaves. Today the former colonial powers still dominate the economies of the African nations, as witnessed by the treatment of their latest whipping boy in Zimbabwe.
The subsequent massacre and lab experiment, was in reality a template for Adolph Hitler and his attempt to purge Germany of the “mongrels” that were non-Aryan.


Why this bitch saw fit to stick his beak into this non issue is a testament and example of Caucasians always treating African men (people) as fucking children.  What Rogge, the media and other negative people fail to over stand is what one poster clearly laid out… The Olympics is not about the IOC. It is about athletic performance. What ever celebration method is used by an athlete, is his to chose and should be respected.   Rogge thinks it is about his perception of what is right and wrong. His expression of disappointment reveals a classic bias against those who dare to show enthusiasm and pride in their accomplishments, especially if they are not from the ruling class”




According to Usain Bolt… “Come on… when you’re running, if you see you’re going to win, you’re going to celebrate, You’re going to be Olympic champion, you’re just happy. That’s pretty much it.”… “We’re not worried about time here. When you get on the circuit, then you worry about breaking world records.”


17 year old Usain Bolt
17 year old Usain Bolt



Since he was 15, Usain Bolt was marked for greatness and has shown the desire to achieve them. The biggest reason he shouldn’t have any taint surrounding his accomplishments is because he has been a legitimate speedster since 15. If you only follow Track & Field during the Olympics, based on what NBC reports, I can imagine why you would think his performances are out of nowhere. He has had experts saying he was not performing up to his abilities.  Yet the, besides the bullshit about his “celebration” we get the inevitable, “he is dirty”… “I hope he is clean”…”there is something fishy happening in Jamaica.”

 Bolt has been tested 11 times this year and 4 times since July. Jamaica has always been doing well in the sprints. Even during the peak of the Eastern Block where steroids and drug doping reigned supreme. The Jamaicans still were doing well.

Eventually though all the rats will come out of the sewer and starting pissing on the furnature. Victor cunt … er… Conte, who served a prison term connected to the scandal that arose at BALCO, said he met in December with then-WADA director Dick Pound and detailed allegations of illicit behavior. Of course the son of a mother declined to elaborate further.  However he did through out some bad card (as they say in Jamaica) “To see the fastest people in the world coming from one island [Jamaica], I’m highly suspicious,” Conte said this week. “I believe there’s rampant use of performance-enhancing drugs in the Caribbean.”

Pound, who had become a real pain in the ass for a long time,  said Friday he thought Conte’s “information was good, and that we should follow up.”

Why? Well because Victor Conte complained that elite athletes in the Caribbean countries too often easily avoided out-of-competition drug testing in the fourth quarter of 2007. You can read the story here.

Yet not in the same article he said: “I have no knowledge that these individuals were involved in wrongdoing. All I know is that they and other athletes come from regions where minimal off-season testing is administered.”

In the Jamaica Gleaner and article was written in response to the all of sudden whispers of doping in Jamaica.  The article Jamaican athletes: Why do they run so fast?  attempted to explain to the ignorant the our story behind the not so new/old legacy of Jamaican sprinting.



Flag wavers in America Inc. would point to Ben Johnson, a transplanted Jamaican, who was tested twice for steroids. Yet they never mentioned, seemed not to know, or tend to overlook the fact that Carl Lewis tested positive many times at the US trials, but the USOC kept his positive tests a secret along with the tests of many US Olympians. In fact, Carl Lewis tested positive at the 1984 Olympics, but SOMEBODY, broke into the testing lab and stole ALL the B samples of the athletes in that 100 meter race.  Coincidence? I think not!

Usain Bolt ran 8 races in 3 days and broke 2 world records, yet he is suspected of doping. Michael Phelps swims 17 races in 8 days, breaking 7 records and that’s completely normal. The experts from all over, point to his excessive caloric intake, foot size, finger length and torso to leg length…and of course his swim suit. When Michael Phelps, who by the way should be respected for his accomplishment, was a 15 year old, he had promise but wasn’t a world beater. When Usain Bolt was 15, he showed promise AND WAS BEATING THE WORLD! 

A side note:

■The IOC has formally excluded the Athens Olympic gold medal 400 metres hurdler Fani Halkia from Beijing. It has directed the world body, IAAF, sanction her and that Greek authorities investigate possible violations of Greek law by her coach George Pangiotopoulos. Pangiotopoulos told a Greek television station he welcomed an inquiry. “I believe there has been sabotage or tampering at doping control,” he said. Halkia tested positive to the steroid methyltrienolone at an Olympics camp in Japan on August 10. The president of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Minos Kryiakou, suggested a doping ring might be behind the 15 positive test results to the same drug. This year, 11 Greek weightlifters, a swimmer and sprinters Dimitris Regas and Tassos Goussis have tested positive. “This is the strangest thing, because it leads to the conclusion that there is an organised effort,” he said.

4 thoughts on “Sour grapes at the Olympics

  1. : BlackMyStory:


    [Eye examined the Affidavit. There are no facts on the document in the body of the claims. All the facts are obstructed and raped into a fiction-format/VIOLENT-SYNTAX-CLAIMS for VIOLENT-PEOPLE. The so called Judge signs through a legal-mask, indicating that some-else signed the writ on behalf of the Judge without a Judge’s-SEAL/MARK=FRAUD/CRIMINAL-ENDORSEMENT.

    Otherwise, the Judge-signs off as an IMPOSTER. Also the FBI-agent signs the writ by signature-simulation. When you simulate something it is modified-substance-fraud. Oh…and the so called ‘Nigerian’s’-true-Appellation does not appear on the document! Interestingly, the Affidavit was written before the EVENT occured, through an INCORINATED-NAME[=NO-MAN]/OMAR FAROUK through which the Affidavit was written! The CRIMINAL-CHARTER AND CRIMINAL-DUTY of the Affidavit is for the claim by a PRIVATE-CONTRACTOR-CORPORATION, using hidden-fiduciaries as front-men-‘legitimacy’. That’s the beauty of TRUTH-MATHEMATICS! CRIMINAL-ENDORSEMENT IS EXPOSED ALL TO EASILY=VOID-LAW-CLAIMS on the FBI’S-AFFIDAVIT!

    For those who like to study or write in the TRUTH=FACT=LAW=CONTRACT:


  2. MelaniteQuantumKing… thanks for checking out my blog and sharing your views. Regarding the Nigerian “terrorist” I did indeed checked out the link and the information certainly does raises more question than answers. I was going to do a blog on the story, but your links should lead people to investigate this latest incident some more.

    Thanks and keep coming back!



  3. Ps. Since the issue with Farouk Abdulmutallab is a non-event, set-up job. The Ashkenazi news media have the whole world focused on a so-called Nigerian Terrorist. So the whole world is focused right-field, while the Cauc-powers are makeing criminal waves in left-field going unannounced. Nice coverup and decoy!


  4. Usain Bolt has blazed the trail for the last 2-years outright. Now the Caucs have a huge problem with it. These resentful Yakub-monster-grafts will always find a disgraceful leveller against Bolt. They haven’t found it yet, so Eye held my breath for two years as to figure their side-show blackout on Bolt. Then they found it or ‘planted’ it with the Caster Semenya disgrace, ridiculing her as a man-penis/hermaphrodite, cheat, now projecting all melanite-African and indigeouns black-Americans and black-Asians as criminal-cheats and all other word-title of words relating to ‘crimina’l and ‘cheat’ you can think of.

    The CAFR-Kleptocrats have no bounds with their insane homicidal and suidical natures. The White-Creatures were smiling with Kratochvilova Jarmila (Czech) and the East German Drug Family led by Marita Kock in the late 70’s and 80’s making world record precedents.

    Now to the present: Every X-mas there is always an awakening from Satan’s X-mas, clause. Nigerians have now been associated with Terrorism. Laughable. These creatures cannot help themselves with their stupid media tricks and FBI/Judge illuminati nonsense. Farouk Abdulmutallab is now a terrorist. Eye have read an insider’s report of what happened. Again, it was a set-up. More over, Eye have read the affidavit of the so-called FBI agent. Not only are the claims weak, but most of the report was PRE-WRITTEN before the event. Very easy to prove in :QUANUTM!

    Meanwhile, for those interested:

    and for the stich up…

    Click to access northwest253.affidavit.pdf


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