A modern literary interpretation of the process of transitioning from a normal human to an energy vampire, a being made from pure energy that no longer requires a physical body, can be found in Silvia Hartmann’s book “Vampire Solstice“2006 as a metaphor for processes of actually existing energy exchanges.

The terms “energy vampire” and “psychic vampire” have been used as synonyms in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union as part of an occult revive.

The vampire lifestyle or vampire subculture is an alternative lifestyle, based on the modern perception of vampires in popular fiction. The vampire subculture has stemmed largely from the goth subculture, but also incorporates some elements of the sadomasochism subculture. The Internet provides a prevalent forum for the subculture along with other media such as glossy magazines devoted to the topic.

Active vampirism within the vampire subculture includes both sanguinarian vampirism, which involves blood consumption, and psychic vampirism, whose practitioners believe they are drawing spiritual nourishment from auric or pranic energy.

Consumption of blood

Like Dracula and other literary vampires, some traditions of modern vampires drink blood, either animal or human, although human is preferred. They claim they need blood to make up for a deficiency of proper energy processing within the body.

 Sexuality and sexual practices

The link between vampirism and sexuality has been present even before Stoker’s Dracula. With the modern vampire movement, “eroticism has become so entwined with the contemporary vampire scene that popular vampire magazines, like Bloodstone, include previews of the latest vampire pornography, featuring combined acts of sex and blood-letting.” This focus on sex and sexuality stems from vampire literature. In fact, sexual attraction was the most frequent response in a survey conducted among a group of 574 college and high school participants, where the participants were asked what they found most appealing about vampires and vampire literature.

Today we see much sexual vampirism in internet porn, youtube torquing videos and disguised as internet dating sites. Many of these Incubus’s and vampires troll the internet and dating sites for victims with these areas ripe for homosexual and heterosexual paedophiles and plane old animalistic rapists.

 Members of vampire subculture

Unlike what is commonly assumed, there are more members to the vampire society than simply those that drink blood. Such members tend to congregate into small clans, usually called covens or “houses,” in a tribal culture to find acceptance among others that share their beliefs. Generally vampirism is not considered a religion but a spiritual or philosophical path. There are also many modern vampires that are not part of a coven, but rather are solitary.  Most human vampires wear regular or ordinary clothes for the area they live in to avoid discrimination.  In addition, there are hybrids, human vampires that take both blood and energy. As I  always says…any excuse will do! And these individuals are no exception to that concept. There are three main types of vampires lifestylers.


Those that drink blood are called sanguinarians or “sanguine vampires”. They and psychic vampires address themselves as “real vampires” and usually have a collective community. They believe they have a physical and/or spiritual need to drink human blood to maintain their mental and physical health.

 Psychic vampires

Commonly known as psi-vamps are another kind of human vampire that claim to attain nourishment from the aura, psychic energy, or panic energy of others. They believe one must feed from this energy to balance a spiritual or psychological energy deficiency such as a damaged aura or chakra.

Living vampires

Often calling themselves by the namesake claim to be  highly spiritual and consider vampirism an action required for spiritual evolution and ascension, yet maintain a rigid ethical system in its practice. Living vampires are not blood drinkers or psychic vampires and are usually organized into initiatory orders such as Temple of the Vampire, Ordo Strigoi Vii and the Order of the Black Dragon.

Transcendental vampires

The notion of the vampire having an immortal soul is the focal point of this Vampiric identity. Those who associate with this form of Vampiric identity such as the coven House Bennu hold the belief that their soul/psyche may travel into, and fuse with the soul/psyche and body of a younger Vampire with the goal of achieving immortality. Transcendental Vampires may be sanguinarian and/or psychic in nature.

Blood donors

Blood donors are people that willingly allow human vampires to drink their blood. Within vampire society, human vampires and donors are considered equal, yet donors are expected to be subservient to the vampires.  At the same time, donors are difficult to find, and because of that human vampires have no reason to abuse their donors.]

Blood fetishists

Fetishists in the vampire community use blood as a fetish or stimulant in sadomasochistic sex.

Vampire role-players

Vampire role-players, otherwise called “fashion vamps”, differ distinctly from human vampires in that they are “serious vampire fans and those who dress up in vampire clothing, live a vampire lifestyle (e.g. sleep in coffins), and primarily participate in RPGs such as Vampire: The Masquerade.”

The need to consume the energies of others in order to transcend into immortality is consistent with the bankrupt mentality of people who lack true over standing of energy and the transcending qualities of the being that are we. This is a sick and mentally imbalanced attempt to escape their flawed exhistence by copying the life style of a character in a novel or movie whose legend is that of a vicious and evil entity. Unfortunately, even if one does not follow the Vampire lifestyle, or don’t believe they fall in the mould of a Incubus or Succubus, I am sure the readers can call up from memories someone or a few someone who fit these mould to a T

Perhaps the next time you vote, go to church, school or roll over in bed, ask you self how much do you know this person and what kind of effects they have on you? Below is one of the most popular albums and most enacted videos in hi-story and ours in this society. How nice.



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