The efeminization revue: A thing worth repeating

“Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“All warfare is based on deception.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

This post was in a way inspired by King Osiris Uhuru via Dojah Geb’Rasa Bantu on FaceBook.

When i first say the pictures below, I felt that some how I would end up writing about that. And based on the responses that followed it is clear to me that Yurugu has increased his strangle hold on the mind and soul of the original dark matter people.  In writing this post I went back to a previous one around July 2012, where I touched on the state of the knee-grow male and in general the state we are in today. My post from July 2012 started of by stating …”the more the African male strives to assert himself, to protect his family and lead his nation, the weaker the Anglo-Saxon male feels by comparison, and the greater the attempt to eliminate us through physical violence or spiritual violence, by effeminize the African male, to be a knee-grow thus forcing him to remain submissive.”

Like everything else this post and the evolving issue will divide us. It will raise contention and it will cause people to suspend common sense and or logic to descend into a fervor that can only be described as fanatical. Now while standing on different sides of a debate  is not necessarily a bad thing, the narrative around this issue will for a long time alienate people without the intelligent application of context, purpose or result. On one side there is a belief that the increasing and pervasive growth around homosexuality and its impact on the communities of dark matter people is a direct result of Western (read white) influence and a social manipulative attempt to eradicate the natural relationship of the male-female dynamics we see or yearn for today. On the other side of the divide the narrative summed up by the t-shirt campaign…“Gay is the new black”, and which has people championing the rights of homosexuals to be equal to heterosexual in everything such as marriage, adoption and civil rights. Still since there is no rest for the wicked, Yurugu continues to push the envelope to a degree where, as the last poets said…”The men will look like the women and the women will look like the men…and some will dance in an hypnotic trance….!”

Below is a picture of Earvin Johnson (EJ) III, oldest child and son of former Laker’s HOF guard Earvin ‘magic’ Johnson and wife Earlitha Cookie Kelly ( I am unsure if she officially changed her last name as she is often referred to as Kelly) who have both stated that they have come out in support of their son’s lifestyle.  People have voiced their opinions, mainly about how great it is for the parent to support their child and ask the question, which parent wouldn’t support their child. I find it interesting, that with all the hoopla, we fail to overstand that if this wasn’t the child of a celebrity this really wouldn’t be news. Ah but not just the child of a celebrity, but the child of a knee-grow celebrity with the face time and iconic image of Earvin “magic” Johnson.



It is also quite instructive how many of us in the dark matter community, would readily embrace the homosexuality, homosexual habits and showing out, while rejecting a child’s  choice to say become a vegan or reject the religion of their parent.  We hear of knee-grow parents beating their children to death even, if they fail to read the European fantasy book well enough to satisfy their fanatical urges. Yet at the same time we have knee-grows in the community that are quick to call someone “fag” or “lesbian”, not because of  any personal knowledge, but because they are at odds with that persons politics or world-view. What is it people are you embracing of Nicki Minaj’s overt bi-sexuality, Dana Owen’s secret/open lesbianism and EJ’s public declaration that he can carry a purse like a female? Or are you like the president of Chad, who declared that anybody caught practicing homosexuality will be beheaded? I know for one if my child tells me this, I would not support them.  Can we object to the homosexual lifestyle without resorting to religious fairy tale (no pun here) and threats of physically harming people that is not trying to physically harm you? And finally can we have a scientific dialogue on homosexuality and its impact on Meritu people and our current state as productive entities?

It is interesting how scared we are of voicing opposition…that is intelligent opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. It is as if we are intimidated. Or are we hiding something that we feel would make us seem hypocritical if we speak out? Such as the litany of sexual abuse of little children in the churches, adoption centers and foster care, the schools and in even in the homes. Are we reluctant to voice opposition because we strive so hard to be like Yurugu, that we will accept any unnatural proclivities he practices, for feel good in the moment, purposes?  People find this cute and have a “aw shucks” moment when one of the biggest celebrity house knee-grows comes out and endorses another anti-Meritu destructive behavior. And it does not matter what others think about me….because I raise my children a certain way and expect that this will take hold in to their adult lives. I find it quite disturbing how the load cheering section for homosexuality tend to drown out the voice of those who have voiced their displeasure in seeing something as what is being portrayed in the media.  As it stands now, homosexuality and it’s offshoot, beastiality, pornography, Mandingo clubs, Ghetto gaggers, sex-slave dungeons are all products of base servitude to the lowest of common denominator, under the guise of equity, human rights, legal rights and modernity.

Today knee-grows know the price of everything, the latest car on the market, the latest clothe from Paris and how much money Tiger Woods had to pay in alimony. But knee-grows don’t know the value of anything. They don’t value their skin, their looks, their ancestors and themselves. They don’t value their bodies, their spirituality, their sexuality or the sacredness of parenting. The case of the father who went buck wild on his daughters is a case where the females where out of control and need extreme measures to correct them twearking on video to be uploaded on the net.  People say he was extreme in that the beating left marks on the girls. Yes! Tell that to the father who demanded his son pull his pants up and got stabbed for his efforts. Or the preacher who told his 15 year old daughter she couldn’t leave the house looking like a trollop and ended up physically restraining her because she was about to disobey him. This father was later charged with assault, just like the father of the dancing girls.

There is an homosexual agenda aimed at Dark Matter people and that is geared towards further driving a wedge between the man and woman and to further corrupt and sacrifice our children to a life of confusion, pain and spiritual loss. I say spiritual, not religious…please know the difference. In my line of work I have seen desperate youth tossed out on the streets or choosing to leave a home with too many rules to end up as victim of sexual predators, who approach them under the guise of mentoring or “helping” them. In the 70’s and 80’s it was mostly females falling prey to pimps and males to drug pushers. In the last two decades, while this still occurs,  the rise of the homosexual sex predators has surpassed these other two predations. The thing is it is not only street involved youth that either willingly succumbs to this lifestyle

Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

There is a clear cut homosexual agenda that the white supremacy system is forcing on the dark matter community and we are intimidated and coerced into embracing this and teaching to our children. The tactic of using celebrity to endorse, promote and “come out” to the public to rave revues, forces us to decide how we feel and what we intend to do with these feelings.  While most of  the religious crowd have stood up publicly. they suffer form the real hypocrisy of dealing with homosexual predators in their myth as well as their insistence in applying a fairy tale logic to something that is real. The doers of Isfet, have forced the military to openly accept homosexuals in the army, as if having females was not a detriment. Then again, homosexual activity has been part of Yurugu’s military mind set for centuries, it’s just now a open and structured thing.  The final bastion of heterosexual comfort is the sports locker room. This was invade back in the 1980’s when the NFL and NBA forced female reporters into the locker room, where large naked men are walking around.  When I was a sports fanatic, I would watch pre-game and post-game interviews and many of the shots of these men walking around were Afrikan/Meritu brothers. After softening up these performing circus clowns to accept the world to watch them walking around with their dicks hanging, now Yurugu is making the idea of openly homosexual players intermingle with straight men a must. In February 2007, retired NBA player John Amaechi wrote a book about him being a homosexual afraid to be open to his team mates.  Along side  writing a book filled with homosexual based erotica, Amaechi got a boat load of sympathy and the sporting world and heterosexual males a similar amount of criticism for the assumption of being intolerant. As a man who was in a sporting locker room, I know some suspect shit happened, but this brother clearly established his boundary about what I will and will not tolerate.  And cats were respectful of this.  I believe many heterosexuals in society are not so much intolerant of homosexuals as they are upset that the is segment of society and those with legal powers, seek to tell us who to like and how we must embrace them. Common sense says that if you force your shit on others they naturally rebel. Even if they are not religious nut cases. The other side sre those who stand for nothing and end up getting run over, even though they don’t want to embrace this. Their lack of integrity and character will make them voice favorable opinion of things they don’t accept because they don’t want to be in conflict with the homosexual driven agenda. Jobs could be at stake. Reputation would be tarnished. Money would be withheld. And now illegal charges and incarceration would rain down on those who feel that material possession is more important than integrity and the natural right to reject all that they are not comfortable with.

Don’t believe me? Well let’s ask two former players from the National Plantation League for their assessments. Former Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks player Wade Davis evidently thinks that more and more players have grown comfortable with the idea of openly homosexual players in their midst. Davis, who played in pre-season games for those teams plus in the regular season in NFL Europe (he’s now retired), came out as gay last year. Davis says that the NFL and NBA are already more tolerant of gay players than people would think.

Even more interesting is the comments made by 36-year old linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo says he was…

” misquoted in a report claiming his release from the Baltimore Ravens was related to his stance on gay rights. He took to Twitter to defend his former team. In other words, everyone prepare themselves for the most insane day of the NFL off season in human history. A day to make the sports world explode, basically. And it would be awesome.

The one reason to worry about an NFL player coming out as gay would be the inevitable avalanche of horrible jokes, hateful responses, and insane scrutiny, all directed at one human being. Nobody deserves that, and it would be ugly. But as Ayanbadejo says, “If they could share the backlash, it would be more positive.” In addition to muting the backlash toward any one player, four players coming out in four different cities — AT THE SAME DAMN TIME — would get all kinds of love and support, too, spreading the acceptance around the country, making this a more universal sign of progress in the NFL and the sports world, in general.”

It’s cool. It’s exciting,” says Ayanbadejo of the possibility. “We’re in talks with a few guys who are considering it. The NFL and organizations are already being proactive and open if a player does it and if something negative happens. We’ll see what happens.” Yes we will.”

Knee-grows are so deep into the illusion of the Matrix that they are immune to how much the tidal wave of the Homosexual agenda is sweeping over them. Have you ever noticed that wherever re-lie-gion squats, the native culture is overwhelmed and made invisible?  in Jamaica we have a saying, new broom sweeps clean. When the new broom of re-lie-gion comes in, it sweeps clean Meritu spirituality and introduces a foreign culture under the guise of re-lie-gion. Whether it be Christinainsanity, Arabism or the re-lie-gion of western “democracy”. The beloved continent is not immune from the Homosexual agenda, because this is the last bastion of heterosexual male safety zone. The people of Meritu overstood the roles of the two genders. Men act masculine, women acted feminine. When re-lie-gion invaded our consciousness, the men started abusing the women and the women fell out and stopped being feminine. Homosexuality is on the rise on the continent and have caused a reaction so strong, that the West is now using this as an excuse to intimidate and further interfere with the cultural sensibility of the various cultures. Case in point is this story out of Nigeria….

Earlier this month we learned that some Senegalese women were tattooing their gums black to enhance their smiles. And if that wasn’t shocking enough, now comes word of another bizarre beauty procedure in Nigeria, where men are tattooing their bottom lips pink.

Batta Box TV has released a short video documenting the trend. Although the subject isn’t explored in depth, we’ve gathered that the lightened pigmentation of the lip is more aesthetically pleasing for those who choose to spend the equivalent of 35-40 American dollars for the tattoo.

The video shows a man getting his bottom lip permanently colored a bubble gum-pink hue. Pretty extreme, especially when a lovely pink lipstick could have done the trick. We’ve also heard that applying a mixture of almond oil and lemon juice is also a less invasive alternative.

Although the customer doesn’t seem like he’s in any pain, we assume there must be some emotional discomfort that has gotten him to this point. Changing the color of your skin–even if it’s just your lip–can be far more complicated self-acceptance and racial issues then just making a fashion/beauty statement. Hopefully we can learn more about this unusual trend.

For the 1st time ever in Zulu’s tradition. Gay’s wedding took place in Zulu’s Lifestyle


“What became of the Black people of Sumer?’ the traveler asked the old man, for ancient records show that the people of Sumer were Black. `What happened to them?’ `Ah,’ the old man sighed. `They lost their history, so they died.” 

A Sumer Legend

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