There is a movement of individuals who have coalesced into a group for the sole purpose of sharing their affiliation with “objectùm-sexual”, i.e. the love and sexual relationship with objects. Objectùm-sexuality is simply to be emotionally and intimately attracted to OBJECTS, things – not human beings or similar (similar to what human?).


According to the news item on Yahoo “Objectùm-sexuality is NOT a fetish“. The article states there is a sincere difference between fetishism and objectùm-sexuality. Objectùm-sexual people see and believe the objects are LIVING BEINGS. The object is not used as an aid to trigger sexual stimulation. Intimacy is a product of the love for the object.

The article goes on to say that “people can love and have emotional and sexual feelings for most objects, like Walls, Cars, Locomotives, Machines, Buildings, Bridges… well, any object”.

Mmmm! The infantile fascination and misplaced love of cars, I am familiar with – I never got- but am familiar with. However, when an apparent singular fascination/love  obsession morphs into a movement that incorporates various inanimate objects, where you develop anything from a woody to wetness in your crotch, then I am not just…well speech less, but it puts this love of car in a new light. The article states that if you have emotional and intimate feelings for objects, then the Objectùm-sexual group is the group for you.

 Apparently Objectùm-sexual is not a new phenomena over in the old country of Europe and may even be the impetus for objectiphiles in the west to come out of their individual closets, so to speak.



Objectùm-sexual also extends and an open invitation to support members (?) who are welcome to join the group. These are people who support objectùm-sexual people in their rights to love objects.



I have attached another article and links for your reading , er…pleasure, and hope that interested readers can post their own views, whether personal or otherwise, of this movement


Objectum Sexuality: When Relationships With Inanimate Objects Become Intimate

By Tracie

You have got to see this documentary about “objectum sexuals,” people who fall in love with objects like fences and amusement park rides, (one woman even married the Eiffel Tower). And they have sex.

If you thought that men in love with Real Dolls was strange, wait until you see Strange Love: Married to the Eiffel Tower, which follows these fetishists (all of them, for some reason, female). Interestingly, Objectum Sexuals – they call themselves OS people – believe their love with the objects are reciprocal and that they can telepathically communicate with them.

Amy Wolf is in love with a fairground ride called 1001 Nacht, for which she writes poetry. Based on appearances, she seems like an out-and-proud lesbian, but has no interest in humans. She also loves a church banister, a banister in her home, and the Empire State building. Having connected through an OS people forum on the internet, Erika goes to visit Amy. (Both women are said to have Asperger’s **and share a history of abuse.) They go to the fairground to see 1001 Nacht. In the clip above, Amy is left alone to have an intimate moment with the ride, while Erika goes for a walk. She happens upon a picket fence and feels an immediate attraction.

Erika La Tour Eiffel married the Eiffel Tower and then took its name. But she doesn’t like referring to the structure as “it” because “calling something an ‘it’ instantly means it’s inanimate.” She gets “a sense” of an object’s gender. According to her, the Eiffel Tower is female.

After suffering abuse as a child, and bouncing between foster homes, she joined the US Air Force but during her training, was sexually assaulted, and defended herself with a Japanese sword, which was her lover at the time. She refused to part with the sword, and was discharged from the military for psychological reasons. She then fell in love with an archery bow – she became a US medal champion in archery – but her feelings for the bow waned after time and she moved on to bigger things, literally, as in: tourist attractions. On their one-year anniversary, Erika goes back to visit the Eiffel Tower to consummate their marriage. She lifts up her skirt, and straddles one of the beams with “no barrier” between them.

** Blackmystory Notes: Asperger’s disease is related to Autism.

The entire documentary can be seen here online.

I Married The Eiffel Tower
Objectum-Sexuality Internationale
man faces charges for having sex with picnic table

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