No food taste and emotion connection? Well, sugar is sweet and then there are also some people who are sweet (nice). Some males are also sweet as in the homosexual male (i.e. Sweet Cakes, Sugar Foot, Fruitcake, etc.), but this is not emotional, or is it? Not my intention to offend homosexuals but just clearly making a point. Salt is bitter but then again, so are a lot of people. Ever had a “bitter” mate or ex? Pickles are sour but then again there are a lot of people out there who are sour too (about things). We call them SOUR PUS! People can be “acerbic,’ “pungent,” or “salty.” Funny how we use tastes to describe human emotions! Personally, I’d have to say that there is a clear connection between emotions and food tastes.

Well, what is it about the Winter holiday season that makes our emotional states change? Why do people become so nice and kind, benevolent, charitable, and loving during the Christmas season? How come we don’t act all year long the way we act during the Christmas season? Clearly something is in the energy during this time of year and most, if not all, of us are subject to such energy, whether we’re religious or not. Okay, a certain energy is emitted on our Earth during this time of year, but why do we eat so much during this time of year? Is it because of energy? Or does it have something to do with commerce, or perhaps custom?

See’s Candies sells a lot of chocolate and candy during this time of year and corporate working females love them some See’s candy. At my former place of employment, law firms would always send us big, beautiful boxes of See’s Candy assorted chocolates and the women there would go crazy over the chocolate. They had no power over the chocolate. It was mind boggling to me!

They’d make five, six or seven visits to the kitchen and lunch area throughout the day sticking their fingers in the See’s Candy box and picking their favorite assortment. However, by the end of the day almost all of them were nervous wrecks, worried about all of the calories consumed from eating that sweet tasting, rat feces and liquefied cow snot-laced milk chocolate.

The males there, including myself, used to eat them too, but we were not like the females who seemed helpless to the chocolate and couldn’t control themselves.

You see, holiday dietary madness begins with Halloween and all of that candy, which is basically 100% SUGAR, the number one drug on the planet. Trick-or-treating for candy (the sugar drug) is like baseheads or crackheads trick-or-treating for base or rock cocaine, trying to get a hit to jolt them or beam them up to Scottie. The Candy, Sugar and Confectionery cartels love Halloween. Big profits are made during the Halloween season. These cartels also love Valentine’s Day and Easter! Their drug (SUGAR) profits are highest during these particular holidays.

So the first attack during holiday dietary madness begins with the sugar hit during the Halloween season whereby we honor the dead, ghoulish, sinister, and macabre. Next up is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving puts a major hit on people. I used to love Thanksgiving as a little boy. All that good tasting and good smelling food my mother would prepare for almost two days in that little kitchen of ours on 105th Street there in South Central Los Angeles. When people “pig-out” during Thanksgiving, they LITERALLY do so. I remember how every Thanksgiving (and Christmas) my maternal uncle, Larry Maxwell, would come over to eat. He was literally like a pig. His face stayed buried in his plate. He didn’t even come up for air. He ate just like a pig. I can still hear my deceased mother say to uncle Larry: “Slow down, Larry! Don’t hurt yourself!”

It’s a lot of work for the mouth, stomach and colon to process all of that food or food-like stuff we stuff down our throats during Thanksgiving dinner. No wonder most folks fall asleep after eating Thanksgiving dinner. I guess it’s the Body Intelligence making folks fall asleep so as to stop them from eating so that digestion can get a head start on trying to digest all of that junk.

“Djehuty, junk?” You’re calling buzzard, oops, I mean turkey, cranberry sauce, dressing (stuffing), macaroni and cow snot, oops again, I mean macaroni and “cheese,” fried shit-kin, damn, did I say SHIT-kin? I meant to say “Chicken.” Continuing, Rock Cornish hen, collard/mustard greens, ham with pineapple rings, biscuits and muffins, sweet potato pie, carrot pie, chocolate cake, pecan pie and all that other good tasting food – – JUNK???? “Is this what you are calling this good tasting food, Djehuty Ma’at-ra?”

Yes, I am calling it all junk! I know it all tastes good, but taste is not the criterion for health or what is healthy. You know these people in the so-called food industry can make manure taste good with the chemicals they use. They’re that good at deceiving your taste buds. Some of you all are shocked to hear me call a turkey a buzzard, but go find out where the turkey came from. Learn to do your own research. The turkey has come into existence by means of GRAFTING (cross between a buzzard and African guinea fowl).

After Turkey season comes the granddaddy of all seasons? Christmas! Children and women love them some Christmas. What are you saying Djehuty? Women and children are MATERIAL? You tell me! I’m not saying anything. I’m just noticing a correlation and connection, that’s all. Women, teens and children get excited during Christmas times. Men do too but not like women, teens and children. Perhaps it’s because men have to foot the Christmas season bill (or most of it), if they’re on the scene, that is. Hey folks, this is just my observation so don’t take it personal.

People really get off into some madness and dietary madness during the Christmas season. I sure did coming up. Is not drinking eggnog madness? Do you know what eggnog is or consists of? Try LIQUEFIED ABORTED CHICKEN FETUS, LIQUEFIED COW SNOT/PUS, ALCOHOL (in some cases), with a hint of nutmeg, the only natural thing in this concocted beverage.

Chicken egg is ovum! That’s like women grinding up and liquefying their ovum and adding their snot (mucus) to it and adding some liquor and nutmeg to it and then drinking it, talking about “CHEERS” and out of their damn minds! But this is what folks do during the Christmas season and you know this is true. I’m not saying it’s wrong to do, or that it’s right to do. I’m just giving my personal assessment of what folks are really drinking here with snot-nog, I mean “eggnog.” That’s all! If you enjoy drinking “snot-nog,’ oops, damn, my bad again! I mean EGGNOG! If folks are cool with drinking eggnog, then drink on up! And why is that Thanksgiving Day turkey back on the scene during Christmas? I thought we ate all the turkey we could stand or fathom a month ago? There’s always leftover turkey after Thanksgiving Day. And when I say leftover, I mean leftover and for days. After Thanksgiving, you’re sure to have turkey sandwiches, turkey pie, chopped turkey; heck, turkey everything! You probably stop short of a pureed turkey beverage! But I could see folks doing this (drinking puree’d turkey beverage) under the guise of getting some protein- and you know damn well the average person does not know what protein is or how to define it. However they know (or think they know) they need it.

You know Americans think they have to eat meat in order to obtain to get or have meat (protein) on their bodies. Yes, they rationalize and say if you want meat or to be meatier you have to eat meat, not your own meat or other human meat, but an innocent animal’s meat (their cadavers). But these same people have yet to rationalize eating fingernails in order to grow fingernails, or for the females, eating booty or buttocks to have a big booty or buttocks; or eating hair to grow hair. Sounds crazy, right? But the exception to the madness is meat under the propaganda of the meat industry. I wonder why? Somebody has been hell-of programmed with propaganda from the meat industry. Hmmm! I wonder who? VEGANS? VEGETARIANS? FRUGAVORES? RAW FOODISTS? Maybe DISILLUSIONED human beings who want to be CARNIVORES? You figure it out!

And those turkeys! How do you think they get so big? Can you say STEROIDS and HORMONES? And I can’t forget about all of that Sodium Nitrate and Nitrites which are carcinogenic and that is pumped into those turkeys. Well, these salts may cause cancer but at least they prevent botulism (food poison).

And why do folks only eat the female turkey? What’s up with that? I’m going to ask Sally Fallon this whenever we speak. If we humans need meat, as Ms. Fallon suggests, why in the world do we cook it? How does fire make meat more nutritious? If you burned a tablet of Vitamin C to a crisp, would it be more nutritious? Talk about madness!

Why is it that when you put a vegetable in heat (cook or microwave it), it will no longer grow? Raw vegetables always sprout. You see this with onions, carrots, and other veggies. Cut an onion in half and place it in the fridge and within days it starts growing again from the center. Why? Because it’s alive! After all, the word “vegetable” is derived from the Latin word ‘vegetere’ which means “to grow.” So why do we call lazy people “couch potatoes” and mentally dead people “vegetables”? Raw potatoes aren’t lazy! They move because they grow. Instead we should call lazy people “couch mashed potatoes,” “couched baked potato,” or “couched French fry” because these are dead and non-living forms of a potato.

And we shouldn’t call brain-dead individuals “vegetables,” but instead should call them “chops” (as in lamb or pork chops), or “steaks”, “T-bones”, “riblets”, “pastrami’s”, “deli meats”, “burgers”, “nuggets” (as in chicken nuggets), “sausages”, “patties”, or “frankfurters”. After all, all of these things are dead. They are the processed remains of animal cadavers sold as food and protein sources to unconscious or unaware beings who operate on a low frequency or vibration. “But what about Adolf Hitler, Djehuty?” Hitler was a vegetarian? Okay, what’s your point? So now name me nine other world-renown individuals who were vegetarian and who did wickedness like Hitler (who by the way was financed by meat-eaters like the Bush family, Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s granddaddy to be exact, and this is FACTUAL). A meat-eater will and can throw Hitler to my face (being adversarial to vegetarianism), but after Hitler- that’s it. I can name literally hundreds of meat-eaters who did what Hitler did and more or worse. Again, meat-eaters George Bush Sr. and Jr.’s father and grandfather financed and supported vegetarian Adolf Hitler back in the 1930s and 1940s. There could be no Hitler without meat-eaters from Western power states and nation such as the United States and Britain.

You cannot possibly compare the wickedness of meat-eaters to vegans or vegetarians. It’s impossible! How many serial killers were vegans or vegetarians? How many convicted rapists were vegan or vegetarian? There you go! Diet most definitely plays a major role in psychopathology along with other factors such as childhood rearing, physical abuse/harm, government mind-control schemes (to induce fear in people for control purposes), à la Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez (The L.A. Nightstalker), the Son of Sam, etc.

Getting back on track with the subject matter… And when was the last time you walked down the street and saw a dead bird and scooped it up and ate it right there on the spot? After all, meat is meat right? Sally is saying we need meat! So how come folks aren’t eating rat meat or cat and dog meat? Meat is protein, right?

How come people are not biting into live chickens, fish, cows, turkeys, sheep, and pigs with blood dripping from their human mouths and shaking them (animals) around with their mouths until they die and then eat them like what is seen and evidenced in the wild with lions and tigers? But we humans “need” meat, right?

We need animal-based oils, right (according to Ms. Fallon)? When have you killed a pig and squeezed out its oil into a pan and then fried yourself a pork chop? Perhaps never!

I agree with Fallon about certain oils such as Soybean oil, Canola oil, peanut and cottonseed oils and their dangers to human health, but to suggest animal-based oils and even butter (congealed cow snot and mucus) instead of these harmful non-animal- based oils? Major ignorance in my opinion! As you can see, people are a straight mess in this society, advocating nonsense and harmful things for a damn paycheck. This is sad! But like what was said in the movie “Thank You For Smoking,” Americans do everything to pay the mortgage. We are whores for the mortgage (and other bills), well, the majority of folks are! Let people, especially the youth, watch those videos by PETA, Farm Sanctuary, and Alec Baldwin (Meet Your Meat) showing how the animals that folks eat are caged and brutally slaughtered and butchered and then let Sally Fallon try to suggest that we need or can eat meat. Show people the graphics of animal slaughter and butchering first and then let a debate with Ms. Fallon ensue and watch the results, especially with children and teenagers. They’d become vegan on the spot and I have witnessed this personally.

So the turkey reappears during Christmas! What a way to get rid of all those turkeys not bought or sold during Thanksgiving.

Christmas madness encompasses turkey, eggnog, chocolate and candy, alcohol (serious alcohol consumption), fruit, nuts, pastries, and just about everything else. Think about it, Christmas is supposed to be the birthday of Jesus Christ (even though the Bible or New Testament mentions absolutely nothing about December 25th or Winter Solstice being Jesus’ birthday) and this is the number one day of the year folks (including Christians) get blasted (drunk).

Yes, Jesus’ birthday season is the time of year crime is highest in the U.S. (statistical fact). Prostitution is high. Gambling is high. Theft and shoplifting are high. Burglary is high. Crime is highest during the season of Jesus’ alleged birthday. Depression is also high during this jolly and merry season. I wonder why? Jesus could walk down the street, on his alleged birthday, and folks would offer him a drink, talking about “Happy Birthday, Man – have a drink on me!” I’m not being sacrilegious nor do I intend to be disrespectful (to Christians). I’m making a point, but more importantly, I am beyond religion and thus religion-less (free), therefore I could never be sacrilegious. You have to be religious in the first place in order to be sacrilegious and I’m not religious at all. You see, as I have been saying for years, religion too is political! Very political! That’s why Muslims and Christians, and Jews and Muslims are fighting one another to the death in the so-called Middle East right now. Killing like brutes and savages in the name of God (and terrorism)!

Yes, that same God who said in the Book of Exodus: “Thou shalt not kill!”, is who they are killing in the name and honor of. They all believe in the All-Loving and Merciful God but at the same time are quick to squeeze the trigger, as rapper Ice-T would say.

Well, militant Arab Muslims are also chopping heads off in addition to squeezing the trigger of guns they bought from their American enemies whom they are now fighting against. But it’s okay because they are doing it for God. It is a “holy” war to them so murder and killing is okay, even during the month of Ramadan. Now is this madness or what?

You know, it’s very ironic that your three Western religions all celebrate their holiest days (holiday) during this same time of year. Even in the midst of holiday madness, Jews celebrate their Hanukkah and Muslims celebrate their Ramadan. Muslims even exchange gifts during Ramadan just as Christians do during Christmas. Christmas makes folks do some strange things. In poor communities, they could have an empty refrigerator, no food in it whatsoever (just an open box of Arm & Hammer baking soda for odor control purposes), and STILL go out and buy a Christmas tree.

They (poor folks) can barely pay their light bill and will go out and buy decorator Christmas lights and put them all around their house or apartment and let them burn the whole night for the entire Christmas season and then can’t pay next months’ light bill and get their lights turned off and have to resort to using candles; heck, even birthday candles when you’re really poor. This is true and happens all the time. But the worst scenario is when a Christmas tree catches afire and burns the whole house or apartment down and kills everybody in the house, including little innocent babies sound asleep in their cribs. Is that Christmas tree really worth it? I’m not saying don’t buy a Christmas tree; I’m just asking the question “is it really worth having?”

After Christmas we have New Year’s Day! Yes, even though the New Year actually begins in Spring (March 21), we celebrate it like little happy flunkies every January 1st during the dead of Winter and most folks never ask why. As long as they can go to a nightclub on New Year’s Eve and shake their booties and get drunk as a skunk until Auld Lang Syne is sang or played after a ten second countdown (and a big ball hits the ground, if you’re in New York City) to the fraudulent New Year, people are happy and could care less about Nature’s natural rhythms.

New Year’s is big profits for the booze/liquor industry.

And then after New Years, the athletic-based holidays take place. What are they? The NCAA college bowl games followed by the NFL’s Super Bowl. These too are holidays, and people eat crazy as hell during these events and times too. This is beer, pretzel and chip time. Gotta have that beer for the game! Yes, yes, yes! And in the hood, Gin and Juice will do!

I never understood how women could buy all of that beer for their boyfriends and husbands for the big game (Super Bowl) when it is reported that the Monday following Super Bowl Sunday is the highest day for reports of spousal abuse or domestic violence, whereby women get the crap kicked and beat out of them by the male they kindly and considerately bought a 24-pack of Bud Light beer for less than 24 hours ago. Absolutely amazing! But hey, why do you think they call it holiday madness? I think drinking all that beer coupled with losing the job’s Super Bowl pool (bet) is the reason males blow up at their females during this time. Teams lose all the time and spousal abuse doesn’t go up after every football game during football season. It’s that liquor, those SPIRITS, evil spirits and the loss of those dividends (snaps, mullah, Benjamins, dollar bills) that make males flare up and act a fool. Well, like they say: “Wine will make you lose your mind and gin will make you sin!” Ain’t that the truth?

And after all that was described above, you wonder why people get so sick at the beginning of the so-called New Year? Well, if you consider what folks are eating back to back to back, then you know the reasons why and this would explain why we now have a fifth season called FLU SEASON! The flu is nothing but all that crap folks ate during the 3-month holiday madness season that is trying to come out of the body.

At Dherbs.Com, we sell more Full Body Detoxes during the first of the year than any other time of the year. Why? Because people know they need to detoxify their bodies from all of that crap they unwisely ate between Halloween to Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, holiday dietary madness creates a serious need to detoxify the banged up temple of God. Some people’s temples are so banged up and damaged, God bounced (left) from the scene. No, let me stop. I’m just having some fun. No matter how beat up and messed up we are, God is always present and never forget this truth.

I hope I was not too blunt, radical, and graphic for the sensitive ones out there. I was just trying to kick some “edutainment” (education while entertaining).

Peace, Joy, Love, and Good Health!

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