1.    Something useful that can be turned to commercial or other advantage
2.    An article of trade or commerce, especially an agricultural or mining product that can be processed and resold.
3.    Advantage; benefit…  A quantity of goods

  Lately the rubber neckers in the African community get titillated by the numerous train wrecks of celebrity feuds and knee-grows acting badly.  African females long seen as the more toned down of the two sexes ( at least from the outside) have ramped up their ghetto madness, becoming as irrational, dirty low down and just plain coonish as the men they seek to emulate and impress. The added fact that, being female and having a long narrative of physical abuse in our story this side of the Atlantic, makes the image of an out of control sister more disturbing and disgusting. 


Note: In the his-story of the many tribes of Europe, women were seen as a commodity by the men. She wasn’t as strong or as aggressive nor was she dependable when it comes to survival.  The voyeurs in us enjoyed the movie Quest for Fire for the action segments – and you’ all know what segment I am talking about, but what we never considered is that in an environment where people live hand to mouth, sometimes not having a good meal for days, producing additional mouth to feed tended to piss the males off.  You see the Europeans during the rougher periods of his-story, always used the female as sexual release but becomes flummoxed when 9 month after she kept producing more reasons for stress on the food chain.


 Not to say that we African males never had that mentality as well, but our-story and the difference in environment, social structure and system, lessened (not eliminate) the reality of the female as a commodity. During our MAAFA and subsequent traumatization, cultural and social destruction of our spirit and minds, African females internalized the understanding and expectation that being an object can be a way of not only surviving, but becoming successful in America Inc. These women also damn the lengthy his-story of terrorism against all African females and by choice damn the real sheroes, like Mary McLeod, Madam C,J., Harriett and Sojourner, to name a few who refused to be a garden tool for men to exploit and abuse further.


The id of the European male views the African Female very clearly in this painting.


Id: “contains everything that is inherited, that is present at birth, that is laid down in the constitution — above all, therefore, the instincts, which originate from the somatic organization and which find a first psychical expression here (in the id) in forms unknown to us” The id is responsible for our basic drives such as food, sex, and aggressive impulses. It is amoral and egocentric, ruled by the pleasure–pain principle; it is without a sense of time, completely infantile in its emotional development, illogical, primarily sexual, and will not take “no” for an answer. It is regarded as the reservoir of the libido or “love energy”.







Self-esteem is said to be one of the most egregious problem facing young pre-teen and teens, particularly females today.  It doubles and triples significantly with African females because of the well documented cultural destruction meted out on us by the White Supremacy mechanism and in turn internalized by our post MAAFA traumatized parents, guardians and role model from the community. It is primarily evident in the discussion of the “Eurocentric” beauty model and the “Africentric” image that is portrayed in popular media, and that has affected and affected our some what self indulgent worldview.  Mass media plays a role in developing or destroying the self-esteem of the young African females today in music videos, commercials, unrealistic model shows talk shows and news reports.



 Despite the proliferation of images in music videos and magazines, African women still do not  control their own bodies in these medium. Some in the African community ar displeased when these women attempt to sexualized their image to the point of pornography ( it’s very easy to claim artist bent, but symbolsand images without control is not empowering) while the dominant culture remains all too happy to let them to fulfill certain stereotyps of our oversexualization and animalistic natures.

Education and emotional healing is the first step in changing gender relations in the Arican community. Our family need to be aware of the attacks on the African women’s body, her image and her mind and how we as elders and teachers are conditioning the young of both sexes to whore the female for some coin, some ellusive entity called fame and for just plain old carnality. The African female’s rights are violated verbally in mesogynistic lyrics, in physical interactions at clubs and oher events, on the internet and generally in this Anglo-Saxon dominated patriarchy. Each individual is aware of the deep rooted internalized misguided and sexist ideology. We need not follow the key holders of this system as they continue to exploit women in all cultures but even more so within the African culture.



 Exploitation or artistic exhibit? Whoring or sexualy liberated


It seems more favourable to be a pimp than gaurdian of the sacred female temple


[“Given the legacy of images created of black women, it is an especially complex task for contemporary black women to define their own image, one that necessarily both incorporates and subverts the stereotypes, myths, facts, and fantasies that have preceded them.”]


 The sad reaccuring tale of Karrine Steffans

Two years ago she sold nearly 400,000 copies of Confessions of a Video Vixen, a scandalous tell all that outed many famous names in the sports and entertainment industry.  She followed up that phenomina by making the obligaory appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where many paramours were talked about while no serious questions regarding her playing the willing victim. She was said to have started an organization for girls under the banner of female empowerment, and allegedly breaking up the marriage of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown,  The sometime porn actress, one-time video dancer and full-time entrepreneur is set to tell even more in her eagerly anticipated follow-up The Vixen Diaries.  


Vixen diaries is described as a titillating expos, chronicling her personal and professional adventures, dispelling some rumors, while confirming others. Diaries unveils the heavily shrouded Hollywood backrooms and its coveted secrets. Offering her ardent fans answers to burning questions and presenting lessons learned. Karrine Steffans continues to dish out juicy gossip and the much sought after details of her star studded lifestyle and the celebrity men that helped her get where she needed to be. Karrine draws you in to get an up-close and personal look at the Hollywood life of fast money and sex; all the things that make for a great movie. She discusses her interactions with people after the release of Confessions of a Video Vixen and how she copes with it all.



At the end of the day Mrs. Steffans, a child of abuse and sexual exploitation, is looking for love and acceptance in all places where she will be enabled and supported.  As long as she can dish the dirt and spread as much gossip as easily as she does the organ that earned her unique title. 





Next post from plantation tales: Breaking the woman like a horse,
This was one of the secrets the white supremacists used to destroy the African family









10 thoughts on “The African female as a commodity: Plantation tales

  1. You all fall for the red herring . Take the race issue out of your post and you will have the real enemy. Greed . These women are being used for money ,plain and simple. It is not because they are dark skinned. The race is irrelevant. If you need a color to blame ,blame green. Stop falling for the red herring ,and deal with the elephant in the room.


  2. this is crazy, they(meaning Black young women) always want to make something of themself and want to be treated like other people(meaning whites), yet the way they portrait themself are slutty and
    whore-y, so why should we respect them. Like snoop dog, he put them girl in leash , and their breast are hanging out and what do we do???? listen to his music more and little boys idolize him. we should boycott this kind of behavior. it’s not acceptable. im a female myself, so why should men exploit women like this and why we women down grade ourself to this stupidity and shitty crap. WOMEN, HAVE MORE VALUE IN YOURSELF AND HAVE MORE SELF RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T LET MEN DO THIS KIND OF SHIT TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Your comment is appreciated sister, but both African Males and Females are first victims of a diabolical plan to de humanize them and condition them to hate themselves and each other. I attempted to draw a attention to one way in which we become a stereotype. The problem is ongoing because too many Afro-peans and Knee-grow intellectuals will talk around the problems, telling African women they are right and encourage low down or surface level actions, instead of getting to the root of the cause of the self hate. And for any woman in a male dominated society this is terrible, more so for African women.

      At the end of the day the sisters have to make the sacrifice with the help of righteous brothers, to overstand their deviness as co-creater in the universe. Sisters have to make men step up their game, not by beating them down, but by reaching out to positive sisters and brothers that can (a) help you raise positive upright children of both sexes and (b) dictate to the men how to show you respect, which is best shown by learning to respect yourself.

      It’s a hard road to travel and very long way to go, but if we only get riled up by the end results and not try to fix it at the source, then it will never be fixed.

      I appreciate your comments and hope you can encourage other sisters to back up off that mess our women and men are doing today.



  3. What I find contradictory and confusing is the dual paradigm that exists in the perception of black women…the first is that black women are more masculine than is considered attractive, with the argument that black women have more androgen receptors than other women. The existance of the ‘angry black woman- sapphire’ stereotype and caricature. The unequal representation of black women in fashion, advertising and other media. The desirability of the white woman as the standard of beauty and as the prefered mate for a significant number of successful black men.
    On the other hand the sexualization of black women in the Jezebel caricature, in music videos and porn is evidence that there is undeniable attraction to black women.
    I dont get it, are beauty and sexual objectification so separate? On one hand several men claim to find black women unattractive unless they are similar to ‘white beauty’ on the other there exists this entire market where there is demand for the objectification of black women….Is it the whore or Madonna complex? what am I missing here?


    1. I’m not sure if you have been analyzing these phenomena properly from its source. Correct analysis must be applied to the matter before you can move forward; hence the confusion will be eliminated. The Caucasian-Africa (Black/White) dynamics that controls the though process in our society can only be effectively viewed in the theater of war. Those that are called “African Slaves” are in reality prisoners of war, the “emancipation” period is one of continuous occupation, including the occupation of Africa, African Culture and our minds. Read Carter G Woodson’s book on the miseducation of the Negro, or Na’im Akbar’s breaking the Chain of psychological slavery.

      In warfare, as stated in the art of War by Sun Tzu and the Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli, you
      must first sow discontent amongst your enemies. Demonize them like Saddam Husain or Fidel
      Castro, create an impetus to attack them, invade them and conquer them, then eradicate them.

      The women are the basis for all nation, none more so than the mother of creation on earth.
      Since all are scatterings of Africa, the usurper, according to Caucasian fables must slay the king and the queen before ascending the stolen throne. Culture comes from the woman, for she is the first teacher. The village cannot survive without the woman, for she is the carrier of traditions. Remove her from the minds of the African male, and then he is easier to control. Get the woman to go along with the plan, and then it becomes self perpetuating. What is it? Self hate!

      Modern media never rests, White Supremacy never rests. And if you refuse to go along…they kill you. In another post you mentioned China, don’t worry about China, they had their period of adjustment. China is now practicing their cultural revolution in full swing, we too are practicing culture…only not our own. Again breaking the chains of psychological slavery.


  4. the publication above and the discussions that follow are ultimately centered on morality, however- what moral authority do we all have to condemn these unfortunate victims of our present social system? It is not their shame that we are acknowledging…no. It is the embarrassment that belies being part of the legacy of a hypocrisy.

    the white mans ID in particular is an alteration of the painter’s stereotype of a white man as an inferiority complex-ed man and the black woman as a genteel defensive beast. he distorts the womens’ faces as to blur their individuality and-or their humaneness. the scene is set on a bed with white bed linens as if to ask…” why is something so dirty in a place so clean?”

    it is suggested that perhaps the black woman is a someone important, desired by the individual man ( portrayed twice).

    the semi-nude white males assume a simultaneous posture of seductive plea and force…their semi nude state and lack of evidence of a phallus to represent their arousal suggests that they want from their captives more than just physical copulation.

    the women are terrified of the aroused males as if to suggest they were monsters and the agitated male on the backdrop seems to symbolize the super ego (social moral opinion). he is agitated as if he were witnessing an act of bestiality.

    his features have feminine undertones as if to imply a competition between the female sex of the two races.


  5. despite the hurtful and shocking nature of the content of this publication i resign myself to the conclusion that it is most undeniably realistic of the social circumstances surrounding women of color.

    after so many generations of discrimination and abuse not withstanding the stereotype perception of a black woman as the ultimate sex toy by modern mass media. it is a wonder that a black woman should even attempt to move about life with,even if it were-feigned-dignity.

    it is something to think about that such dis-respect would be openly served to the woman from whom the human race was born not to mention the use of the word wares to describe the female body.

    to the author who thought out that phrase …”peddle her wares”… and those that used it within the context of their opinions…”was your mother your fathers whore to have been discriminate in the peddling of her wares to your father??”

    why does society judge females so strongly?


  6. I’m a historian working in England. I’m very interested in the old painting that you captioned the id of european male. Can you tell me the title, date or the artist? I run educational events on African Women Freedom fighters and this picture illustrates what they would have experienced


  7. Concerned female

    Your insights so far appear sound and I am appreciative of them. These pictures of course are placed here for shock value, but I am attempting to put them in context and show how desensitized we are to soft porn images. Of course, it is much more positive to… “Give me a story about highly intelligent, spiritual dedicate and hardworking sister with high morals and value so our young people can take example from.”… Stay with me as I fallow this road for a bit

    Based on the above suggestion I see no reason not to do something like that soon, as well as a post on how we got to where we are now…our fractured male-female relationships and the dysfunctional fall out.

    Here that Anita, I have not forgotten my promise to you!

    Thanks for stopping by. As my welcomed guest, my house is yours.


  8. It is sad on both side of the coin male and female, women would not be acting out these behaviors if they weren’t getting male attention. How many men are sitting in front of a computer screen looking at pornography, on sites like black planet or sharing skimpy and suggestive pictures.wth acquaintances and or coworkers some of theses are married men with children (sick) what example are they setting, and some women engaging in these behaviors are parents. What kind of children can such people produce? It goes back to lack of love and nurturing from parent and they become adult with no self-respect. The voyeurs’ are equally as damaged as the women showing their wares I find the pictures here offensive it’s already in poplar media I don’t need to see it here. Ignore the negative focus on the positive. We get more of what we focus on. Give me a story about highly intelligent, spiritual dedicate and hardworking sister with high morals and value so our young people can take example from.


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