These were the “Joe six packs” of urban legend, the “regular Americans” that are the target audiences when votes, opinions on ethnicity, crime or other anti-American acts intercedes and strives to contaminate “American values”. Demographically the group includes working class or lower middle class males, who are said to be angry about issues such as:

The “liberal” policies or actions of local and state government, business, and the media, educational and religious institutions that openly favor non-Caucasians, women, homosexuals, as an affront and encroachments on perceived “white rights” and are considered reverse discrimination. AWM also rail against environmentalism which is opposite to their economic interests. Their economic interest including getting as much as they can out of life materially, before they die. The recent news all over the internet, and else where, of two bone head White Supremacists, John Rambo wanabee’s,  plotting to kill President elect Barack Obama has served to lull us into either a falls sense of security regarding the efficiency of the CIA/FBI/homeland security or as caused most of the sheeples to become angst ridden and fretful of imaginary or real assassination attempts on his life.,0,3539126.story?track=r

While the focus is on these two young men, both products of the dumbing down of America Inc. and the group think mentality of this era, the real AWM’s are out there working, managing and supporting the White Supremacist system in the nine areas of people activities: (1) Religion (2) Politics (3) Law (4) War (5) Sex (6) Labour (7) Entertainment (8) Economics and (9) Education

For instance few knew that there were infact several plots to assassinate Obama, but these were not kids, but more organized groups. Now why would these sewer rats surface to crawl into daylight intending to kill some one who in effect will not be a threat to their borrowed time on this earth? Obama is an insider and would never be allowed in the inner demonic circle unless, he offered up his soul. I know folks are partying in the streets now, but soon is puppet masters will effect great spins on; Terroism, the economy, gun possession, gun violence, gang violence, African males and the typical codified victimizing they play in order to ram through their agenda.

I have watched these AWM’s hold marches and protests, proclaiming Obama a Muslim/illegal immigrant/Terrorist/Socialist/Black Supremacist (WTF?) and every and anything else they could defecate out the wrong end of their gastrointestinal tract.

I have also seen these AWM on TV forums, heard them on talk radio and read about them in the tabloids, bellyaching about their diminished presence on the world stage. In fact less Caucasian male involvement in world politics and business, is often a good thing. Righteous thinking people would like to see less of their gansterism and cut throat/nekkid power grab bullshit actions, that in effect are causing the rest of us stress and spiritual distress.

In a small regional Aspen paper, Gary Hubbell wrote a piece titled, “In Election 2008, Don’t Forget Angry White Man,” in which he accused the presidential candidates of “carefully pandering to a smorgasbord of special-interest groups, ranging from gay, lesbian and transgender people to children of illegal immigrants to working mothers to evangelical Christians”. According to Hubbell, there’s a group missing in all this, and they are the ones who will decide the election: The Angry White Man. Hubble self righteously claimed that: “angry white men pay taxes, they work hard, they’re used to “picking up the tab”, they can build an extension or drill an oil well, they watch football and go hunting, play poker and open doors for women. And yet despite all these attributes, no one takes any notice of them. Their wages are falling, thanks to illegal immigrants taking their jobs, or their jobs are going overseas. But they’re not racist, he’s quick to point out – they’re “willing to give everybody a fair chance if they work hard, play by the rules and learn English”.

Caucasian men, as a group, have always been regarded as the most privileged in society, yet they still bitch and complain about everything they feel does not validate their fucking sorry assess. Hubbell rails against women, ethnic minorities and all the other “special interest” groups as undermining the Caucasian males, privileged status, though each is still underrepresented in virtually all walks of life despite decades of un-enforced of lukewarm enforced legislation, in many Western (white/Caucasian run countries). Amongst the numerous coded words spewing from their orifices are reverse discrimination. Yet far from being an underprivileged minority group, Caucasian men have always had a seat at the top table. From political leaders to religious leaders, from CEOs to senior civil servants, white men enjoy, just as they’ve always enjoyed, positions of authority right across the board. And this is backed up by laws designed with their status in mind, very large and effective weapons, the illusion of democracy, rule of law and the fake treasures and reaping of culture vultures and vulgar pirates.



Now I would be remiss if I claim all Caucasian men exercise power. When class is brought into the equation the simplistic division of the world into men, women, and those who consider themselves “white” and those who don’t is quickly seen for the complex illusion of the matrix, that it is.

A lot of Caucasian men have terrible tempers, and they think it’s normal. Their temper and actions derived from this temper is well documented in his-story and mine. If you were to believe what Michael Bradley states, that ever since the Caucasian men came screaming out of the caves of the Caucasus Mountain in Eurasia, after the last Ice age, to wreck some mad havoc on the rest of the world; the planet has never known harmony for any prolong periods or in any singular spot for too long. Bradley describes it as a psycho-social psychosexual maladaptation, which was genetically coded into his DNA during the tens of thousands of years enduring the “ice age”. This environment had warped his thinking in his relationship with nature, his female counterpart and …others!


The AWM is every where you see or hear when other than a Caucasian male is hired, moves into a neighbourhood, drives a nice car, plays certain music, cooks certain foods, dress different or makes the Caucasian suite too stylish, etc. The AWM if pressed can never intelligently give a good reason for his anger about any of what was just mentioned. He, though will eventually fall into the practice of the ignorant and foolish…insult, derogatory comments and … anger! His anger is palpable, it is real to him and he willingly embraces it, feeling free of guilt because, he is “white!” Some AWM are females… yeah! I said it! The most recent examples includes Hillary Clinton, Ashley Todd, Sarah Palin, and the many Hillery Clinton supporters on youtube, spewing as equal the venom on Obama (“that nigger”) that their male counterpart spews. After all what most of us seem to gloss over or choose to ignore, is that these “angry whte men” are initially nurtured by societies first teacher…the female! She is the one to set the foundation in which any neanderthal father could build on. The simple truth is that the “joe sixpacks” of the White…er, western world, have little to fear from an Obama! But just like the low paid worker bee for a huge corporation, they will defend the corporation with their life, because their identity and value, their very existance as men and as persons, are tied into the White Supremacist system, so they will kill or be killed before the orders are given and care not that they themselves are just as much pawns in the game as the “lables” they rant and rave against.

As mwalimu Jawanza Kunjufu said some time ago, the Caucasian male is about 40 percent of his own ethnic group. Caucasian as a whole are even less than that on the planet. Can you imagine the stress on them trying to run shit, acting like god and scheming daily nightly to preserve his very existence from genetic annihilation, through reproductive, social and cutural means? Their is a saying in Jamaica…”if nanny goat did know how him batti ‘hole did stay…’im wouldn’t eat pumkin seed”.

In other words…If they knew what hell they’d be catching they wouldn’t have taken on the job of trying to run shit!

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