This gets even better. In 2006, Matisyahu’s album titled “Youth,” was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Reggae Album category for that year. The artiste admits getting inspiration from reggae acts such as Luciano Barrington Levy and Morgan Heritage and most of his songs are just about entirely in English with just a few words of Hebrew and Yiddish sprinkled in.

According to record executives this cat has a reggae vocal style along the lines of traditional Rasta Roots mixed with dub sounds, Matisyahu’s track production is comparable to King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, Mikey Dread, and Linval Thompson. However, despite those above influences and track production, which is a misdirection, is that Matisyahu’s voice and delivery sound just like Canadian gimic Snow! In the interest of investigative blogging I sat through the shit that was put out Reggae and boy that shit was… well shit!

According to Billboards lying promotional department,  the decision to rank this gimic as authentic Reggae was based on sales and downloads of the artistes’ music plus airplay in the US.

As some one who has a growing over standing of the codified languages of the Matrix/White Supremacy, I have learned how to get to the soul of the language they use.

based on sales: Not just sales per unit, but how much promotional units are included to get the word out, how many contests held to win a CD and how much of the members of his community buys the CDs out of (a) curiosity and(b) just to help with sales though they don’t listen to the shit!

downloads of the artistes’ music: Again promotional items, ring tones and of course the whole bait and swithc. Remember when Spike Lee’s Malcolm X came out? It was released in  certain amount of targeted theaters.  The problem was when patrons purchased tickets to see Malcolm X, they ended up watching some other movie (can’t remember which, but I knew it was a crappy one). Later that same movie ended up with greater numbers based on sales at selected theaters and X was touted as less than stellar at the box office.

plus airplay in the US: Oh yes! How much authentic reggae, not dance hall, not Bob Marley, how much authentic reggae by reggae artists from Jamaica do you hear on mainstream radio? Not specialty radio or programming … mainstream radio, where the statistcis are complied from? Yet in Europe and Asia, Africa and South America, you are not hearing Mati..what ever the fuck his name is, but authentic reggae!

Billboard Top 10 Reggae Artistes are as follows:

1. Matisyahu— A gimic of major proportion
2. Bob Marley– A true legend, the King…but a man dead over twenty years ago
3. Stephen Marley– A fruit from the tree…okay!
4. Damian ‘Jr.Gong’ Marley—see above!
5. Sean Paul— definately hot property for Jamiacans and no Jamiacans but at this #?
6. Bob Marley & The Wailers:—See #2, dead, dead, dead and doing tourist shows.
7. Collie Buddz: Another “white boy” culture vulture..see # 1
8. Buju Banton: Only for hard core players
9. Notch:—who?
10. Beenie Man:—See # 8

As for the Hasidic gimic, who plays his music? Who buys his music? What happened to Vanella Ice, Snow, Tiffany, etc? since they tried to bite authentic reggae?

Caucasian people stealing African culture. Where have I heard this before, “haul an’ pull up!”  Back that shit up!

My question (and I have many) is why did jamaican producers bring in all these culture vultures into the business and place them above jamaicans.
For 30 pieces of silver, or the Jamaican equivalent (since the currency is now about 40 to 1 to the quickly devaluing American dollar, we’re seeing jamaican artist being betrayed by for a buck. Now I am not advocating that producers not ply their trade but you can’t do better than pale gimics?  And remember many talented reggae artists do not getting the recognization they deserve. Some of the Icons of reggae, including  FreddieMcGregor,  ex-I-threes Judy Mowatt and Marcia (sought by Motown) Griffits ,Beres Hammond ,to name a few are busting their ass working in vain, while this lame ass cat is promote as authentic. These producers are helping the Matrix are destroying the jamaican artist and in turn destroying the music of reggae from with in. Keep in mind that the music was what exported the quite Jamaican revolution…Jamican/African culture of resistance to the world. Reggae music is the only music to combine spirituality, social issues, revolutionary resistance and irristable dance-ability to the world.  

European interests hae always mined African minerals with the help of collaborators, who thinking short term can’t see or refuse to see how the long term attack on Jamaican culture and in turn the spirit of African resistance.  The come  from out side, invited  in to business getting more reconigation with the help of jamaican producers, then end up making more more money and getting more recognition than many jamaican. As one man said on a forum, “our forefathers design this movements to help the kids in the getto. when ever time collie budds and others make money from this movements the kids in the getto feel it like a sharp knife because people are making what the kids should be making instead of brining these people in the business think about the the kids in the getto whom are talented and live in voilence every day this is the only way out of poverty for our kids help them not white out siders.”

Keep in mind that these sales were based on sales and downloads in the USA!!!  Not worldwide, Not in Jamaica or the Caribbean, Not in Europe.

Also, the culture vultures know that unless you born in the culture, live the culture, breath the culture, you cannot be the culture, so they have to get the internal culture vultures to sell them the keys to the mines.

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