Just about the only person quoted in that article that attempted to put a logical spin on the issue, was writer and political commentator John McWhorter.  McWhorter  argued that “Blacks shouldn’t call themselves “African-American” because now there are many more people in the United States who were actually born in Africa”.  He felt that “American-born Blacks are so vastly less “African” than African-born people, that calling them “African-American” is not only illogical but almost disrespectful to African immigrants.” Still this is more of the same disassociation from our ancestral and cultural identity that has not only affected us in the diaspora, but even on the continent as well. In fact I have used the term culturally in the wrong context, because culturally I and many in the diaspora are not culturally Afrikan in the sense of not being able to relate to Igbo, Fanti, San or Bantu culture. However, most Afrikans who dress in a traditional garb and walk on any soil on the continent are most often mistaken in the first few minutes as a native and later on embraced tentatively as a returning family member. I say tentatively because many on the continent will hear shit like what Knight, Cole and other ignorant knee-grows spew and wonder what kind of people they are seeing.

Keep in mind that even though many on the continent will embrace us, many will also believe what the colonialist and imperialist drill into their heads on tel-lie-vison, in the missionary schools and houses of European and Arab worship and in the text books, that we in the diaspora are a different fruit from the same tree. Nature does not work that way. One cannot love the fruits of the tree, but hate the tree. Nor can one love the root but hate the fruits. Yesterday I was listening to Richard kiyosaki of rich dad- poor dad fame, talking about his child hood as a second generation…Japanese -Amerikkklan born in Hawaii. Many Japanese people, born and grown in places like Hawaii, San Francisco and other cities, embrace their parents and ancestral heritage. Many east and South Asian people do so, despite the few who reject their heritage, they are deemed the exception, not the norm. With us it is those who embrace Afrika that are viewed as the exception and are disparaged for it.

But you see my readers, the reasons why the Asians, for example, can embrace the hyphenated identifier and feel comfortable doing so, is because they have group dynamic power, based on economics, politics and social strength and relevancy. Richard Hung, who burst upon the scene wailing out she bang on Amerikkklan idol, was equal parts laughed at and embraced by the international public because he was seen as doing something for kicks and giggles, when the world “knows” that the Asians are smarter than the average bear. And Richard Hung with his smart Asian self, collected royally on his fame, continued his education as an engineer and is probably now back in China. Who knows, perhaps he was one of the engineers that created that sub-sonic airplane that can fly under US defense radar to deliver a nuclear strike without impediment. I am just saying! Knee-grows on the other hand are seen as, trained as, and invested heavily into singing and dancing and running and jumping. Twerking and wilding out on youtube, instead of being economically,politically or socially functional and relevant in order to survive as a ethnic group.

It is no wonder that the Anti-Afrikan element inside and outside of our neighbourhood (we don’t have a community because we don’t have social,economic or political relevancy) will continue to promote the difference we have than our similarities? In doing so the are keeping us divided and self-hating, while yurugu and other ethnic groups  continue to steal Afrikan resources, wealth and lands. And while in Amerikkka, they can steal the created cultural expressions of the transplanted peoples. This is why on every national music awards show last year, not one knee-grow was deemed worthy to be best in Soul, R&B or Hi-Hop. This is why on the Island of Jamaica, a transplanted Chines can be touted as the greatest example of Jamaican pride on an Island 2.5 Million people strong, who has had more influence on the International scene than most countries with 10 times the population. This same Island who celebrated the first Japanese dance Hall queen, in a genre most Afrikan women have difficulty performing without hurting themselves. Roughly twenty years ago, when the whole Internet address registration was taking off, a European male decided that he was going to register the name “Africa” as a dot com. A few continental leaders and diaspora individuals challenged that notion, but I think he was rejected, not because the couldn’t lay claim to the sun, water and air, like yurugu feels they have a right to. But I think because that precedent would open up a large can of worms. Can you imagine America dot com? The U.K dot com? How could the corporations make money if some hack was filtering the funds through legal usage of a country’s name?

Our continuity in calling ourselves anything but Afrikans, has left us in steep trouble. So much so that everywhere we turn, because we don’t embrace who we are, we have been regulated to the out houses of western societies. We refuse to embrace Afrikans or even just “black”, but instead choose minorities and watch as Federal and State/Provincial grants and fundings go to yurugu females, homosexuals, trans-gender people and peg legged pirates with a parrot on his shoulder. We watch as law suits are filed against legislations that originally were designed for US as Afrikans or black people, be altered because of that stupid term minorities. In the past 20 years something like over 50 cases of reverse discrimination and affirmative action laws were challenged in the courts. roughly 90-95 percent were by corporations, who won. The rest were by individuals who were not Afrikans. Every single one of our challenges were lost, because we continue to go into a gun fight with Chinese noodles. We constantly set out to fight against our oppression , and not educate ourselves as to who we are and who they are.

“if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
If you know yourself and not the enemy, for every victory gained you will suffer a defeat.
If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

——Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The whole planet has become a battle field for ethnic supremacy by one group, Yurugu, over everybody else. And like the proverbial shit that runs down hill, every other ethnic group is rightfully fighting to get their own for themselves. The knee-grow is the only being who refuses to fight for his own, but will fight to prevent others of his ethnic group from doing so. He will strive to co-exist with a people who does not love him and only sees him as a foot stool towards a better and greater achievement. Today everybody is Afrikan except the diasporic knee-grow. And just like the term minority, our refusal to put our stamp on and embracing Afrika is being challenged by children of the settler invaders for their own personal ends. When I hear knee-grows warmly embrace Charlize Theron as Afrikan, this is not put in perspective and thus we sell our birth right to the cheapest bidder. We allow children of settler invaders like Johnny Clegg, to create Savuka and make a hit with  “scaterlings of Afrika”….a travesty of cultural rape that would have had King T’chaka rolling in his grave.    What the media failed to tell us was how the Afrikan members of the band Savuka had a falling out with Clegg, after they found out that they were literally being culturally pimped by this invader child.

However, one of the worst example of modern cultural piracy is when “Paulo Serodio”, another settler invader child, who was born and raised in Mozambique,and became naturalized U.S. citizen, filed a lawsuit  in 2009 against a New Jersey medical school, claiming he was harassed and ultimately suspended for identifying himself during a class cultural exercise as a “white African-American.”  So now thus in 2014 when we are questioning whether we should be black, knee-grow, Amerikkklan or Alabamian, the children of the settler invaders in Afrika is being awarded hurt money for embracing and claiming to be Afrikan Amerikkklan. I truly wonder if even Hollywierd could ever make this shit up.

You can see the article from Atlantic Star here:  http://atlantablackstar.com/2014/01/13/8-interesting-reasons-black-people-reject-called-african-americans/2/

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