The image and stereotype of the knee-grow  is one of the main ways Caucasians see Africans. After constructing this artificial being, they in turn elect to portray the knee-grow as  not particularly bright or hard-working, as shiftless and good-for-nothing, as someone you cannot count on, who would rather live off of the work of others. The old portrayal of the created being from plantation days are still seen that way today.

From birth of a nation to Stepin Fetcit to the Wyans brothers and that conservative cat representing the Republicans: knee-grows are seen as moving slowly and talking slowly. Usually they make fun of the forced  mangling of numerous African dialects with the bastard English language as evidence of our lower intelligence and inability to grasp languages. When  they knee-grow tries to create a space to communicate among ourselves, it is styled as Ebonics, while the Irish (as an example) can talk their incomprehensible (to us) language and it is styled charming. Even when knee-grows chose to pursue Caucasian education and leave the fool system being able to speak with great dictum, the belief still remains that the knee-grow  could never manage to speak proper English and always messed up long words. To this day, the knee-grow is still believed to love and are genetically predisposed to eating  watermelon  and chicken and playing games of chance – you know like state lottery and Pro sports betting.

The knee-grow image has been firmly planted in the  minds of Caucasians and other ethnic groups, not excluding our own, first by minstrel shows in the 1800s and then by Hollywood (holly weird). And even when Caucasians pretend to be more liberal and progressive in their views, when they stopped laughing at the knee-grow image en mass,  you still see them negatively portray the Africans in films, in a knee-grow stereotype. From films such as baby boy, monsters ball, the green mile, any movie by Martin Lawrence, the Wayans brothers, Queen Latifah,  etc,  or any of those less talented shills or those who buck and shuffle to get paid.

While Marry Shelly was credited with being the pioneer of modern science fiction through the created Frankensteins monster, African people know that the man-u-factured  monster called the knee-grow continues to be a detriment to African progress due to them being the tried and true formula others lean on when discussing African people, instead of some one like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and one of my favourite … Nat Turner!

Maafa – The Genocide of Afrikan people Part 4

Maafa – The Genocide of Afrikan people Part 5

Maafa – The Genocide of Afrikan people Part 6

Just like Franensteins monster, the kne-grow has taken on a life of its own, far beyond what the creators envisioned. They are a detriment to Africans, becasue the stand in the way of our reclaiming our birth right, culture and  place of pre-eminence in the nature of things and as grand daddy to all other ethnic groups and culture. However the knee-grow is also a cause for concern for the Caucasian, because he tried so hard to be Caucasian, that his proximity scares the women and children…well some of the women anyway… after all even a knee-grow is still seen physically as more manly than her compliment, who is caught up ruling the planet and trying to hoard as much material wealth in his greedy paws, instead of attending to his woman.


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