In the modern world ruled by white supremacy in the image of mostly older Caucasian male, science has trumped religion in the minds of many. And in the areas where this is less so, religion has become a fantasy of immense proportion, that while acceptable 10, 000 years ago, SHOULD be ridiculed and smacked down by supposed intelligent beings in 2011. Religious fantasies includes the discredited belief that some omnipotent deity cursed some cat named Ham for looking at his father’s drunken ass, thus making all his children to TURN out African with full lips, tightly helixed ( kink is either a sexual deviation or some form of flow interference) hair and horrors of horrors, cursed to walk around with a big dick (or as the Khazar’s Talmud said, an elongated member)

Followers of Charles Darwin, later took his fundamental thesis of the evolution of the species to equate their pathological need to justify a systemic anti-African hatred and “fear of a black planet”, by implying Africans are more related to monkeys than any other “evolved” humans. Despite the fact that Darwin shelved his original thesis and urged his students to evolved from that point, we later had a shituation where the convergence of junk science immorally fornicated with junk religion to form a basis for what is today called the knee-grow.  Conceived in the syphilitic mind of the Colonial and Imperial powers of Spain, Portugal, England and the lesser countries of Europe, in order to justify the African Ma’afa and to ensure their means of commercial productions were not interrupted, it was later developed in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab called the plantation in South America, and continental America, but even more so on Dr. Moreau’s islands like Jamaica and Haiti, where the strongest resisters to enslavement were interred and beaten, bred or had their fighting spirit  eradicated out of them.

Maafa – The Genocide of Afrikan people Part 1

Maafa – The Genocide of Afrikan people Part 2

Maafa – The Genocide of Afrikan people Part 3

The most telling narrative of this Frankenstein experiment came in the mythical letter of  Willie Lynch, since being discredited as a fable. However, before we hasten to dismiss this specific letter, please be discerning in that the spirit of the letter appears to be a template for what the plantation scientists put into reality in order to create the man-fact-ured being called the knee-grow.

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