“White supremacy” has systematically striven to eliminate all the competition for the last man, or last “Race” standing on the planet. The practice of genocide was not invented by Yurugu, but he has certainly put his stamp of approval and his own brand on it.  So much so that some of us have forgotten that EVERYTHING he knew, he learned from us. And like all things in life that is cyclic, those who have suffered from Yurugu’s  genocidal march and destruction,  have decided that if you can’t beat him, join him.  Since Africa is the cradle of all civilizations, nations and ethnic groups, it stands to reason that others who are bastard offspring will want to go there and take over. They, much more than us, realize how seemingly unlimited the natural resources are in minerals, divers in plant and animals and spiritual in the level of higher vibrations.  In order to control these resources and at the same time, eliminate the competition for these resources, both Yurugu and other ethnic groups have been removing Africans from Africa through the immigration scams, or even outright murdering them there and in the diaspora.  One of the more interesting phenomena of lately is how continental Africans, with no help from the diaspora as a block, will pass over our own native intelligence and skills and invite parasites on to the continent to further wipe us off the planet. We did it with religion: Christianity, Islam and even Zionism (Judaism), we do it economically with Yurugu and now we are doing it with Asians.  But if we think Yurugu is an expansionist parasite, wait until you catch a hold of the Asians.

A story from the BBC illustrate, maybe subtly to those asleep, about the long-term plans that the Asians have for us.

This headline….MORE EERIE ‘GHOST CITIES’ POPPING UPhas a very interesting story to it. A few years ago knee-grows were delighted when they heard that Japan and China were in Africa making all kinds of deals around trade, commerce and even loans. Deals were made by treacherous governments dogs that even on the surface seemed strange, but are never questioned because we felt that after centuries of oppression by Yurugu, Africa could finally find a partner that wouldn’t seek to exploit her and see us as an equal partner. The story accompanying the headline shows supposedly “shocking photographs”, which reveals several cities completely devoid of people, that are turning up in selected African countries, such as  on the outskirts of Angola’s capital Luanda. According to the article, China is constructing large, well-designed cities that are not occupied, completely devoid of people. China has always had a philosophy of planning fifty years into the future and since these cities are not now occupied, then they are being planned for the future…but for who?  After you check out the article, afterwards ask yourself why? What is the long-term possibilities.  Remember the Chinese have a cultural philosophy in which they plan 50 years into the future. It certainly doesn’t seem like it is including Africans. Other stories before this have revealed china’s growing interest in Africa and again it makes you wonder if perhaps the stepping up of economic and political aggression against Africa is partly because of what Mo Ibrahim uncovered…….

In less than 3 generations, 41% of the world’s youth will be African

Sudanese billionaire, Mo Ibrahim’s foundation recently released a report on African youths titled,African Youths: Fulfilling the Potential.The report contains several interesting facts on Africa’s youthful population. Check them out below:     

  • By 2035, Africa’s labour force will be larger than China’s
  • At the end of the century, Africa will have the lowest dependency ratio in the world
  • Young Africans are more literate than their parents, but more unemployed
  • By 2050, over 1/4 of the world’s labour force will be African
  • Between 2010 and 2020, Africa will add 163 million people to its potential labour force
  • Over the next 10 years, there will be 108 million more school-age children in Africa
  • Africa spends more on secondary education than the global average
  • The youngest athlete in the 2012 Olympic Games was a 13 year-old Togolese swimmer

I highlighted the part about unemployment because it boggles the mind that the continent that presented the mathematics behind the Ghiza pyramid, that harnessed the Nile, invented writing, music, all the varied arts, charted the flow of the stars across the cosmos and simplified the overstanding of spirituality, can’t or won’t teach the young people how to fucking create enterprises apart from a western or Asian influenced one. Written in stone in ancient Kimit was the warning that we have failed to heed…MAN KNOW THYSELF! Why? because we still believe Yurugu is the creator deity and that all things that look like Yurugu or as close as possible is superior than anything we can produce.


Look at this picture of modern nigger slaves imitating a European fairy tale about a fictitious, none anthropological, none scientific and none archeological occurence, all the while being literally crucified by globalization and Western Imperialism and colonialism.

The greatest weapon the oppressor has is the mind of the oppressed

—–Steve Biko

In overstanding genocide, one cannot fail to investigate how a prolong version of genocidal act can be carried out on an unsuspecting group of people…without resistance.  One has to carefully delve into the methodology of the acts and the propaganda before, during and after the acts are committed and it’s impact particularly on the later generations. As long as resistance is curtailed, psychologically, the resistance will be controlled into the next generation. When Malik Al Shabazz spoke about us losing our language, culture and minds this was a summation of genocide that was more devastating than losing our lives. Why? because we then became an empty husk, devoid of hue-manity and values, that eventually continue to practice the genocide Yurugu started, but only on ourselves.


One could presume hat this was a gathering of water buffalo’s at a local watering hole. National geographic would depict this as some sort of mating ritual unknown to advanced beings but par for the course in the animal kingdom.



The 20th and 21st century will have redefined what manhood is about and the result would be nothing the ancient Africans would have believed possible. Even if they had looked into the future and travelled into the forth dimension to do so.


Our strong independent black women. The wife of the man in the picture above and the breeder of our next generation.  Is this not something our ancestors died for? Is it?


Please don’t laugh at her. Not only is she not ashamed, but she is not unusual. In fact, this is now the norm in our civilized world.

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