This bit of information was gleaned from a Facebook associate:

This Philipines native is the beautiful Ms. Loida Nicolas-Lewis, heiress to the Reginald Lewis fortune (The most wealthy Black Man at the time of his death). He was famed for his leverage buyout of the $1 Billion Beatrice Corp. in the 1980s, soon before his “untimely” demise.


But this is not about Reginald, it’s about Loida and her resume. Ms. Loida Nicolas-Lewis is the former National Chairwoman of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations, the largest advocacy group for Filipino Americans in the United States. She is the chair of US Pinoys for Good Governance. Ms. Loida Nicolas-Lewis is also an active board member of the Philippine Development Foundation, a public charity that builds ecosystem of science and technology-based entrepreneurship and innovation for social and economic development in the Philippines. A solid advocate for the people of the Philipines at home and abroad.

No she did not give out Starbucks or Footlocker gift cards. No she did not donate MP3 players to ghetto children. She got rid of the ghetto. Are we getting the idea about the celebrities now? Did you see the word “DEVELOPMENT?” Did you see Loida looking out for HER OWN PEOPLE? And there are few Philippinos complaining about who she married on Facebook, BECAUSE SHE BROUGHT HER MONEY HOME-just like Kim will do.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.  just be true to yourself.

Now neither I nor the writer of this piece is saying that Ms. Loida Nicolas-Lewis was not sincere in her affection for Reginald Lewis. I won’t say that though, because I am unlike other jealous and hypocritical bitches who go into a conniption whenever an “inter-racial” coupling occurs, that has a knee-grow and none knee-grow presence. instead of keeping it moving these people assume that the none knee-grow one is a gold digger, or that the knee-grow is betraying our Race”, when they, the hypocrite,  would not lift a finger to promote the best of African love, through African economic, social and political unity . In fact neither she or Caucasian males or females who couple with us need to be gold digging, when we willingly pass on the gold to them. Kudos to Ms. Loida Nicolas-Lewis, for looking after her people and ensuring that future generation of Philipinos will have the chance of a better future. This is the shit WE should be doing. However, what of her husband’s side of the family?  I would hazard a guess they are taken care of. What though of countless African youth in Africa, the west Indies or in America itself, that could use a public charity that builds ecosystem of science and technology-based entrepreneurship and innovation for social and economic development in African, African-American-African-Caribbean communities? 

This is what sustainable genocide does for a people not fit to exist among a survivor culture.


Self destruction is taking many of our young males and females out of their prime years and
away from any contribution to us as a people

and this…..


The miseducatio of the knee-grow females contradicts the notion that if you educate a female you
educate a nation. A miseducated female who lacks integrity and moral value, becomes and attention
whore, that prefers taking pictures sitting on a toilet than in preparing herself to be a wife and mother and thus educator of a notion.


When the knee-grow lacks the god essence, this manufactured being engages in risky behaviours because it, like Yurugu, searches longingly for its other half, the heart to which the Asilli flows.  It uses poisons to generate the missing Asilli, but in the end destroys itself for Yurugu.

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