Foundations of the African Holocaust (Ma’afa): Eugenics and creating America’s Master Race


rac·ism:  noun

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Everyone keeps talking about Margaret Sanger and her eugenics program as if its some outdated ancient his story….just like they believed the Tuskegee, medical murders were an abnormal affair. They fail to overstand that western governments, not just in the corporate America,  poured hundreds of millions dollars into the beginning of  Sanger’s program, including the setting up of planned parenthood clinics around our community.


Most knee-grow would spend time watching and discussing shawty lo and his 10 baby mammas, or follow the latest train wreck of a ‘reality” show, on tel-lie-vision, instead of  educating themselves on world affairs. Such as the fact that The UN had designated UNESCO and Planned Parenthood, as ambassadors to countries in need of “humanitarian aid”. These countries mostly African countries are also threatened to either sterilize their female population AND legislate homosexuality as a norm, or risk being refused aid. Haiti, for one, has gone through the the sterilization program and I had posted up a video where Irritated genie in a lecture showed UN troops kidnapping and raping a Haitian teenager.

I bet you didn’t know that Adolf Hitler studied the American Eugenics moment before implementing his own program of a Aryan “master race”?  Remember…. Eugenics is not only the scientific but MEDICAL application of racism. For centuries Europeans have been telling the world how they are the smartest and the best race and NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO LOOK THE PART. “I have studied with great interest the laws of several American states concerning prevention of reproduction by people whose progeny would, in all probability, be of no value or be injurious to the racial stock.”

—(A Hitler)

“Hitler and his henchmen victimized an entire continent and exterminated millions in his quest for a so-called Master Race… the concept of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race didn’t originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the United States… decades before Hitler came to power.”

–from unknown

 There are many forms of genocide practiced by Yurugu, as is shown on the previous pages and detailed extensively by numerous researchers and academic. But those sleeping can see only a very few.  We speak in the past about the Ma’afa. We talk about an Africa in poverty, we talk about third world states, but the more we talk the least we overstand about the plans in place for African survival going forward into the 21st century and beyond. Some of their efforts include limiting our ability to procreate so that what Mo Ibrahim reported about African youth, does not come through. Remember one of the original impetus for the Eugenics program was Thomas Malthus and is theory that we either limit birth or increase death to stave off competition for food and land. Yurugu does both and certainly intends to practice genocide on us by killing  us through wars, impoverishment, H.A.R.P medical mal;practice and experiments and control us through foods  and through hormone manipulation, as well as energy displacement emanating from the idiot box, telephones, computers and remote satellites. We have been in deep slumber to the point we see the death train coming and can’t even drum up the energy to get out-of-the-way. For instance…we have never given thought to the SUDDEN increase of lesbians and homosexual children.


Is the picture of a male or a female? We accept the story that this is a natural part of nature, even though nature does not have homosexuality as  sustainable part of her self, except during times of animal warfare or territorial struggle to show dominance. No African culture or civilization has ever had homosexuality as a social event. Again confusing education with intelligence.


Many of the young children are injected the male sex drug testosterone into the pregnant mothers female fetus. In the meantime many of the food types we consume are over filled with estrogen , such as all soy products, creating a biological imbalance.


This phenomena above is called Gynecomastia or bitch tits. If you are in the weight lifting culture, you would have come across this oddity at some point.

According to some sources the term comes from the Greek γυνή gyné (stem gynaik-) meaning “woman” and μαστός mastós meaning “breast.” The condition can occur physiologically in neonates (due to female hormones from the mother), in adolescence, and in the elderly (Both in adolescence and elderly it is an abnormal condition associated with disease or metabolic disorders. In adolescent boys the condition is often a source of distress, but for the large majority of boys whose pubescent gynecomastia is not due to obesity, and when it’s not severe it may shrink or disappear between the ages of 16-18. The causes of common gynecomastia remain uncertain (?), although it has generally been attributed to high levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) resulting in low levels of free testosterone or the tissue responsiveness to them; a root cause is rarely determined for individual cases. Spironolactone (Aldactone),  Digoxin and Furosemide are reported to cause gynecomastia.  Breast prominence can result from hypertrophy of breast tissue, chest adipose tissue (fat) and skin, and is typically a combination. Breast prominence due solely to excessive adipose is often termed pseudogynecomastia or sometimes lipomastia.  Gynecomastia should be distinguished from muscle hypertrophy of the pectoralis muscles. When performing surgery the gland is sent to the lab to confirm the presence of gynecomastia and check for tumors under a microscope.

First of all, the aboev picture is not of a fat man’s breast, in fact the physic is not of a fat or overly muscular physic. The oddity is in the nipples that are feminine in look and can only occur from female hormone present in large enough amount that the body starts changing.  Now folks lets use education intelligently here. The male produces mainly testosterone with a very small dose of estrogen. Conversely the females produce estrogen with a small dose of testosterone. There are cases where some male or some female may produce a higher dose of the opposite hormone, which does contribute to say a very strong female or a very weak male from both a biological and emotional stand point. A such a male is not necessarily a homosexual or have homosexual tendencies, not does such a female exhibit lesbian tendencies. Keep in mind that ourstory have produced people that have partake in such activities but are seen as abnormal, in numbers and practice. Today however, there is an increasing in such things to the point where it is almost EXPECTED! The only explanation is that something is causing this increase and the answer rests in how we are indoctrinated through the media and in the killing fields of the public fool shitstym, as well as the food, drugs and vaccinations that the death dealers called health and medical personnel are dealing out to us. The kind of physical distortion that causes bitch tits, are not from an excess of testosterone, as some idiots in the gym have promoted, but an increase in estrogen from soy based product in your muscle building formulas, in the whey/milk protein or other food source. As well the incidents of older  males having reduced testosterone levels has more to do with the lack of physicality activities and again the food they consume that causes the older males chest to develop like a old woman’s breast. This you don’t see in the developing countries where westernized food is not popular and physical activities, have created strong bodies in males and females, even into their 80’s and 90’s. Genetic manipulation is also used positively for Caucasians in the form of pills to give you a tan, or as one Facebook friends said…“Have you noticed how White people (as a group) have been getting taller, darker, lips fuller, asses rounder? PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE. A ETHNIC GROUP CAN NOT JUST CHANGE THEIR GENETIC MAKEUP Look at the Mexicans in this country. They have not changed in centuries.”

Yes…the Ma’afa is still going on! It has just taken on a different look and feel about it. More important though is the fact that the more educated we’ve gotten, the more stupid we have become, because common sense has let town and all we have left is nonsense.  We engage in nonsensical behaviours such as those gifted to us under civil rights and integration, causing us to abdicate our roles as protectors of our children’s legacies. We engage in nonsensical behaviours when we full fill the stereotype of knee-grow inferiority in how we dismiss each other, both violently and socially and in how we kiss, suck or lick the ass of Yurugu and believe that any and everything he does is in our best interest. No one respect an inferior acting being and if we are dealing with a covetous, conniving and murderous parasite, he definitely will not respect the ground you walk on or the air you breath…or the life you live. 

We have seen this story before….

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2 thoughts on “The Maafa for 2013…Pt4

  1. am a male teenager with a huge man boobs Problem .My upper chest part alayws give me a severe pain i also have back pain and my boobs feels saggy and bounce all the time and they are giving me alot of discomfort , they some time cause me a deficulty in breathing especialy when i am sitting and i have some sagiing stretch marks under them.they even look like like a mature women’s one and they are even bigger than the boobs of females in my age .I should add that i feel alot of comfort when wearing a bra so that all my problems listed will go away and i feel while wearing one that my breasts are supported .But i dont wear them alot maybe for hour max but i realy feel better in them.I have tried comprssion shirts but they were unconfortable and made me feel so warm like i am on fire and that even was in winter.I couldnt even think of wearing them in summer.P.S my boobs fIll up a 46B bra (100C in EU ) or if as measured my self a 46c bra and for some brands a 46d .Plz help by answering me .And i should also add that i feel better wearing them because they are so comfortable.And i shuld add that my breast look really weird and rounded piffed and so noticable even if i wear 3 tight tshirts .They are shown like womens one and I somehow feel like i should cover them and I feel so weird and embaressed when i am topless (like at the beach)and that i should cover them up. And I feel that they are a womens breast and i feel as a naked women when toples , and i feel like i should cover as i should cover my lower stuff.Am 100000% totally stright so please no seally things such as cross dressin or being gay please .Also i cant wear a sport bra cause it is hard to find where i live and i cant bare wearing it in the hot weather all the time as it is alayws hot were i live .Thats why i am asking about a regular bra ,and that wearing a sport bra give me some kind discomfort due to the fabrics and it cause me soreness and pain in my nipples and that a regular bra can heal that soreness or even reduce it due to its soft fabric especially a padded one but thats not what i will be alayws worn because it may increase my breast size which will make them visible ,and a sport bra is just too squishy . I should also say that my boobs are causing sweat under them which would result to skin pigmentation(baby rash). I should add that i cant afford surgery nor an under armor and i don’t now any doctor near i the place i live in that is why i am asking you: should i wear a bra? And i should tell you that i tried a persons bra which is 42 b(am sorry that i took it without him knowing really sorry ) and it fitted well but some other bras that are of the same size felt titer which meant i needed a bigger cup (especially when sitting down) .I really cant see a doctor nor my parents because they are really not going to understand and in reference to wearing a sport bra a cant it is to squashing and uncomfortable and i am not in need of compression i just need support and please help me and am sorry if my question is too too long and boringAdditional Detailsi cant realy go to the doctor cause i am imbarresed and plus there isnt any in my range realy and i am too young and i cant afford a surgeryi tried a bandage and no gd think happend my rash increased and i just got tooo uncofortable and w/ respect to the male chest binder i cant wear one i cant bear it ,and there isn’t any in my country and people am nooooooooooooooooooot gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so i have a penis and i use it for girls come onand for answering for those who my say to lose wight i tried but no benifit and i have a condition called gynecomastia so its not because of fat and i cant seeeeee a doctor


    1. First of all this is the wrong forum for this, because I don’t practice medicine all I can say is for you to continue to see a doctor. Now if you are a hermaphrodite then that’s a different thing all together and you should perhaps look into it to overstand why I mentioned that. You say it is not a obese issue, so if that is not that problem, and based on your long winded description, then I can only conclude that you are a victim of the drug industry. I took the opportunity to check out your link to see if you are some bullshit spammer or not, especially since your link goes right to Facebook. If you page is correct, you are Philipino and hear me now believe me later that countries like the Philippines have been a dumping ground for pharmaceutical drugs for decades. I say you are a victim of drug industry, but I left out the food part (because what you put in your mouth is described as food but in reality is just poisons).

      You may have missed the part in the post where I stated that this condition is a hormonal problem, which means your (a) Adrenal glands and (b) pituitary glands have been compromised. The compromise is a cause poisons that creates the imbalance in those glands by way of addictive and poisons in your food, the water or the environment (Europe and Asia are also doing bomb testing near to you). I will go with the food, because it is easier and covers more territory. You’re gonna have to see a traditional and cultural herbalist from the Aeta people of the Phillipines, to Detox your system over a 21-90 period and then rebuild the body with herbs and natural products. Maybe you can approach the people, if your government haven’t killed them all off yet.


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