Ancient people treated diseases of feminine Yin organs via earrings in the left ear and diseases of the male Yang organs via the right ear. The left side of the body is the feminine side and the right side of the body, masculine. Earring wearing is a very deep science. It is very useful as a means of natural healing.  Traditional women who live oin Non western countries  represent the ideal image of femininity, no matter how oppressed we in the west think they are. These women, most of them, never compromise their femininity or principle, which is why they don’t have the level of female reproductive diseases as Western women do. Regarding women who pierced their noses in traditional cultures, these women know something about their culture and their bodies.  These women pierce their noses for sexual energy purposes.  The nose piercing spot is the stomach and spleen acupuncture point. The spleen organ governs the sexual organs. Nose piercing is or should always be on the left (Yin) side, with a gold nose ring or stud. A pierced nose will constantly stimulate spleen (via Stomach, its partner organ) which equals good and vibrant sex drive and a healthy and invigorated reproductive system.

Ring wearing also had a planetary influence in ancient times as it was believed that metals and gemstones gently pulled in the energy from the planets that governed them. The women of the Saturnalian cult who worshipped the planet Saturn, the planet with a ring around it, wore earrings in the ear to let their god Saturn know that they were listening to him. They also wore a ring on their fingers as a sign of love and devotion to Saturn. When they got married, they faced the east and circumambulated around shrines made and dedicated to Saturn, the same exact thing Muslims do today when they circumambulate around the Kabah in Mecca, Arabia. The Kabah was a shrine dedicated to the god Saturn at one point in time. This is why Muslims also face the east today. Islam is modern-day Saturnalian worship, quiet as its kept.

The belly button is the seat of eroticism and sexual passion. It arouses sexual passion. This is why most belly dancers have their belly buttons pierced. Belly dancing is a form of dancing that arouses sexual desire in men. It is very erotic and highly sensual, though friendly and innocent in nature. In ancient Africa, dancing was a precursor to sex. Women used to dance naked for men before having sexual intercourse.  I was reading  about the views of  sexual interaction in today’s society where many one night stands and sexual conquests begin at nightclubs. At the night clubs the men and women dance very freaky and highly sexual and seductive, not to mention they consume cocktails and nuts. Cock = penis. Tail = rear end (ass). Nuts = testicles (under the penis). After dancing, many have sex.


What we see today with the  piercing of the tongue, eyebrows, nipples and even the vulva and clitoris, this is simply an ignorant and freakish behavior by spiritually dead  youth in a Western society, devoid of any true spirituality. These perpetrators are manifesting an outward  appearance of their internal self-hate and disgust with themselves. Since Western Society was formed out of the story of Zeus and his battle with his father Cronus, we have the old abusing the young and the young fighting against everything the old stands for. These youth and not so young show their hatred and disgust of a world that is dominated by corporate greed, commercialism, technology, and materiality. These youths are hurting themselves as a sign that they are hurt in today’s world. They are a sign that this society is abnormal. If by chance that the modern world and society is normal, then they don?t want to be that. They want to be the opposite of that, because they see this world going to hell in a hand basket..

For the males the trend around wearing ear rings was big in the 70s and 80s, of piercing the left ear and sporting a stud or a burned broomstick straw in the ear lobe. This act was considered cool. But today, it is very common for males to have both ears pierced, just like women. However, in the 70s and 80s, it was taboo for a male to have both ears pierced. Having both ears pierced as a male was a sure sign of homosexuality.  Whether you wear an earring in your right ear, left ear, or both ears, the meaning was not and is not good for males. There were two historical reasons for earring wearing by males, both of them bad. Unbeknownst to today’s males  earring wearing by males had an homosexual symbolism. As the left side of the body is feminine and the right side, masculine, homosexual males pierced that side of the ear denoting their role in a same sex affair or relationship. If a male homosexual had his left ear pierced, he was stating that he was the bitch. If he had the right ear pierced, he was stating that he was the bear. And if he had both ears pierced, he was giving and receiving and anything goes.

Another reason for wearing the ear ring had to do with the enslavement of men after defeat in a war. In the European fantasy book, a man who voluntarily gave up his freedom to remain a slave had to have an aul driven through his ear as a sign that he was a willful slave. This is straight from the Bible in the Old Testament:

And it shall be, if he say unto thee, I will not go away from thee; because he loveth thee and thine house, because he is well with thee; Then thou shalt take an aul, and thrust it through his ear unto the door, and he shall be thy servant for ever Deuteronomy, Chapter 15:16-17 Law of the Slaves.

Yesterday I was in the subway watching a little man playing with a plastic sword. He was throwing it up and trying to catch. At one point he turned around and I saw the biggest hoop ear ring a little man could wear,  he was about fie years old and you know that was no gold hoop. I took a look over at a group of women sitting on a bench and immediately i knew by her vigilance that his mother was that teenager that was watching him play. So many times I have seen parents in a rush to pierce their children’s ear, but it is very stupid  a young babies ear. For one,  it’s their body and they should have a say in what is done to their body. When they become of legal age, if they want their ears pierced, they can make that decision for themselves. Also  young children do not need energy balancing like adults. Ear piercing could cause a host of problems, especially of a sexual nature. The fact that mothers are teaching their little girls to be highly sexual already, gyrating as young as two years old, makes it even more alarming to pierce their ears to generate more sexual energies.

As i conclude this post let me say a bit about scarification. Many millennia ago, when the planet shifted and the hydrogen ring that had encircled the earth had broken and fell (this was the biblical flood) the ecology of the planet went through a drastic change. Our ancestors found themselves facing areas in Africa that was harsh and unlivable. But our ancestors knew many high level sciences and one of them was to cut the skin, thus creating new blood cells in order to increase their intake of oxygen in certain areas where it was difficult to breath normally. In other areas they traveled, the body adapted the sickeling of the cells in order to live in a marshy region. Today many local people still practice scarification but they can not explain the reasons why other than their ancestors did it. Even those in the malaria areas, traditionally ate the yams to balance out the effect of the malaria. But with the introduction of western poisons as medicine has changed that dynamics for more damaging illness.



One thought on “The Science behind the Ear Ring and the Tattoos

  1. I am
    Had two sons
    And I had a deep urge for body piercings upon reading this I am going forth with my decision to pierce my belly as it will further my path of enlightenment
    I thank you so very much.
    And I Am in agreement.
    I AM glad I know not to go over board on my piercings thank you for your knowledge as I have received the knowledge and will take heed check out me out on face book. Under name Oshun godess


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