Symbols are very powerful and can be extremely useful in the creation of your worldview. The Ancients peoples in Africa understood the power of symbols and symbolism and used them extensively as part of everyday life. Symbols and symbolism in African evolved into a refined and lasting practice and its usage and over standing was eventually passed down in a still more refined way to other younger cultures that had their own symbols and usage. In all cultures, symbols are used for a variety of reasons, from  protection to fertility, wealth, crop generation, and death and birth rituals. Of course, just having an object as a symbol or having that symbol used for a particular task does not in itself bring about the desired conditions one anticipates or hope for; It is the application of conscious thoughts and energy that brings to life the object and its effect/affect on people. Using a symbol geared toward a certain thing can aid the human consciousness to hone-in on the energies necessary to bring about your desired manifestation.

In this way, symbols are like guides, leading the individual toward a desired goal. However the primary factor for how well a particular symbol will work lies not on;y  in its usage over time, but also in the belief in its inherent power on/over us. The more a symbol gets used for a particular thing, the more it is accepted as a natural part of our lives, the clearer the energy stream will be, the greater the focus becomes and the cycle continues. This increasing effectiveness through use explains why certain symbols were carefully handed down from generation to generation. Each passing generation, utilizing the same symbol, built up a clearer energy pathway and the results derived, from that symbol, increases.

Consciousness accomplishes this manifestation by tapping into the energy pathways within us that the symbol brings into focus. It will siphon off some of the energy, on that path, and use that energy — which already contains all the raw materials for that particular aspect — to create that aspect within its reality. The more often consciousness dips into this energy stream, the more easily consciousness can tap into it. Realistically, however, for this kind of thing to work, a symbol must be used as often as possible over a great period of time and by many people. It is not enough for the ancients to use it and the modern day man not to. The energy must be used on a, more or less, continual basis or the energy associated with that symbol will begin to fade. Remember, the more an energy stream gets used the more efficient the energy stream will be in reaching its desired goal. The most powerful symbols reach backward and forward in time endlessly. Today there are many — still powerful — ancient symbols that you can use, as well as some new ones that society is now fabricating. Many of these new symbols will reach into the future, for future generations to use, to help them to create their world.

Using a symbol can be even easier than finding it. All you have to do is to carry the symbol with you or affix the symbol to something that you wear often, like a necklace or a pendant. A card, with the particular symbol drawen on it, carried in your wallet or purse, will work too. Ancient talismans were little more than a piece of parchment scribed with various symbols, to help the individual get what he or she wanted.

Some symbols, once physically removed from your possession is still with you consciously and its imprint indelibly engraved in your mind, so that its effect hovers over and controls your many ways of viewing the outside and the inside world.


The Ankh:

In the Africentric community, the Ankh is a prevailing symbol and is traditionally known as an Egyptian (Kimityu) symbol that denotes rebirth as well as a symbol of eternal life. The power part of this symbol epitomizes the strength and the life that one can draw from the sun. Some people attribute the Ankh’s representation of life with the union of the male female principle from which the current and modern male/female symbol comes from.

However, the Ankh also shows the transitory nature of symbols, which can be used as both revolutionary and  dissident and one that can also be used as a force for good or a method of creating evil, depending on who controls the image of the symbol.

Our story of the Ankh

The Ankh was used extensively under the patronage of the eighteenth dynastic and heretic Shekem Ur Shekem (Pharaoh if you want to go Greek), Amunhotep IV, renamed Akhenaten. His name is anglicized as  Akhenaten which was not close to his chosen Kimityu name, only because the Greek couldn’t properly utilize the Kimityu language. Since the Kimityu tongue did not contain vowels,  they created a third language called Coptic, with which they were able to insert their Greek vowels and ended up with something like Akhenaten.

Moving forward…Akhenaten, usurped a millennia’s worth of worship of the god Amun, the creator god, who in his manifestation of Ptah, fashioned man from the potter’s wheel and the primordial mud. All of the above are early symbols utilized to explain the origin of man. In early Kimityu, the yearly inundation of the Nile as it over flows the banks and fertilizing the country was impetus for the explanation of Amun as Ptah, dipping into the mud and creating man/woman and imbuing him/her with all the energies that connects him/her to the land and is inferior only to the shu which was breathed directly into man/woman. The symbolism inherent here can be seen in the bible (the European fantasy book) where genesis chapter I copies the Kimityu creation myth, including blowing breath into man and animating him/them. In Kimityu over standing, Shu (breath) is also a god and is a son of Amun. The people of Kimit personalized everything as having some elements of Amun and every personality is a manifestation of one of Amun’s varied personalities. This in some ways appears confusing to modern monotheistic practitioners, but it also brings the gods closer to one, making the worship more intimate and personal.

Akhenaten, being the child of a non Kimityu, some believed a Hyksos, through his mother, was raised to shun the gods of his father. He chose one of the manifestations of Amun, which was in fact Ra, but was called by the name Aten a provincial name for Ra in Heliopolis.  When the majority of the people voiced their displeasure with this sacrilegious turn of events, Akhenaten decided to build his own capital by the Nile, which he called, “Akhetaten”, the Horizon of the Aten.

At Akhetaten, Akhenaten formed a new state religion, focusing on the worship of the Aten. It stated that Aten was the supreme god and there were no others, save for Akhenaten himself. This Heretic reasoned that the Ankh was a physical manifestation of earlier symbols of Aten and that since it represents life in the Kimityu culture, then the Ankh must be embraced as his symbol.

Anti-Kimityu forces and defenders of the three current religions have said that Akhenaten formed the first monotheistic religion around Aten. However, this is not the case. Akhenaten himself was also promoted to be a creator god and like Aten was born again every day. Aten was only accessible to the people through Akhenaten because Akhenaten was both man and part of the cosmos.  Akhenaten systematically began a campaign to erase all traces of the old gods, especially Amun. He erased the name of Amun from the temples and public works. He even went so far as to erase his own father’s cartouche because the word “Amun” was featured in it. Even the word “gods” was unacceptable because it implied there were other deities besides Aten.

This was how the Ankh came about as a singular representation of Aten and the worship of Aten. Also note with in the name Akhenaten is derived the word Ankh. In Kimityu as in numerous other African cultural practices, a god, or the many manifestation of a god can be accessed either through a priest or by individuals as personal totems. Modern monotheistic practices also urges practitioners to access their deity through their religious elders or through personal totems, i.e., the cross, the, the Kaba, holy communion, prayer beads, the crescent moon, the kabala, Torah, Bible, Qur’an  or numerous other totems one takes for granted.

Thus Akhenaten became a symbol of the Hyksos and their Haribu descendents and all other Anti Kimityu/African cultural practices, as they dismiss the complex and nuanced practices of Africa for the simplistic and often confusing practices of first the Haribu, then the Romans and finally the Arabs. Yet each has taken many elements not only from Akhenaten’s heretics, but all the practices of the Kimityu gods, including Ausar(Jesus the crucified), Ausar andAuset (Joseph and Mary), Heru (Jesus the son) and Shetsh (Satan), Djeuty (knowledge), the Caduceus (the medical symbol), the Wadjet (the all seeing eye), Amun(or Amen) and so forth and so forth.


The culture vultures in praising Akhenaten for destroying Ma’at in the land of Kimit took his heretics and used it to conquer Africa and the non European countries, who also believed that there is ONE supreme creator, but many personalities and manifestation of that creative force.  They in turn forced these indigenous people into substituting their own Iconic symbols and practice for a foreign one. By using the Pavlovian methods (which indicated that Pavlov did nothing unique) of rewards and punishment, they were able to subsume and undercut the culture and religion of the first world people, regulating them to third world status and state of mind.

Modern Africans, both continental and in the Diaspora, have thus been unwitting and sometime complicit in their own enslavement to the symbols and Icons of the doers of Isfet, the beast who ravishes our souls and culture for gains and profit, in the nine area of people activities:

  1. Politics
  2. Religion
  3. War
  4. Education
  5. Entertainment
  6. Economics
  7. Labour
  8. Law
  9. Sex

Other symbol we embrace that is not African in the least or is a Europeanized version of African originality includes:

  • The wig: once a fashion adornment, it has since become a statement of beauty and psychological comfort to African women who are ashamed of their own powerful hair with its helixed folicles.  Protestation aside, even when they say it just a “style”, the language of “it makes me feel good/sexy, “hides my bad hair”, “my hair is hard to manage”  and other such lies serve more to fool themselves than you or I.
  • White Skin: In Jamaica, the land of the Maroons, Morant Bay rebellion and Rastafari, bleaching the skin is so accepted that there are now “bleaching contests”, held to crown the most bleached personality. Note that the bleaching of dark skin has also been a decade’s long issue on the continent of Africa, South America and the Caribbean, as well as here in the NAU, where much safer “milk bath”are acceptable instead of harsher industrial chemicals. Some of the more prominent bleachers include Sammy Sosa, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lil Kim, Viybze Kartel, little Wayne, to name a few.The bleachers:
  • Plastic surgery: I won’t go into details but this and the previous point seem to go hand in hand.
  • European Culture:  One would think that the fight to establish ourselves as part of the family of man, ever since we stepped off the pirate ships, would have carried over to 2011. But this just show that with the mis education of the knee-grows, one step forwards, two steps back is how we play.


 Our children needs us more than the symbols we adore”

 Minister Louis Farakhan,
Politics without Economics is  Symbols without substance


 The above line was part of a very powerful speech I once heard in 1987. The speech takes us to task for the superficial things we embrace while we leave our legacies – our children- to the whims and ways of the jackals and Hyenas of this world.  These superficial things become the focus of us and our children above cultural imperatives, spiritual balance and ma’at. Thus enabling the destruction of our culture and souls as a people.

 Symbols without substances such as:

pol·i·tics . (folly tricks)

1. The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.


1. An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime: party games; word games.

2. A competitive activity or sport in which players contend with each other according to a set of rules

Politics is a game where those who are elected by us, as our spokesperson and representatives, chose to seek personal glorification and monetary gains to boost their egos, bank accounts and social status. Many who have grown wise to this “game” have taking it on themselves to cast their hat in the political three ring circus, by “campaigning” to be “elected” as our mouth piece to articulate the concerns and interests of individuals and groups from specific districts. In other words … ” if you can’t beat then join then“. To be a politician, amongst numerous features is to be diplomatic in outlook and actions..One of the realities of politics is being able to see the big picture and be able to balance the interests and needs of the electoral groups with the interest and needs of another group. Because of the efforts sought to strike a balance between acceptable losses (compromise) against empty victories (the one that fails to aid or support the other party’s interests). In our lives it is often galling having to compromise with people we dislike or whose opinions, actions or social position is an antithesis to our own. It is these same compromises that engender the statement…“politics make strange bedfellows”.


In the “western social” system which encompasses the continent of Europe and North America primarily, and which is predicated on Eurocentric worldview, politics has been regionalized and tribalized into the most sophisticated and devalued factions based on whether one is a “socialist” or a “capitalist”.  All others need not apply. It is instructive that in the recent Canadian Federal elections, there were five parties running to see who could best “service”, the throne of England, the Vatican and international banker’s best interest, while doing things to the tax payers that would be considered regular in high security federal penitentiary. The five were the Conservatives, the Liberals, the New Democrat, the Bloc Quebecois (which represents the dying aspiration of the French Canadians in attaining relevancy that not even France grants them) and the Green party ( which represents the interests of environmentalists and the like). Incidentally, the Green party is also represented by the lone female, a Caucasian like the others, but still the lone female. So it was of great interest to see the other Caucasian male dominated parties conspire with the media to bar the Green party from taken part in a televised debate. And even though the Green party asked for a court injunction, it was denied the democratic right to properly represent the interest and views of its supporters.

It is safe to say that in the North America Union (NAU) politics is often symbolized as a domain of Caucasian males, Christian, and educated at the most prestigious schools. They are assumed to be safer, more believable and trustworthy, not withstanding the toilet full of scandals we hear in the press daily.

In a side note: I am often amazed at how knee grows get so politically heated in their support for their respective parties, that it devolves from comical to tragic to pathetic.

I have often viewed the so called Conservatives/right wingers/republicans and the so called liberals/lefties/democrats as two cheeks of an ass. That if you see one you see the other, that both are a part of the same stinking, crappy entity that does two things well and often…making rude obnoxious sounds and pass stinking fecal matters which often indicates internal rot. Both groups are not dissimilar and only use the different appellations and twists in the English language to hoodwink the willingly duped into believing they are not the same type and mind set.

Part designates:

  1. Conservatives/right wingers/republicans: A party predicated on being “Christian” and standing up for Christian values, moral uprightness and specific virtues that are said to be laid out by biblical references and text. It is interesting that when the North was on the verge of losing the American tribal conflict in 1876, the then party leader at the time, Abraham Lincoln earned the wrath of party faithful by including (somewhat) enslaved Africans into the tribal conflict in hopes that the South would run out of bullets before the North run out of African bodies, so the war effort could turn in his favour. In subsequent years this party enjoyed the unreasonable and unjustified fealty of knee-grows who wrongly believed that “Lincoln freed the slaves”. Thus giving the party unprecedented voting support for a long time. Even in the face of anti-African hatred and acts.This same Christian faith based party is also a big supporter of capitalism and big business, as long as they reap the benefit of the largess being doled out by big business, as they rape and pillage families, small neighbourhoods, and the whole social fabric of  America Inc. and Canada. The same faith based political party so vehemently anti African, that one of its legendary fire breather (Jessie Helms), turned out to have had sex/raped with and fathered children with an African woman as so many of these red neck, knuckle dragging mouth breathers have done and continue to do. And speaking about sex… is it not a boon to opponents and embarrassment to the Conservatives/right wingers/republicans, and their anti homosexual agenda to be caught repeatedly in blatant and public acts of homosexual transgressions? So much for the lying, elitist and utterly corrupt faith based party that seeks to epitomize the “white” male, heterosexual and Christian entity.
  2. Liberals/lefties/democrats: Are the so called, less conservatives, more liberated retarded sibling or left cheek of the political ass. They claim to embrace many of the ideals of socialism, including the “sharing” of resources and getting big business to pay their way for social programs. However, along the way, the liberals/lefties/democrats, found their inner conservatives and decided that they were going to embrace the adage of politics make strange bed fellows mentality. African people in the west must remember that the Democrats in America Inc. used to be the (main) party of the Klu Klux Klan. That the Democrats only became relevant to us during the Kennedy era when the media turned the pimp/ho’ shenanigan between the child of a Irish mobster (John Kennedy) and a good time girl (Merlyn Monroe) into a love story, as well as remade him into a sympathetic figure and defender of African people. This is one of the reasons they ended up fawning over William Clinton, because he (a) tried to remake his image into a Kennedy 2.0, (b) he claimed to be a friend of African people and (c) Arsenio Hall endorsed him as “our black president”, because he played the sax and loved chasing pussy. To this day I can’t even say that knee-grows name with out wanting to bitch slap some one. And we wonder why other ethnic groups continue to stereotype us.

In America Inc., we have taken the symbol of donkey vs. the symbol of the elephant to heart and have rejected the symbol of the African liberation struggles. Symbols such as the red, black and green. The raised African fist and the Sankofa Bird are supplanted by the this.

More on this subject down the line, but I leave this post with the following

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