The term “white daddy syndrome” was something I first heard on one of Tareq Nasheed’s podcast. The term references the knee-grow females whose image, expectations and acceptance is based on being acceptable to the white supremacy system. And in particularly the people who created and administer a system that is designed to suppress African genius, to oppress African manifest destiny and to kill our culture, through any means necessary. Many, but not all of these females carry around a “knee-grow bed wench” persona which makes having a “white daddy syndrome” even more insidious and detrimental to their own health and the health of African man/woman relationship. You have knee-grow males that have “white daddy syndrome” also, but that tends to go more into the homosexual zone. It has been proven, that when a male misses his father’s love, he seeks it out in other males with stronger personalities, where they often fall prey to homosexual predators that turn them out. Of course those wishing to promote their homosexual agenda use this emotional need for a fathers love and acceptance as a natural homosexual tendency….and knee-grows fearing an anti-homosexual backlash, go along for the ride. Males who have relationship issues are usually the ones who have mother issues, i.e, they grew up in a single mother household where the mother lives on “bitter bitch boulevard”. He sees her having multiple men coming through her room, hear her talk bad about his “no good daddy” or have her mistreat him because he looks like his father. Tupac Shakur’s song Dear Mamma sums up the issues that knee-grow males have in balancing their respect for a knee-grow female that has given birth to him and his disrespect for a female that while gave birth to him has fallen short of the standard for motherhood

The “white daddy syndrome”  is a female reality, and so is “knee-grow bed wench” . This is a narrative from our time when we as prisoners of Europe’s colonial and imperial wars where the captured Africans, held captive on the plantation. During that period of time this was the social construct where despite knee-grow females being the most put upon, abused and psychologically scared, she was also the best weapon the white supremacist uses to continue to decimate the African community. A dysfunctional female can only raise dysfunctional females and dysfunctional males. The enslavement system not only created untold wealth for companies like some of the more wealthy banks, insurance agencies, alcohol corporations etc, but it prevented African people from ever coming together and heal after the Ma’afa.

According to the information on the plantation social set up, the “knee-grow bed wench”, is an enslaved knee-grow female who is a regular sexual “object” of the plantation owner. She is often the child of rape her self anyway, and her presence is sometimes acceptable to the plantation owners wife, because of her less than dark complexion and the fact that it was better she look the other way in order to maintain her marriage. Some of these same Caucasian female, often creep down to the “slave” quarters to find them some Mandingo dick, or eventually leave their husbands citing his “sexual congress with a slave woman”.…often the legal citing for a female divorcing her counterpart. The position of “knee-grow bed wench”, is not the same as when the plantation owner or even the over seer, sneaks down to the quarters to rape the enslaved female. The “knee-grow bed wench” occupies a lofty and favored position. Whenever a plantation uprising is hatched, the plan was always to include the “knee-grow bed wench” in the numbers to be killed, as their proximity to the plantation owner would jeopardize the uprising.

The Caucasian males his-story of plantation uprising always point to the hatched plot being discovered, but they never say how the plantation owners found out. Neither can they say why the architects of the uprising targeted the bed wench among the other targets for elimination. We can speculate all we want, but it is obvious they know more than you and I. Knee-grow females have “white daddy syndrome” in a bad way.  Many of us see it, but we haven’t been able to put a name to it that adequately explain this phenomena. The term sell out has been banded around, but it is not as nuanced, nor does it really point to the subconscious act that females partake in that is dangerous to their own emotional and psychological health, the health and well being of their children and the opportunity for any strengthening of the relationship bonds with her complement.

One often sees the “white Daddy syndrome” in the unexpected and unsolicited defence of European culture above African culture. It is also evidence of a rejection of African men, for the males they think are superior to their own, and is the standard and goals that MUST be attained. In fact most females who think this way and feel this way don’t follow through because of their fear of being rejected or a they exhibit subconscious feelings that even though, on a scale of 1-10,  they are (1) dysfunctional, in  wanting and looking for a (10) Caucasian, that maybe they won’t be picked by Yurugu, other than as a youtube sex toy. You see it when knee-grow females strongly deflect their short coming by saying that “white women do it too”. These retorts indicates that they willingly and  subconsciously follow the Caucasian females example… good or bad.

Notice how this kind of activity is celebrated as classy, hip and nary an out cry from all the females that shit on knee-grow males that go out with Caucasian females. It pains me to put this valley girl shit up but we have to see that there are females like these out there. Notice also, that when knee-grow females get it on with Caucasian males , knee-grow males don’t usually go on the internet and host shows and dog them out? Yet the females in droves would come on the internet and dog out the males 24/7/365.

Just a final note…for all the knee-grow females who lament the lack of marriageable males and who insist that African males don’t marry African females…this is from the US Census bureau statistics of Married couples in the United States in 2010;  The majority of “Black” Husbands who have “Black”Wives 4,072.   The number of “Black” husbands with “White” Wives 390.   The number of “White” Husbands  with “Black” Wives 168. The number of  “White” husbands with “White” Wife 50,410. This means, the Caucasian man is not marrying the knee-grow females as much as they claim or they are fucking them but not marrying them…which is what they accuse the knee-grow males are doing. And the lessons from this is their is one common denominator and theme. Once we figure that out, perhaps we can figure out how to fix it.

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