In the movie Django unchained the main antagonist had a knee-grow bed wench called Sheba.  She was not unusual in those times because Yurugu was and is still searching for his Amma to complete him. And as -Yosef AA ben-Jochannan said, “Heaven is Between a Black Woman’s Legs”, he wasn’t talking any pimp game. Nore was he being a sexist or a dirty old bastard. No Dr Ben was relating metaphysical and spiritual, as well as biological truth to power in explaining Yurugu’s fascination with the Dark matter feminine of mine.

In one myth Nut gives birth to the Sun-god daily and he passes over her body until he reaches her mouth at sunset. He then passed into her mouth and through her body and is reborn the next morning from her vagina. Another myth described the sun as sailing up her legs and back in the Atet (Matet) boat until noon, when he entered the Sektet boat and continued his travels until sunset.

He was explaining how we as men of Alkebulan overstand that the Dark matter feminine is the most powerful on the planet, but we misused her and we allowed others to enter that sacred temple and defile it. To this day the enslavers and their children seek the paradise of the Dark matter feminine, both overtly and covertly.

black thighs

In 1910 James Robert Mann, 1856–1922, American legislator, b. McLean co., Ill. A Chicago lawyer,  a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives, was  t he was author, of the Mann Act, which forbade, under heavy penalties, the transportation of women from one state to another for immoral purposes. In the House, Mann introduced the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906 and led the fight for an amendment to the Constitution granting suffrage to women.


“. . .In 1917 the provisions of the law {The Mann Act of 1910] were further extended by the decision in the Caminetti v. United States to include even non-commercial sex. . . The result of such decisions was to change a law that had been designed to prevent white slavery to one designed to enforce morals, even declaring private amorous pleasure trips that crossed state lines to be illegal.

. . . The tendency of the U.S. Supreme Court for a time to include all sexual activity under the categories prohibited by the Mann Act undoubtedly reflected what was taking place in the United States. What had been intended to be an abolition movement had become a prohibition movement, far from the original intent of Mrs. {Josephine} Butler and her co-workers. The United States advanced further toward prohibition than any other country. The attack on illicit sex coincided with the movement to ban alcoholic beverages and just as the temperance drive became a prohibition movement so did the move against reglementation become prohibitionist.

. . .Even fornication was made a crime in many states. In 1920, for example, some twenty states regarded habitual fornication a punishable act, and in sixteen states a single act was enough to bring conviction. Such widespread legal measures against all aspects of sexual activity, however, made enforcement impossible. Most juries proved unwilling to convict for illegal fornication; moreover, the Supreme Court soon recognized that prostitutes had the same rights as other citizens and could be charged with or convicted of only a specific offense. Thus, simply police suspicion that a woman was a prostitute was not enough to have her arrested. Similarly, attempts of municipalities to enact ordinances that prohibited men from talking to suspected prostitutes on streets or sidewalks, or that states they could not walk along the sidewalk with prostitutes. have been ruled unconstitutional. As far as individual prostitutes were concerned, this meant that conviction could only come through the activities of vice officers who had to encourage a woman to solicit them to engage in sexual intercourse.

. . .the vice officer increasingly had to resort to dubious tactics to get a prostitute to commit herself; in the process he often crossed the thin line to entrapment.. . . Another difficulty with this kind of enforcement was that it was open to wide-scale bribery. An officer could appear to be unaware of prostitution taking place on his beat unless there was considerable public pressure for him to respond, and not infrequently this looking the other way by the police officer was something that could be and has been bought. “

“Prostitution: An Illustrated Social History ” by Vern and Bonnie Bullough/ Crown Books 1978

Immediately and way after the American tribal war, when legal enslavement of the Dark Matter people was re-written, Caucasian males kept going back to have sex with the wayward females.  Not all were forced rape, as many of these simps would bestow favors on these females om return for sampling all that joy.  Enterprising or opportunistic male  parasites among us, encouraged the females to make the bestowing of favors monitory. Out of this act grew the modern business of prostitution in America , among people in our community. Numerous narratives talk about speak easy, juke joint and other houses of ill repute where knee-grows and Yurugu could go and corrupt the minds and bodies of the knee-grow female in their base animal and lustful nature. While the pimp culture also grew out of this, some of these females became independent operators. This included one Anna Elias who it apparently the Mann act was initially tabled for. Apparently Miss Elias became so wealthy from all the money and gifts bestowed on her by her Johns and tricks that families took her to court to recoup all  $600,000. This was an enormous sum in that day and time and illustrate how lucrative prostitution was.  Anna Elias was soon absolved of all charges –no doubt due to her having a Heidi Fleisch like influence on many of these men. Shortly after that the Mann act was tabled and with it’s expansion in to non commercial sex trade, it created an issue not with Yurugu males having sex with knee-grow females, but with knee-grow males having sex with Yurugu females….boxer Jack Johnson a prime example.

Application of Mann Act to Noncommercial Vice by Berkeley Davids

…….IT is a truly appalling condition of affairs that has come into existence by virtue of the interpretations put upon the Mann Act. If we can credit the press and rumor, unscrupulous women are everywhere blackmailing men who unguardedly permit themselves so much as to be in their company; and there have been discovered conspiracies for carrying on this most lucrative crime in a wholesale manner. Very obviously a man’s intentions go for little or nothing. However innocent he may have been in his association with the female in question—whether prostitute or otherwise—he must pay, nevertheless. He may not be punishable under the statute—perhaps the least well informed of lawyers could advise him that he was innocent of any offense; he .is dealing, however, not with the law and its enforcement, but with his fellow men and women,—his friends and acquaintances. And while the law presumes innocence and requires clear evidence……..

There following appeared in LAW NOTES a brief reference to some of the recent cases at that time, in course of which it was said:

……”Whatever the phraseology of the Act of Congress of June 25th, 1910, may be, no one, we venture to say—no one supposed at the time of its passage that it was intended to apply to transactions involving only one woman and one man. The law was passed to suppress the importation into the United States or the transportation from one state to another of prostitutes intended to he maintained in houses of prostitution. The persons contemplated by the act as offenders are those who profit and live by the efforts of prostitutes. And until the Supreme Court has authoritatively interpreted the law, prosecuting officers would do well to bear this in mind. Indeed the newspapers have reported numerous refusals of district attorneys to recognize any offense in non-commercial intercourse, albeit it was interstate in character. . . . Some prosecutors have not been so discreet as those referred to, and in some cases shame and indignity have been brought upon citizens who have yielded to the temptations of virtueless daughters of Eve……

……..”The statute forbids the transportation of any female `for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose.’ No one will contend that mere sexual intercourse constitutes `prostitution.’ That word means acts with several individuals. `Debauchery’ may mean unlawful sexual intercourse. `Other immoral purpose,’ if the words have any meaning at all in this connection, should be held, according to a rational commonsense interpretation, to mean something `other’ than sexual intercourse. But the statute is very vague and permits of much latitude and speculation as to its meaning if one interprets it according to the dictionary-words-and-phrases-etymological method. If, however, we refer to the generally known intention and purpose of Congress in passing the act we are presented with no such difficulty. The act, as we have said, as well as the act of February 20th, 1907, contemplated nothing beyond commercialized vice and prostitution—the interstate transportation of females for the purpose of indiscriminate sexual intercourse with other persons than the transporter. And this will be the holding of the Supreme Court, without doubt. The reasons against a contrary conclusion are overwhelming. Consider the opportunity for blackmail afforded by the statute, if it should be held to embrace the foibles of every couple who have dispensed with the marriage ceremony. A woman who can induce a man to go with her from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, or to leave New York on a Fall River boat, may hold over his head the threat of exposure and prosecution under the statute. In truth, if the Federal Government were to take cognizance of all such cases it would need additional officers. The judicial mill would be working night and day. Nor does public opinion support this interpretation. The states do not punish men and women because they live together in an unmarried state; and they do not impose years of imprisonment upon youths who consort with prostitutes for a longer or shorter period……

NOTE:Anna Elias WAS American-African’s first Millionaire…not Madam C.J Walker, however her background was not as palatable as Madam C.J walker, thus she never earned the level of celebrity Mrs walker did.

Until the lion learns to speak, the glory of the hunt will always go to the hunter.

 What happened to our story tellers? During January 15th every year and each February, those who ALLOW us to have 28 days of remembering cotton and slave ships will also tell us how wonderful a shero Rosa Parks was. A brave and influential soul she was, she was not the FIRST to defy Jim Crow’s anti-African hatred, back of the bus law, in the south. No that honour goes to this young lady here….

Claudette Colvin

“I’d moved for white people before,” Colvin says. But this time, she was thinking of the slavery fighters she had read about recently during Negro History Week in February. “The spirit of Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth was in me. I didn’t get up.”


Unfortunately she was a teenager and came from a poor family, so the Khazaars that started the National Ass licking, Ass kissing colored people association (NAACP ) to make matters worse, she later got pregnant by an older man, so this closed the lid on her case in the eyes of Yurugu and the uppity knee-grows in the NAACP. Read Claudette Colvin’s story here.

This week on an associates Facebook page he showed the video of Lupe Fiasco been removed from the stage at Obama’s inauguration celebration. Many knee-grows lambaste Fiasco for interrupting Jesus’s inauguration, siting the fact that freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to denounce a mass murderer and gate keeper to a new world order. NO! Knee-grows felt Lupe was not sincere at all and was agitating to embarrass a man who has no compunction in ordering the murder of the heads of sovereign states as well as children, men and women in these countries. They felt embarrass for a man who is currently giving the green light to France to invade Mali, while he has soldiers in several countries in Alkebulan as he further implements the new world order. I have also said it and will continue to say it, that those of us with a level of overstanding above the sheeples and lemmings, need to get the fuck up from around them, because when the hammer drops i certainly would rather die as a agitator than as a god damn globular matter on the side walk.

The Last Poets – Just Because

Until the lion learns to speak, the glory of the hunt will always go to the hunter.



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