Dr. Claude Anderson in one of his lectures stated that, yurugu will only allow us to earn money three ways. (1) As an employee (2) as a welfare recipient and (3) in some form of criminal activity. And as a criminal you better be damn good. This is why we make for poor criminals in the greater scheme of things. Because we are not very good at creating empires like Los Vegas, numerous banking institution, numerous media entities or great institutions like the Costra Nostra and the CIA.  Dr. Anderson also stated that there are more opportunities built into this white supremacy system, that affords yurugu an 87% success ratio over Afrikans. This is why you will hear of a Donald Trump or some mega wealthy cat go bankrupt, not once, nor twice, but several times and can come back bigger and just as strong. Whereas if a Afrikan millionaire declares bankruptcy, that is the end of that. Anybody familiar with Famous Amos, from the Famous Amos cookie business can dig what I am saying. Now this 87% opportunity while built into the system, does not survive on its own. It survives because yurugu practices something that we have failed to do since th demise of the UNIA…that is the practice of race first! THEY practice race first and thus build up the system that supports even the most ratchet of them….ie..welfare, while we can’t even circulate our hard earned dollar ONCE amongst ourselves. The circulation of the dollar goes like this:

(1) Khazaar 18 times
(2) Yurugu 12-14 times
(3) Asians 12-14 times
(4) Latinos 8-10 times
(5) Knee-grows and most black power advocates 0 times

The first four examples practice race first as a philosophy and as a principle. The last group stay as far away from that principle and philosophy as possible. For ones elucidation and according to yurugu, thorough his both book of definition…the dictionary, and by their own father of genetic science..Charles Darwin, Race had being transformed from a competitive event, into a definition of varied ethnicity. The dictionary..mostly anyone of them, describes race this way:

As a noun
1.  a contest of speed, as in running, riding, driving, or sailing.
2. races, a series of races, usually of horses or dogs, run at a set time over a regular course: They spent a day at the races.
3. any contest or competition, especially to achieve superiority: the arms race; the presidential race.
4. urgent need, responsibility, effort, etc., as when time is short or a solution is imperative: the race to

As a verb (used without object), raced, rac·ing.
13. to engage in a contest of speed; run a race.
14. to run horses or dogs in races; engage in or practice horse racing or dog racing.
15. to run, move, or go swiftly.
16. (of an engine, wheel, etc.) to run with undue or uncontrolled speed when the load is diminished without corresponding diminution of fuel, force, etc.
As a verb (used with object), raced, rac·ing.

17. to run a race against; try to beat in a contest of speed: I’ll race you to the water.
18. to enter (a horse, car, track team, or the like) in a race or races.
19. to cause to run, move, or go at high speed: to race a motor.
Anthropology .

a.  (No longer in technical use) <<<<<<<<<   any of the traditional divisions of humankind, the commonest being the Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negro, characterized by supposedly distinctive and universal physical characteristics.
b.  arbitrary classification of modern humans, sometimes, especially formerly, based on any or a combination of various physical characteristics, as skin color, facial form, or eye shape, and now frequently based on such genetic markers as blood groups.
c. a human population partially isolated reproductively from other populations, whose members share a greater degree of physical and genetic similarity with one another than with other humans.
4. a group of tribes or peoples forming an ethnic stock: the Slavic race.
5. any people united by common history, language, cultural traits, etc.: the Dutch race.

It is from this series of definition that the current climate of both OVER standing and UNDER standing of the term race is derived. i.e…The overstanding for the white supremacist is that race is: any contest or competition, especially to achieve superiority: the arms race; the presidential race… or one could even say, an economic race. The understanding for knee-grows and other ignorant people is that race is: The anthropological definition which as I highlighted, is TECHNICALLY NO LONGER IN USE! Yet knee-grows, keep using the anthropological definition, given to them by those who control the nine areas of people activities, in order to keep us suppressed, oppressed, servile and in a continual state of mentacide, homicide and suicide. Whenever I observe the knee-grow intellectual, the knee-grow academic, the knee-grow six figure earners, the knee-grow entertainer, the knee-grow business person, certain black power advocates and alleged “conscious” people,  I often observe someone not comfortable in their skin , both literally and figuratively. I observe someone who has not completely if at all, divested themselves from the infection of Judea-Christianinsanity and Judea-Arabism, that would make them still call on a “white” guy in the sky to be in charge of their loves and world view. I am observing someone who feels that despite whatever their accomplishments, feel incomplete without the anointing and green lighting of these accomplishment by yurugu, particularly those yurugu who appear to be in a power position. Whenever, as an indentured worker, I emphatically express to people that no manager is my boss, I see and hear the sound of collective balls receding into sacs and anuses clinch in fear.  Again using yurugu’s book of definition, a Boss is:


1. a person who employs or superintends workers; manager.
2. a politician who controls the party organization, as in a particular district.
3. a person who makes decisions, exercises authority, dominates, etc.: My grandfather was the boss in his family.
verb (used with object)

4. to be master of or over; manage; direct; control.
5. to order about, especially in an arrogant manner.
verb (used without object)
6. to be boss.
7. to be too domineering and authoritative.

Indentured worker: A person under contract (a signed employment agreement) to work for another person for a definite period of time (which can end or be terminated at retirement, or due to restructuring, firings, downsizing and other reasons arbitrarily given), usually without pay (commission or salaried, that is circumvented by the ponzi scheme called income tax) but in exchange for free passage to a new country (the right to not be homeless or unemployed).

Just like the term race, knee-grows twist and fails to overstand what a job is. Just like a job can be a means to eventually growing and moving to ownership of your own lives and future, in the form of your own business, race should be seeing as a competition for that ownership of your survival as an individual and as a ethnic group. When Marcus Garvey speaks about Race first, he was simply saying that we as Afrikan people must practice group economics, group socialization, group politics, group education and group think. Since no man is an Island, and whether we want to or not, one ethnic group cannot be on this planet without encountering another, through contact across ethnic lines. But why is it only Afrikan people are systematically and socially  interacting with others from a position of weakness?  At some point we have to reject the yurugu definition and image of who we are and forge a more positive and comprehensive one of ourselves. One that has nothing to do with what MTV, Harvard or Microsoft sees us as. Oddities, useless eaters, circus performers and ripe for exploitation. However, unless WE change that narrative, THEY will continue to accept us as the stereotypical image WE continue to perpetuate, based on what THEY initially produced for us.

I use the Floyd Mayweather example of something innate in this western society. Something that many of us buy into without even being aware that we are praising Afrikan and knee-grow entertainers and wealthy people, based on the OK of yurugu. Or we are tearing them down based also on yurugu’s say so. When people say in order to be famous in this society you have to sick ass, suck genitalia, engage in homosexuality or some form of satanic activities, what they are saying is that one cannot be wealthy, famous, successful or comfortable based on their own skills, merits or sweat. While networking and social interaction is good for business, networking and social interacting is not good if you are a puppet for some others wet dream of oppressive control. Floyd Mayweather the only great Afrikan boxer left today. One who is not under the thumb of another man, in a sport that is reminiscent of plantation times and the era of Jim Crow.Rich Afrikan athletes and rich Afrikan celebrities decided not to donate money to Afrikan youth projects in so called urban areas. Since leaving the notorious Khazaar lawyer, purported crook and mobster himself in Bob Arum, Floyd forged his path by doing it in his own way. And in doing so has earned the enmity of people of all stripes who buy into the idea that a wealthy Afrikan celebrity must act the knee-grow in being servile, quite and always thankful to yurugu for keeping it clean…whatever that means. This is why despite the percentages to the contrary, the NBA and NFL are designing their organizations to have more yurugu athletes on teams or more yurugu athletes as the face of that plantation industry. Now I have no problem with this as it is their game. But when cats like Larry Bird or Bob Cousey  are considered the greatest players yet Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russel are not. When a sucker like Michael Jordon is considered  THE greatest player, while many players, such as Isiah Thomas, Clyde Drexler or Nat Archibald were one time better than him, before the league altered its officiating to give him and his superbly coached team may numerous advantages, one can see that if yurugu cannot compete on a level with the Afrikan celebrity, he will co-opt one into his fold and make him a honorary yurugu.

People like Floyd Mayweather and some of the newer athletes resist that, thus they earn the enmity of not only yurugu, but those who see the world through yurugu eyes. People still consider Jim Brown a bitter old as been because he said Kobi Bryant is not some one that he would have invited to his summit. Brown also said OJ, whilst a nice guy, could never be in the fox hole with him, but knee-grows cheered that. They forgot about Greg Hodges, who had the nerve to hold Michael Jordon to a moral standard, which only got him white balled from the NBA. People cheered on Jackie Robinson for “crossing” the color line, in a time when it was revealed that we were going in wrong direction. In a time when Afrikan men owned knee-grow league baseball teams during Jim Crow era. Just integrating into this burning house caused a whole industry to collapse. The knee-grow leagues, stadium ownership, taxi services, concession services, and all kinds of employment around sporting events, went down with this travesty of knee-grow suicide. Eventually less opportunities in Jim Crow era morphed into less opportunities in the civil rights era and is just another example on why we as a people have gone backwards, when we failed to practice race first. To be specific, we failed to practice Afrikan race first, because we embrace every other race and racist symbols first and only over our own. From fantasizing to the image of Caesar Borgia, to embracing the European fantasy book over the book of coming forth by day, to embracing a monkey suite and a lynch rope around your neck instead of korhogo cloth, mud cloth and kente cloth, to asking little children to speak up into their nasal cavities like yurugu and not speak with our own funky rhythm in an attempt to speak with great dictum. Following the previous post the hate, that hate produced, this post is about the continuation of that hate and how even with a little fame and fortune we are still Nukkas in their eyes and will never amount to much unless we learn to stop seeing the world through the eyes of the oppressor and learn to stand up as men and women and practice race first. If we fail to do that, they will continue to pick us of one by one, through the media, through the avenues they allow us in and more importantly because we stand by and do nothing.


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