During the 1950s – a decade that too many still regard as the “enlightened” late period of empire – the Brutish slaughtered, tortured, sexually brutalized, burned alive, starved and jailed some 150,000 Africans, including the grandfather of Barack Obama, for having the temerity to fight for national independence (which, in the end, was granted in 1963).

If Brutish Prime Minister David Cameron were forced by his country’s imperial past to issue an abject public apology for what was almost certainly a crime against humanity, would it harm Brutish’s standing? Quite the contrary. Acknowledging that the colonial project was a terrible wrong would have a powerfully resonant effect on international politics.  Many of the information pertaining to the Brutish Imperial governments all to familiar burnt earth policies in Africa came from two primary sources.  You can read an account of the Brutish government’s treatment of the Kenyan people and the struggle for freedom by the land and freedom party – called Mau mau by Murphy Brown here.

I have always maintained, and do remember hearing snippets from Caucasians, that they would never have an African as a leader in the West, because they fear what we would do to them,  what they did to us in the long his-story and our story of imperialist/colonial warfare against Africa and other people of the 1st world (those who came before their own descent from the Caucasus Mountain).  We just have to look at the current attacks on Obama, so unprecedented in the annals of politics in America inc, to overstand this fear. In the case of the two books and as is customary, Caucasian officials and many who embrace the association of being “white”,  will obfuscate, redirect, be circumspect and even out right deny involvement in any atrocities committed against anybody, not just Africans but ANYBODY, including their own. This pathological mindset was succinctly explained in Micahel Bradley’s ground breaking book, the Iceman’s Inheritance, in which a why and how of the Cuacasians predisposition to violence is documented and remain irrefutable by schoalrs for more than 20 years.

At the end of the day, I don;t expect the power brokers in the west to do anything significant in trying to right over 500 years of brutal wrongs against Africa. Not when it is still being carried out under the guise of Western democracy, IMF welfare, 24/7 media indoctrination, medical labory assassinations, spiritual pollution and genocidal imperatives, because they who seek to control the planet, would rather destroy it than to see it in the hands of others or see it resort to its natural state of being avaiable to EVERYBODY without out real estate claims.

The film ends by pointing out that the worlds largest suppliers of arms: US, UK, France, Russia, and China are also the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, hinting at the irony that those in charge of ensuring peace in the world are the same as those who sell the tools which fuel the conflicts”—–Karakas4

More than any modern book dealing with how Europe purposely set out to destroy Africa, this is a must have. Click on the book to download a pdf of the book

 and of course Chauncer Williams book is another of numerous reads that describes the initial intervention of Africa during the high point of our culture.


Tony Brown’s Journal

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