I’ve stated time and time again that Barak Obama will not win the Democratic elections because of the very real spectre of voter fraud and Hillary’s connection to the Bush family and England’s original Queen B.The voter fraud angle is not new and since the pundits have already stated that (a) If she works for a tie she can win a run off on the convention floor and (b) there are larger states yet to campaign in where proportional voting swings the deal as a posed to one-man-one vote.

Hillary Clinton has enlisted the aid of her husband in hopes of utilizing his popularity to get voters on her side. Ever since I saw that idiot Arse-sinio Hall introduce him as “our first black president” I thought the knee-grow was bugging. Nevertheless, so many years later we have videos like this to validate Bill Clinton as some “Black hope?”  



 According to the spin-doctors, William Jefferson Clinton was born in Arkansas, a very poor, backward state that is quite sizeable with a comparatively small population. What is not mentioned by the spin-doctors, although known by people who actually do some research, is that the Rockefellers own and operate Arkansas like their own fiefdom. Several terms before Bill Clinton held that position, Winthrop Rockefeller was Arkansas Governor; Winthrop being the grandson of John Davison Rockefeller, founder of what some call the evil empire of Standard Oil.

By U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 1910, based on Rockefeller’s corrupt and violent monopoly practices, the Standard Oil Trust was broken into various parts. Though the names of the splintered parts where re-named to confuse the gullible, the Rockefellers still control all the splintered parts. This includes Standard Oil of New Jersey, now called Exxon; Standard Oil of Indiana, now called Amoco, and Standard Oil of Ohio, now merged with interests of the British royal family and called British Petroleum. Bill Clinton’s maternal grandmother, said to be quite a beauty when she was a young girl., was family to the British royal family and had an affair with Winthrop Rockefeller.

Apparently Bill Clinton is the illegitimate great grandson of old John D. Rockefeller-so the ho’ don’t fall far from the tree. Another great grandson is John D. Rockefeller IV. According to the Rockefeller controlled media, Bill Clinton’s background is apparently just another fairy tale of a kid from a nothing place… Hope, Arkansas, that somehow rose to high position by great effort and merit. A recent book (“Partners in Power, The Clintons and Their America” by Roger Morris.), points out that Bill Clinton was linked with Hot Springs, Arkansas, with his uncle Raymond Clinton.

This uncle was a wealthy and influential so-called “auto dealer” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) with ties to the Ku Klux Klan and organized crime. Along with other figures from the vice-ridden, mob-controlled Hot Springs of the 1940s and 1950s, Raymond Clinton financed Bill’s earlier campaigns. Other reputed patrons of Bill Clinton reportedly include the Jacobs family of Buffalo, New York.  This family also reportedly contributed to the rise to high position in sports of O.J. Simpson.

They controled concessions at sports stadiums around the nation through their operations, once called Emprise, and later, Sportsystems, Inc. Some contended the international sports concession firm had underworld ties. In 1972, Emprise Corp., a Sportsystem subsidiary, was convicted in California Federal Court of making a series of loans to Las Vegas gamblers with crime syndicate connections. Later, Jeremy Jacobs, the president of Sportsystem, testified that the firm has been “rehabilitated”.

The Jacobs family runs dog racing, a popular past time in Arkansas and just for thug football quarterback. They also have owned Marine Midland Bank, originally headquartered in Buffalo, and now have units nation-wide, and around the world by having merged with Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. The Hong Kong Bank financed the opium trade going back to the 19th Century Opium Wars, the British method of subjugating China. That Bank has been owned and operated by British royalty and is interlinked with British shipping firms in the Pacific rim. 

 Some in law enforcement agencies have accused the Marine Midland Bank of being a drug laundry operation. Clinton, as Governor of Arkansas, at the time played a role with an aluminum cartel – that was run by the ultra-rich Mellon family of Pittsburgh.  Arkansas produced about 90 percent of the nation’s supply of bauxite for aluminum. Bill Clinton was also enlisted in intelligence and covert operations, at an early age, by Miles Copeland, London Station Chief for the American CIA.

This was while he was a student at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. The CIA is interlocked with the oil companies — like Rockefeller’s — with CIA being a form of international security police for oil facilities. And remember also that the Cecil Rhodes Trust is based on the South African diamond mine monopolies and that the Trust and its “scholars” are pledged to restore control to the British the former colonies now the Corporation of United States.

Note: Arkansas apparently has the only diamond mines in the U.S.A.

Others with secret money behind Bill Clinton include Stephens & Co., which have had a Rockefeller on their board. They are the largest bond house outside of Wall Street, and headquartered in Little Rock with units worldwide. Stephens & Co is connected to the Rose Law Firm. The Rose Law Firm partners include Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vincent W. Foster, Jr. who reportedly arranged the efforts of a twin-bank empire to spread out in the United States, as reputed money laundries. 

These would be Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) and Banca Nazionale Delavoro (BNL), Italy’s largest bank owned in part by the Vatican. This connection was pointed out in a 60 minutes pieces about 10 years ago. BNL, which is based in Atlanta had purportedly disguised some 5 billion dollars of weapons shipments to Iraq from U.S. firms, disguised as Agriculture Department credits — weapons shipments primarily from Arkansas-based firms linked to the Bush family and the Rockefellers.

On the board of BNL sat Hillary Clinton as a board director in her disguised role as their “lawyer”. Note: One only becomes Arkansas Governor with the blessings and approval of the Rockefellers. Because of secretly being part of the Rockefeller family, it was believed that no scandal could to stick Bill Clinton considers.

Clinton’s Long CIA Connection

Roger Morris’s biography of the Clintons, Partners in Power, made the bestseller list for several weeks during the summer of 1996. It confirmed a story that was rumored since 1992 (and appeared in Spotlight newspaper) to the effect that the CIA recruited Bill Clinton when he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford. Ironically, by this time Clinton was already an admirer of Carroll Quigley, his professor at Georgetown (see the main essay and risephoenix] for comments on Quigley).

Morris was an aide to Henry Kissinger at the National Security Council until 1970, when he resigned over the bombing of Cambodia. Morris cited three inside intelligence sources who confirmed that Bill Clinton became a CIA asset at Oxford.Another Clinton Oxford and curious CIA connection is: Richard Stearns, who may have handled Clinton’s CIA recruitment. On September 9, 1969, Clinton wrote to Stearns agonizing over his draft situation.

At that time he was manipulating every angle and connection he could to avoid getting drafted.That fall Clinton went to Norway. In December he traveled to Moscow, then to Prague in January 1970. These trips, some believe, were CIA- sponsored. In spring of 1970, Clinton and Stearns took a bus tour of Spain. By then Clinton’s draft problems were over, due to the December 1969 draft lottery.

At a window of opportunity in the middle of Clinton’s draft problems, we have him in a close relationship with Stearns at Oxford. Stearns had all the CIA connections anyone would have needed at that time, and the CIA was in the habit of securing exemptions for its assets. In a summer 1969 meeting with Willard Hawkins, the Selective Service head in Arkansas, Clinton agreed to “serve his country in another capacity later on” if the July 28 induction order could be lifted.

Clinton was clearly working various angles simultaneously.One approach may have been an arrangement through Stearns to do some globe-trotting for the CIA. If such a commitment was made by Clinton, he would have followed through even after he was out of danger from the draft. It’s one thing to blow off someone in Arkansas after you get a high lottery number, but something else to blow off the CIA and the well-connected Rick Stearns, particularly if you want to be president someday.

In 1970-1972, Stearns played a major role in placing Clinton in the McGovern campaign, thereby nurturing Clinton’s political ambitions. Today Stearns is a judge in Boston. Before Louis Freeh was selected, he was considered by the White House as a possible appointee to head the FBI.

The people in control will certainly want their own puppet in the Anglo-Saxon house come fall, and no uppity house knee-grow, no matter how much he tries to play the political whore game will be acceptable.  This is bigger than Obama, the Audacity of hope and any relevant change… this is WHITE SUPREMACY WORKING HERE!

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