Three Khazaar rabbis (R. Joseph who died in 333, R. Huna who died in 297 and R. Chiza bar Abba whose life spanned 136-217) have in the past commented on the assault on the biblical Noah by his son Ham in a verse from the Talmud. According to both Talmudic and Biblical legend it was because of this act, that Ham’s descendents became “black”:

Now, I can no longer engender the fourth son whom I would have gave the order (…) your children shall serve, you and your brothers! It has to be Canaan, your first born, that they shall take as a slave.

And since you have made me incapable of doing bad things in the darkness of the night, the children of Canaan will be born ugly and black! Also, because you have stretched yourself to see my nudity, the hair of your grandchildren will curl so that it turns nappy and their eyes will be red, also, because your lips have joked about my misfortune, yours will swell and since you had a lack of respect for my nudity, they will go around naked and their virile part extend ignobly.”

I highlighted the last part in order to show how ignorance can get on. A quick question class…how many of you brothers out there would feel cursed by having your virile part extend ignobly? Outside of somebody like Long Dong Silver, and even he was in demand I cannot think of one health male who has not entertained the thought.

Sisters, how many of you fantasize about a man with his virile part extend ignobly? Something you can brag to your girlfriends about? Talk to me now! The irrationality of this supposed curse is felt to this day and its ramification becomes the true fear of the African man.

One Sunday while listening to a local community radio station, the two hosts were expressing their disagreement with the introduction of a “Black Focus School” in Toronto Ontario. One nut, punctuated his comment by asking, “What next, are we going to have a school for small penisis?

This comment really blew me away, it came from out of nowhere, at least in my mind, and raises the question, “does that mean every time they see a Black man, you’re subconsciously filled with fear? Does he mentally measure himself against the next African male that passes him on the street?”

[…White people’s conscious & unconscious fear of genetic annihilation due to race mixing, and their need to oppress people of color– has become subconscious.]

Theory of Color Confrontation
Francis Cress Welsing’s

One major tool of those who subscribe to white supremacy, is the enforced and violent subjugation and perpetuation of African male passivity by encouraging his feminization through (a) bisexuality; and (b) homosexuality; (c) violent abuse; (d) Religion via the European fantasy book and; (d) corrupting and conditioning the African woman’s thought process, making her think she is stronger and her man is weaker.


Like all effective conditioning, the effeminacy of the African male starts in early childhood.  It starts with the mother and goes no further, all the while monitored by the mechanism of White Supremacy. You’ve heard stories of the brutal punishment meted out to the most rebellious African during the MAAFA, hung up and whipped to near death, strung between 2-4 horses and then dismembered. Or the one where the “Kunta Kintes” among the captured Africans, who after constantly seeking his  freedom, is tortured, lynched and burnt as examples, then the remaining males who were forced to watch are then beaten as a reminder not to act up.

The watching mothers, daughters and wives out of fear soon learn to value the remaining male’s physical existence by encouraging, coercing and training him not to be like that troublesome n**er that just got lynched!

As massa took it upon himself to rape the African women and babies, breeding them and bestowing on their off springs privileges above even their mothers, it soon became a badge of honour to live close to the baby daddy up in the big house. Soon only, the lightest or most compliant or docile of the enslaved could consider themselves HNIC.

Further more we often tend to overlook the fact that women were not the only rape victims during the MAAFA, as male rape was a tactic of humiliation by past military victors, and plainly put, some of the Anglo-Saxon men were not into women during the plantation days. So “Black male homosexuality” was also consciously imposed on the African man by the oppressor for the purpose of further destroying his family.

While homosexuality is known in Africa, according to numerous sources, before the influence of the European in Africa, homosexuals were separated, allowed limited interaction with the village or out right shunned by various communities on the continent. Considering the traditional Anglo-Saxon male’s approach to basic interaction, we know that there are dominant and submissive partners, within the heterosexual Anglo-Saxon communities as well as the corresponding homosexual communities.  In that process then, being a kept commodity the African man will eventually take on homosexual tendencies and the role of acting like a woman, after going through the various stages of feminization.

The language of the street typified this as an example, when a brother thought to be too whining, “soft” or non-stoic is labelled as acting like a bitch-the most derogatory term for a male or female and reserved for a female dog in heat.


Today the African women, influenced by the reversal of roles as breadwinner, head and “man” of the house, enbolding by the feminist movement and opportunities for better paying jobs and education in previously denied fields, continue to perpetuate the feminization of the African males.

You have women taking their men shopping, watching soap opera or other inane shows on T.V., discussing hair and fashion like a girlfriend. You have sitcoms like…girlfriends where they one consistent male character does not have a strong Male characteristic. Too often, the African woman complains about the dearth of a strong male complement. She says she wants a strong African man, yet never indicates if by strong she means physically strong, mentally strong or one of strong character and convictions and values. Yet popular media and anecdotal evidence shows that the thug, bad boys and disrespecting knee-grows like 50 cents are more the pursuit and end choice of these women than a John Quincy Archibald, who would literally give his life for his family.

Since the 60’s the African male has not been present in the house, removed through the feminist movement, welfare, the strategic switching of denying his presence in the changing workforce while inserting his complement next to the Anglo-Saxon male. With his removal from the home via unemployment, drugs, prison and being stolen by women of other ethnicity, the mothers without a strong role model learn to “raise their girls but loves their sons”. It’s as if no African woman could find one positive African male of character to be a role model for her children (yes children for African girls need to see a strong male as much as the boys).

Psychologist, sociologist, even politicians recognize that the absence of a positive African male in their lives causes young boys and girls to act out of sorts. The girls are trained to survive on their own terms and the males, who want to do so, are checked by the White Supremacy system more often in a variety of ways. When the false image of a MLK is handed to us talking about his “dream” and not that of his Vietnam protest, when the false image of a Fred Hampton or another member of the Black Liberation Movement being laid out for being “uppity” but not of them creating the nations first breakfast clubs or community protection, we get a false image of the worth of the African man.

The dichotomy of “black masculinity” is lost on most African women, but not on her Anglo-Saxon counterpart. Even though African woman fantasizes after the Anglo-Saxon male, who often sees her and any other women as a commodity to be used and discarded, the African male often gets to keep his prize.  It doesn’t matter that it appears we often get less than the best looking or attractive of them, they seem to get that in us. Such is the reality of a patriarchal society, that even the Anglo-Saxon women during the feminism and racism still wouldn’t mind having that “cursed ham” for breakfast. In fact the popular Rent-a-Dread phenomena, which was the basis of ‘How Stella Got her Grove’ trumps any Lady Marmalade escapade by the Anglo-Saxon males.

According to Francis Cress Welsing, the White Supremacy’s fear of genetic annihilation is distressing because what they see is “Black Male/Black Female=Black babies. Black males/white female=black babies. Black Female/White Male=Black babies and finally White Males/White Females=White babies.

The nature of this fear was addressed in the groundbreaking book, The Ice Man’s Inheritance by Michael Bradley, whose conclusion parallels Cress Welsing’s theory that the overwhelming numerical odds of Anglo-Saxon survival can only be thwarted through ethnic terrorism. The main target of this terrorism is the African, scientifically proven the source of all other ethnic offshoots on the planet. It is the nature of the male to protect the village and the female to seek protection from the strongest male. However, due to White Supremacy practicing ethnic cleansing in Africa, setting up the worldwide caste system and producing our MAAFA, we now have African males acting like knee-grows and worse, like females seeking the protection of others both in a physical sense and in a spiritual sense.

It is my sincere hope that one day we recover our warrior stance and forgo that gangsta lean, where in 20-30-40 year old boys pretend that they are men and act out parodies of what manhood is about. I also hope we remember that a male cannot be a female and vice versa, because that is the hand you are dealt, they will fear and loath us as weak effeminate and base creatures, which is worse than fearing yet respecting us for being strong, masculine and warrior like in facing our oppressors.

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  2. Thank you brother for visiting. Mindwarz looks interestying, but geneticmemory is gone. Never the less, I am going to link you to my blog and hope others can find your site resourceful. My computer is in the shop, so when it is up and running, I will definately spend some time on your site. Also thanks for the suggestions, they are thought provoking.



  3. I love your essays. I think you need to write a essay on the root of why the europeans are barbarians. They have plundered every piece of land they have planted their feet on. People who are caught in the matrix or the blue eye devil mind spell have relied on europeans so long that draining the blinded has become a norm of acceptants. We have plundered to western mind spells that we forgot europeans are the enemy of the dark ages and the crusade wars. But i belive if u expose european psychology that they are of no morals. Values. And their true nature scratch that europeans have shown who they really are. But be a great essay to see how barbaric europeans actually are and the many examples during and before slavery. My next question what will it take 4 blacks to wake up out of this spell. Have blacks accepted european domination as a norm under or as european comforts? Also you have other black inspiring essay sites like yours? Check out and peace.


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