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1: the act or process of selecting : the state of being selected.
2 : one that is selected : choice also : a collection of selected things.

Some common synonyms of selection are alternative, choice, election, option, and preference. While all these words mean “the act or opportunity of choosing or the thing chosen,” selection implies a range of choices. An implication is something that is suggested, or happens, indirectly. You might ask, “What are the implications of our decision?” Implication is also the state of being implicated, or connected to something bad: “Are you surprised by their implication that you were involved in the crime?”

Amurdikklan folly tricks (politics) has always been a show case of theater and hollywierd level of duplicity, where a nation that invade and stole a whole continent belonging to others, can then turn around and help to invaded another continent to steal people, to work the soil on their stolen land, made it their ambition, for over 230 years, to tell other nations how they should conduct themselves. And that nation also feels that this conduct, they call morality should be based on some imaginary amurdikkklan principles and dream, they feel the rest of the planet is jealous of. Over the years, this shit hole country, a corporation since 1861, when Abraham Lincoln suspended the republic’s original constitution and substituted another one in 1867, have engaged in an increasingly bizarre selection process to see which figurehead would represent the corporation’s interest in bullying other nations on the planet. The current selection process, which will thankfully have concluded on November turd, will go down as the most fascinating and bizarre of them all.

On one hand you have a racist loon with Alzheimer, who is rabidly supported by the absolute most bottom dwelling elements of the issues of England’s emptied dungeons, so many centuries ago. And on the other hand is a racist loon with dementia, who is tepidly supported ONLY due to his association with an empty suite that appeared different, but was none the less the same type of shit on a different day. What’s fascinating about this selection process could fill a his-story book, but will probably be thoroughly WHITE washed, as almost every his-story book in amurdikkka is currently being done to. The main thing that fascinates me is the rabid involvement of the last element one should expect to be involved in this macabre farce. This is the manufactured construct, called the amurdikkklan kneegrow. This manufactured construct has seen many different models, throughout the centuries, but none as interesting as the ones that call themselves A.D.O.S (american descendants of slaves). Imagine celebrating and embracing the fact that you are progenies of former prisoners of imperial wars and colonialism? Proudly laying claim is the foundation of what makes them feel equal to the colonizers and enslavers.

Remarkably, the indoctrination on in the prison camps in the South part of the country, for centuries, has engendered in the kneegrow, the notion that if he could just participate in the selection process, he would be able to effect the very same process that is neither honest or transparent or recognizes him/her as more than 3/5th of humans. Thus they “fight” to vote. Well it wasn’t even a fight actually. It was several rounds of ass kicking that pretty much wore out the legs of the savages, who also grew tired of replacing the shoes, that he kept burying up the asses of the uppity voting kneegrows. These series of ass kicking somehow made descendants of these people confident enough to proclaim that “Our ancestors died for the right to vote“, as a shaming tactic to coerce the more intelligent back into the fold as sheeple.

Nowhere in their diatribe do these pro voting kneegrows, ever mention that our ancestors also died trying to get away from the savages in order to live as peaceful as possible. And it was that effort to get away that incensed the savages even more than the kneegrows who tried to cuddle up with them. This was the reason why the government of the day capitulated and allowed the kneegrow to cast his/her ballot, in the delusional belief that voting would make a difference. The kneegrow could not conceive of the fact that the savages, would place the same monkey in different coloured suits to give the illusion that the two party system was a fair and equitable choice. It was not and it is not.

Below is a slightly exaggerated look at what voting was like in New York City in 1860. And this was relatively tame compared to some other areas like the South, that had yet to experience their own tribal wars (1861-865). A war which created another illusion of freedom for the kneegrow, when the sitting president used them as cannon fodder to wrest commercial wealth from the plantation South and into the hands of the Industrial North.

This selection, even more than the one that placed the mulatto suite into the Caucasian house, will be the greatest concern for not only citizens, and none citizens in that country. But nationals from as far away as Nigeria. A country with its own governmental issues and who was touted as one of the shithole countries the current figure head despises.

In a even more bizarre instance ( I think I used that word already, but it is still appropriate) The opposing demented racist has a running mate, that is not black, but is claimed as black ( she is female and Hindu) because her parents are Jamaica. And even though she is not A.D.O.S, she is accepted by the people who are against the sitting figure head. Those people are easily explained in the video below.

So what the kneegrow has is a choice between a party that embraces Social Marxism. And a party that embraces feudalism. Look up what feudalism is, and tell me if this is not what capitalism is! At the end of the day, which ever amurdikkka in general, the kneegrows who vote specifically and the world at large, will get the next president they deserve. The left or the right cheek of the ass…hole! Deserve you say? Yes! Because amurdikkka effectively runs the world as a proxy enforcer, of shadow government that not only respects no borders or nation. But one who currently is orchestrating the greatest population control agenda, that will surpass any other attempts on the planet. See the Georgia Guide Stone. Rex 84 and the current global reset in Canada

As of 9 am this morning. According to the NPR (National Public Radio), trump is up by 240, 000 votes. Despite, the fact Biden has 236 Electoral votes to trumps 218. Before I went to bed last night, Biden was leading Trump 219 to 114. What happened between then and now. Was it really about so called swing states? About so called blue states and red states?

Republicans Are Now Contesting Absentee Ballots One by One

Trump tries to undermine democratic process at the end of the campaign

Red mirage’: the ‘insidious’ scenario if Trump declares an early victory

This is where you know amurdikkka has always been on the level as the very same shithole countries your sitting figure head criticized.

Whatever the outcome, be assured that the winner will be the one with his hand on his cock and a shit eating grin on his face.

One thought on “We interrupt this programming

  1. We know the deal about voting. I meet a lot of young people under 25 that are big on voting. But that’s to be expected. Young people are more idealistic about the future. And sometimes too naive. I was once like that too. But with age comes wisdom. These politicians are bought and paid for by corporations and lobbyists. They control the media,police and politicians. If you give politicians money they will look out for your interest. This is why they do nothing for black people. Malcolm had the right idea. And I agree with Carlin about not voting. The candidates are two sides of the same coin. Trump is a low life wolf. And Biden is snake in the grass. No matter who wins there will be turmoil for the country. You best mentally prepare yourself. Elections are just an illusion of choice. I think it’s decided way in advance.


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