A cornucopia of inappropriateness


To overstand the devastating effects of Meritorious Manumission and its effects on the man-u-factored being called the knee-grow, a program which gives us the blue print for correcting our inappropriate behavior that continues to keep us in a servile and beggar position. The devastation of the knee-grow neighbourhoods are not due to drugs or internecine violence, but the inability to practice economic nepotism which is derived from our desire to eradicate our cultural pride and relevance in a society where the practice of economic nepotism is a virtual religion for any other ethnic groups. Knee-grows give lip service to wanting unity but refuse to practice what they preach with their dollars. I am not asking where our hotel, our condominium complex or malls are, but where are the grocery collective or a technical school that teaches impressionable males and females how to become independent business people?

As long as the man-u-factored entity called the knee-grow refuses to practice group power dynamics, they can never correctly call their groupings a community. At least not one that is functionable and functions as a viable vehicle of progress. The European dictionary states that a community is a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage. The governance of any community must derive its relevancy around its viability. And nothing makes a community function as viable than its economic strength. The knee-grows are the only group, whose viability centers on its spending and consumerism, than its production. We have developed a cornucopia of inappropriateness, yet celebrate these excesses as if they are to be cherished and cheered.

Nothing in our neighbourhoods defines our inappropriate behaviour more than the emasculated Church, where billions of dollars are spent appeasing our guilty conscience and or our emotional spookism, while the church leaders provide us with nothing of value except promise of a magical kingdom that we have to die to see. Nothing says excess and inappropriate as much as or even more than the self hating hair industry. When emasculated knee-grows and self hating knee-gresses use the excuse of looking good to try to explain away the circus that is the hair industry, It is no wonder that few if any will laugh at the clowns and hair hatted freaks, as they sport their synthetic and garishly noxious looks, striving to have hair like Caucasians and Asians. Most male will support this depredation, because they fear the knee-gress and her potential abuse if her hair needs are not met and respected. The others are just straight clowns themselves and do not do the females any favour by enabling this lifestyle. When you hear people say the knee-gress will starve to spend her money on her hair, you know we are dealing with a deprived and emotionally unstable creature.

I don’t agree with my sister about the inclusion of Hispanics into our struggles , unless they are darkly melanated which would not make them Hispanics,as that is a Spanish-speaking Caucasian. Neither do I agree with her usage of the term minority as a description of us, she is on point about so much things in this interview, yet hers seems like a lone cry in the wilderness.

When Chris Rock came out with his documentary, the knee-gress complained that he was being judgmental, even when they were showing their asses and clowning like zoo animals, preening and prancing around in an embarrassing and macabre menagerie of excessive self hate. How and why do we complain about the Koreans and Indians taking our dollars and disrespecting us, when we continue to put their children through college so that they can turn around and buy up our neighbourhoods and vote as a block against our own interests? Just like knee-grows complain at one time about being locked out of porn, instead of making money for themselves from that sick industry, we continue to complain about the Asians keeping us out of the hair industry as we continue to pour billions of dollars into their economy, at the cost of our children’s future. A billion dollars circulated in our neighbourhoods can do wonders for employment education and accommodation. Just on half of what is spent in the hair industry, the knee-grow can alleviate unemployment, substandard education and homelessness in many neighbourhoods. We are so sick and depraved, even when we do wrong; we lack the ability to do wrong in the right way.


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