Entaglement hollywierd: spilling the tea.

Normally i try to not to get caught up in celebrity gossip. Not just because i don’t worship them. Even when i was a huge sports fan. But also because those people’s lives are so far removed from mine, it’s immaterial to me what they do. However, my uber analytical mind would often be forced to break down certain fascinating events and incidents that come across my eyes, ears and mind. For instance, for about three years now, i was telling people that Tupac Shukur had been blowing out Jada Pinkett-Smith’s back, before she married Will Smith. Of course fans lie to themselves by saying it was all plutonic. However, listening to her speak of this dude, was the classic response of a woman who was imprinted by the sexual energy of a man. I knew this by the way she spoke in reverence about him. The fact that she shamelessly spoke of her “undying love” for him in front of her punk ass, cuckhold of a husband, in tears too, is not only confirmed by his own weak admissions about his fear/feelings of the dead rapper and their relationship. It also showed what kind of an “arrangements” were present in their union. In otherwords, who wore the panties in the relationship and what kind of Greco-Roman type relationship are we speaking off here? I wish i had been up on my soap box during that time, as i would have been anointed a seer and prophet. Its interesting how fanatics and celebrity worshippers would extole the deviancy of hollywierd and the music industry on Monday. Then on Wednesday, twist their mealy mouth to defend their favorite celebrity as if they were pristine and above all that “stuff”.

Years ago as a youth, after reading the book deliverance, i started to watch the movie version but stopped before the erstwhile adventurers embarked on their fatal trip. Because of the male rape narrative. I will forever be uncomfortable with this narrative, even in jest. Actor Ned Beatty, who played the victim in the movie version of that scence, admitted to have taken a 18 year break, because he was traumatized by that scence. This admission, shines an interesting light on kneegrow actors like Will Smith who willingly dress up as a female and act all kinds of ways as homosexuals. I mean the kat bypassed a lead role in the Matrix for Wild, Wild, West, to dress in drag. And if you had seen the uncut version of six degrees of separation. Or even read the book. You would overstand why the rumours of his sexual choices remain ever present. Despite the lack of obvious confirmation on his part. Or on the part of those who are associated with him.

As Sherlock Holms once stated, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

Please tell me what heterosexual man, in his right mind, would go full mounty as a pillow biting, bitch nukka? Including kissing a man on screen, in the cut version of the movie? Despite Denzel Washington warning him this would define his career. Unfortunately uncle Denzel and most people forgot that Will Smith got his start on the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, through producers Benny Medina and Quincy Jones. These two walking shit packers are the gate way into black hollywierd and black music entaglement, in the world of homosexuality and substance abuse. And in the entertainment industry, its not just sex parties and getting high. But the same kind of bull shit that evolved into pizza gate and beyond.

I knew a man, whom i will not mention due to the fact that his name is known, who he told me in confidence, when both of us were young, about when he as an aspiring guitarist securing a tour gig with Parliament Funkadelic. And upon embarking on the tour bus, saw so much debauchery and groupie entaglement, in the few minutes he was on the bus, asked to be let off , even before the bus got rolling. We talking about teen groupies and other “stuff”. Now that must have been some heavy duty debouchery right there. He went into some details, including additional stories from friends of his, who decided not to get off the bus on another occasion. George Clinton himself confessed that the group dropped so much acid and did so much drugs, leaving out the other juicy stuff, i am amazed he is still functioning as a man near eighty years old.

Which brings me to celebrities like Prince, Michael Jackson and a lot more. The Boondocks episode on Gangstalicious showed us in parody and the book deep throat by porn actress Linda lovelace went into vivid details. Particularly about your grandmother and mother’s favorite sambo, Sammy Davis Junior. If you can find the book deep throat, do so. That girl was dishing dirt, long before dishing dirt was a thing

The next few clips are about some of you all favourite rappers and celebrities. However, don’t think this is regulated to just the music portion of entertainment. The madness is in sports, music and politics. Do do you seriously think politics is not entertainment? Especially after the latest horse and poney show?

I had a dancer associate of mine, a beautiful and very down to earth sister, inspired by the movie/teevee show fame, left Toronto to seek her fortune in Hollywierd. A year later she worked enough money as a waitress and receptionist to come running back to Toronto, “shaken but not stirred” with answers to my queries about her adventures. Stories of demands for her to have sex with just about every casting agent, in exchange for just auditions. Not even guranteed roles. At least she got out with her dignity intact, her dreams crushed for sure and the given up on her shattered dream as a dancer because, well, the shit was crazy over there.

This week more tea was spilled….actually a whole pot of tea was spilled when some chick named Jaguar Wright decided to unleash the fury of a thousand scorned women on the entertainment industry. Personally i don’t know her, but from what i was hearing, she was throwing hay makers and bolo punches to kats chest. She been trending for a minute and this blog is too short for the amount of stuff she was saying. But if you YouTube her, i asure you her stories would make you go hmmm? Unless she hit one of your celebrity crushes, then you won’t like her stories.

Spilling tea
The story of Tevin Campbell

5 thoughts on “Entaglement hollywierd: spilling the tea.

  1. I remember Jaguar Wright back twenty years ago. She sang with The Roots. And with Jay Z on his Unplugged album. She can really sing,beautiful voice. But she’s been attacking these celebrities pretty hard the last few weeks. She said Mary J Blige was an overrated singer. Said Jill Scott was a back stabbing bitch. Alicia Keys was a lesbian and home wrecker. Common trued to have sex with her. And Puffy Daddy got oral sex from singer Christopher Williams. She covered a lot of ground. And is making a lot of people upset. She needs to be careful. But I believe her.
    The whole industry is perverted. Politics and sports too. But Hollyweird might be the most disgusting. I had a family friend that was a producer of a sitcom. This was back in the eighties. He went to parties where they served cocaine like they were horderves. And he admitted they had secret sex parties. I remember he said a lawyer friend told him to get to the $20 million club you must do homosexual acts. Sometimes with animals or children! I was shocked! They also have pictures and video of all these acts. Many times these orgies will have others watching. It’s called Pandora’s Box. The men will have masks on while they have sex with the singer/actor/rapper. Once you do that you go big time. Sometimes it’s called the Directors Chair. After that you can become an Eddie Murphy’,Denzel,Beyoncé,Rihanna,Will Smith,Jennifer Lopez etc. They also do have a blood sacrifice. You have to give up a family member the higher you go up the ladder. And if you want to a new clothing line,perfume or business venture you must go back to Pandora’s Box. It’s not a one time act then it’s over. You must go several times to stay relevant in Hollywood. They make some of them drink urine or eat feces at these underground parties. It’s a form of humiliation. And most are satanic. The devil worship is real. It’s an open secret in Hollywood. Everyone knows this fact. My friend never moves up the ranks because he couldn’t stomach doing those things. He said they have these Freemasons everywhere. They’re producers,police,lawyers,doctors,judges,news reporters,CEO’s of big companies. They run the entire media from top to bottom. All the media is controlled by them. That’s why they can get away with all this demonic behavior. My friend left the business in 1994 and became a born again Christian. He said the parents of child actors sell their children to the industry. The children are passed around sexually to producers and directors. It’s disgusting! I could go on and on. But you get the idea. Don’t envy these people. They’re no one to look up to or admire.


    1. Wow! Great information warrior. A few times in my youth i did some bit part work on movie sets, because it was available work and not because i wanted that lifestyle. I say this to day i saw shit on the lowest level that made me realize i could never, ever do this shit, even part time. AND THIS WAS ON THE LOWEST LEVEL! So many people are attacking Jaguar Wright becaise their favourite celebrity crush is being called out. Three very important thing i got from her evisceration of her peers. One…she was part of the scence snd got screwed over by jealously. So thid exposer is her retaliation. Two…i dont thonk she cares what happened to her, because i think the death of her son and betrayal by those close to her put her in that i don’t give a fuck space. And three…she should write a book and leave documents that would out last future media manipulations. Other than that shit always stink. No matter the perfume, the spin doctors try to put on it. Again great information black man.

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      1. Yeah it’s deeper than most know. I definitely believe you. It’s even on the small level. But the higher you go the worse it gets. You basically have to give up your soul to make it. It’s better to keep your dignity and self respect. I never tell young children to aspire for fame. They have no idea what it will cost them. Over the years I’ve been to parties and events in Hollywood. I’ve met people like Blair Underwood,Queen Latifah,Jessica Alba,John Sally,Tyrese,Arsenio Hall and Paula Abdul. But I’ve never gotten too star struck. Living in California you get used to seeing celebrities from time to time. But at the end of the day they’re just media creations. There’s no need to idolize these mortals.


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