The greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

I had intended to do a post on the continuation of enslaving black bodies, a lucrative enterprise that has never abated since 1400’s to present. despite what the failed “emancipation proclamation falsely claimed. Having got caught in…you know…my life…I was late in doing so. However, the notion of enslaving black bodies are just one of several mainstay of “white civilization” that continues to affect us as a people and indeed impedes our thrust to not only interact with others on the planet, but to actually survive.

Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr., a 25-year-old African American man, was arrested by the Baltimore Police Department for possessing what the police alleged was an illegal switchblade. While being transported in a police van, Gray allegedly “fell into a coma and was taken to a trauma center”. It was later ascertained through autopsy, that Gray had his spinal column crushed and severed. Despite attempts by a Black woman, Marilyn Mosby, who was the city prosecutor, trying to lay charges against the four murderers…the kneegrows and two yurugu…all four uncivilized savages, the Baltimore four were exonerated. And to make it even more interesting, the Black woman is now being attacked by the cave savages for so called ethics violations. The narrative around anti- Afrikan hatred and violence by the City of Baltimore, the state of Maryland and the corporation of the United snakes of amurdikkka is documented through the ass, and the narratives of poLICE being absolved from murdering us, even caught on video, is often swept under the political rug. So Mosby attempting to bring these men to justice was a clear violation of maintaining the status quo.

It is in this climate of violence and hate against black people, that Korryn Gaines, a 23 Baltimore mother of two children, became the latest Afrikan person, man, woman and child to be murdered by the same set of criminals that broke Freddy Gray’s neck, on April 12, 2015. Days after the poLICE’s version of the incident with Korryn Gaines, the kneegrows went full blown retarded all around.

Somewhere in the slave narrative around she shouldn’t have had a a gun, she had mental health issues, etc, we have some female (not sure if they are white or black, but certainly hate black men) came out with a series of tweets and Facebook posts, using her death as an excuse to bash black men for not being outraged about the murder. These are copies of tweets, i found on the Facebook post of a female named Brittney Akua Greene….

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At the time of me writing this, her Facebook status had 31 Comments and 169 shares. Now not many of them i must caution agrees with the tweet, but based on what i read, much too many bitter kneegresses and manginas, jump on the blame the b;lack man bandwagon. It was sad reading the comments, I feel I overstand why we keep looking to other ethnics for sexual and relationship comfort. The way we act to watch other is depressing and energy sapping.  in the case of the most recent murder, this is the media and official version of what happened… Korryn Gaines, cradling child and shotgun, is fatally shot by police.

“The greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” ― Steve Biko

 Before I express my version of what I assumed happened…note neither Gaines or her five year old son is going to be questioned or interviewed on what happened, here is a video of how this 130 lb woman, cradling a five year old child and waiting in panic for a S.W.A.T team attack would react…
A shot gun weighs anywhere from 6 ½ to 7 pounds, up to even 29 lbs, regardless of the gauge. One of the laws of the universe is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that the momentum of a shotgun’s reaction will exactly equal the momentum of the wad, shot and powder gasses ejected from the barrel. This is called a reaction recoil or “kick.” It can be measured or computed empirically,Do not forget that gun weight is a crucial factor in the recoil equation, inversely proportional to recoil. Increase the gun weight by, say, 25% and the recoil goes down by 25%. In the real world, firearms chambered for smaller cartridges are typically built lighter than firearms chambered for more powerful cartridges. That can result in a dramatic increase in kick when, for example, 3″, 1-1/4 ounce Magnum shells are fired in a 20 gauge upland gun appropriate for use with 2-3/4″, 7/8 ounce loads.

Now imagine again a 130 lb woman, cradling five year old, whether facing her or away from her, firing this shotgun with one hand. Now imagine this 130 lb female, also shooting her son in the stomach, something that has been banded about by the media. As far as I know there is no stills or video of the actual incident. Now stills of shot gun pellets littering the door way or injuring a lice with its wide dispersal affect. What we do know though is that the S.W.A.T team…a team that is usually sent in to disarm hostage takers, or heavy duty criminals, went in on her, shot her in the head…and get this..had to duck after she fired at them and may have hit her son in the stomach. AFTER BEING SHOT IN THE HEAD. 

Follow the bouncing ball so far? Now I know S.W.A.T teams believe that certain acceptable civilian death or collateral damages are expected in a gun stand off. But as we know from little 7-Year-Old Aiyana Stanley-Jones , the tactical squad do not ever wait for three or more hours to hit a “target” Not one as easy as the Gaines home. They also said that a male figure was purported to be at the residence. THEY SAID! And he escaped with the younger child only to be captured later. THEY SAID!

Here are something i noticed about the whole incident. We have here a young woman of 23, who gave birth at 18, to whom? IS the man alleged to be at her place and wanted by the LICE her child’s father? Who is he and what’s his story? She had posted up a series of videos about police harassment. Documented police harassment. Some where she was blatantly aggressive and uncompromising in her stance against them. Even declaring that they would have to kill her before submitting to their harassment. Again she is 23 years old. How many 23 year old males, much less a female, would take such strong stance? Unless she is influenced? Again this is me trying to work this out. A clue to where i am taking this is in the last traffic stop, she mentioned she was sovereign. SOVEREIGN. Where would this young black woman get the notion to declare her sovereignty and take a uncompromising stance against the agents of the corporate amurdikkka?

This small mention of sovereignty made me think of this incident, where a man was arrested for driving van with homemade license plate

Just like this…. Ben Bey was arrested last month for allegedly having a fake license plate made out of cardboard and crayons. Bey, whose license is suspended, said that he doesn't believe in government-registered license plates. He said this image was what was affixed to the rear of his vehicle at the time of his arrest. Does this speculation justify the murder of Korryn Gaines? If you ask me that question or assume that is what I am saying you are a fucking asshole and should die a slow death. What I do see though is a woman who is young enough to still be childish in a society where a lot of us act hella childish, acts like a bad ass, facing down armed killers, by her self. She had no man to protect her, not sure if she had a man living with her, but she certainly was not thinking about her children, when she declared to the killers, she would rather die than submit to their harassment. Not sure about you, but I have never met any older mothers, revolutionary mothers, much less a 23 year old declare this. Now a mother in her protective state would savage anybody who harms her child. But this video shows me someone influenced by some one. Again this is me trying to work this out.

So we know that she was murdered, but what we are not talking about is why would she put her children in such danger, publicly fighting with the enemy, when she needed to use strategies. Strategies…that little thing that many kneegrows lack or remotely have any overstanding of. I consider myself the type of man that have no aversion to squaring up on anyone, but my street experience also cautions me against squaring up in a no win situation, when I can swallow humble pie in order to fight another day. Would it have been easy in amurdikkka? Of course not. But her narrative is indicative of someone who didn’t practice eating humble pie. Again, how did she come to that state? Nothing in this life comes out of a void, so who was gassing her up? And where are they? I have not read of any family member or friends stepping up to talk about her much. And while we are sitting on both sides of the issue….who is going to take care of her children?

Just like supposed Dallas Shooter, kneegrows getting hyped up about her being “strong” against the LICE. We like big exciting public showing, but we don’t practice quiet steady work. If she was fighting the city by herself, this is unfortunate. Why was she doing it by herself? We know that the LICE murdered her and had no justification for it that any intelligent alien can accept. However, there are questions leading up to this and coming out of this incident around this sister and who ever she interact with, that lead to this moment.
Of course the dialogue was swiftly hijacked by agent provocateurs and used to pit black men and black women against each other. Now the lesbians, promosexuals, homosexuals and anti masculine black men have swooped in on their brooms, lurched out of the sewers to make and support statements like this one.

in a nut shell, this 24 year old woman was beaten to death by her 47 year  old common law husband Aaron, Wright and his side bitch, Marquis Robinson participated in the deadly assault. You can read the whole story from this site, but you may want to find a less offensive post somewhere else. I say this to say that this has become a discussion on something called toxic masculinity, where homosexuals and very unhappy people are chiming in to denigrate black masculinity. So black masculinity is now a question and a toxic thing in both of the above news stories.

By the way, the two kneegrow murderers? They were former poLICE officers. Yet no moratorium was declared on toxic police officers, a profession notorious for spousal abuse, alcoholism, drug use, suicides and general violence. Over the last five years of documented police brutality of black men, women and children, no discussion was raised about toxic masculinity. Yet here we stand! Can you smell the agenda falling behind the walking bull?


I have seen black men and women trying to argue against such a divisive behavior by a few fucked up in the head people. I can only caution them not to be seeing arguing with fucked in the head people. they will drag you down in the gutter and beat you to death with their experience.

“The greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” ― Steve Biko

At the end of the day, we are a people turned inward against each other and have taken the baton from the original savages and in turn have become savages of ourselves. Have we really become a group of people who celebrate this kind of behavior over the steady quiet work needed to become a strong and unified group? Or are we resigned to this kind of behavior? This video may not appear connected to the above stories, but listen w=to what he is saying and consider that (a) all these killings of us by them, has never amounted to any form of retaliation. And (b) these are the kind of men he talks about that many of us consider “real men”. And many of these women who are looking high and low for a man to protect them, will gladly drop their panties for these same kats. Just like Korryn Gaines and that alleged man that ran away from the police. Or the Joyce Quaweay, hooking up with a kkkop. A highly respected professional in many of our eyes…whether we are willing to admit it or not.

And many of these thugs become a terror to us, partially  because of what he says…

 There is a lot of shit coming out of the media and the defense of the system is not needed by us. Nor is the infighting needed, when our common enemies are those who benefit from the system of white pathology; The poLICE, the folly tricksters of all stripes and of course the promosexuals, homosexuals, feminazis, manginas and pussy simping and emasculated males.
I am still asking questions, so right now my information is still incomplete. I don’t want to be all over the place, so let me hear your thoughts.
“The greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” ― Steve Biko