A brief history of amurdikkklan warfare across the planet

Listen carefully as the practice of All Lives Matter is practice by the savages in amurdikkka

Give them Bread and circuses

The picture below is one of the most iconic images in all of sports. It is the second most in sprinting behind the the next one.


As i read black people’s reaction to the current bread and circus happening in impoverished and destitute Brazil, a nation of more than 80 million Afrikans, many who hate their Afrikanness. A nation where killing Afrikans going back to the days of Leopold of Belgium and the Brutish rule in Australia…is akin to pure blood sport. I can only believe that the manufactured entity, that we have become, have been so amurdikkklanized, pasteurized and dumbed down, that any joy or pain the savages feel, we feel it 10 fold.

Awhile ago i asked why didn’t more Black athletes speak up and or boycott the Rio Olympics and I was reminded of how selfish we are as a people. A people who’s claim to spirituality, righteousness and morality, are all buried in the filthy intestines of Christianinsanity, Arabism, khazarism and any other isms associated with those fairy tales of murder, rape, theft and genocide. I was reminded that fame and getting paid are some of the things that hitched us to the broken hip of white pathology, except for their ability to break off and create their own nation. We refuse to do that, so that will perhaps be from this point onward, a non starter. A few pockets of “crazies” non withstanding.

Bread and circuses” (or bread and games; from Latin: panem et circenses) is metonymic for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the generation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace, as an offered “palliative”. Its originator, Juvenal, used the phrase to decry the selfishness of common people and their neglect of wider concerns. The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the commoner.

“Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuse—-Satire X of the Roman satirical poet Juvenal (circa A.D. 100

I elect to presume that more than a few people are aware of the protest prior to the Olympic torch run in Rio. I also presume that more than a few people are somewhat aware that Brazil is one of the most dangerous places in the World. Believe that many places in amurdikkka has that distinction as well. What I definitely  and factually KNOW..is that the masses, do enjoy a bit of bread and circus and relies on the media…the propaganda arm of white pathology to feed them pablum and soma.

Some is a muscle relaxer that works by blocking pain sensations between the nerves and the brain. Soma is used together with rest and physical therapy to treat injuries and other painful musculoskeletal conditions. Soma may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide.

The videos below are a few explanations of what is happening under our very noses in Brazil from before the Olympics till now. For you can be sure that there are still protests going on.


The police used stun grenades and tear gas to clear protesters in the path of the Olympic torch in a poor suburb of Rio de Janeiro , two days before South America’s first Olympic Games open under tight security. Armed soldiers stood patrol on highways and on many corners throughout the beaches in Brazil’s largest security operation ever. Some 85,000 police, soldiers and security personnel were deployed in Rio, more than double the amount in London in 2012, to deter both violent street crime and the “threat of attacks by extremists” (the current excuse to clamp down on legitimate protests).

Police said anti-government protesters in Duque de Caixas, on Rio’s north side, threw rocks and blocked the torch’s path. Police dispersed them with pepper spray and rubber bullets. A video of the incident spurred social media criticism of the police and amplified complaints that the Games ignored the poor.

Sports as big business:

The average fan is an idiot. The term fan comes from fanatic. Someone who has completely lost his or her mind in a frenzy of blood lust. The above average fan is a some times idiot, because they are more aware of certain discrepancies in sports and overstand the business side of sports. This makes the above average fan, while the minority, still almost as dangerous as the ignorant and idiots, who will fight you over any slight to their colors, banners or team allegiance. The above average fan though, just suspends his or her overstanding, because the pull of the sporting fervor is more compelling than thinking about how big business is the engine that drive impoverishment, wars, genocide, pollution and the ongoing destruction of the only planet we will ever physically know.

And like big business, sports are filled with rivalry. Often bitter rivalries that defines, class, race and nationalities. This is why soccer violence is so big and the intertwining four year period between the World Cup and the Olympics, can be both spectacular and carry so much passions. Each also carries traditionally their share of bankruptcies and displacement of the poor. For the readers in north amurdikkka, just think about the wast of the Atlanta Olympics, one of the first to really reveal the promise of Olympic ideals come crashing down around the discarded bodies of the poor.

Before eh NASA and other government agencies completely shut down the internet, overstand that YouTube and google are still your friend for now. Research the financial and social impact on countries holding these events.

The Olympics like, like big business, are also about politics. And amurdikkka is the biggest piranha in the ocean. Consider Obomba’s and the state department’s on going humiliation at the hands of Vladimir Putin and the Russian nation, as he defends his client state of Syria against Is-it-real and her client state…amurdikkka.

News of a so called Russian “whistle blower” exposing doping scandals against his nation, has prompted several Russian athletes to be banned and a call for ALL Russians to be banned. They even banned the Russian para-Olympics team. Then there is this mess 3 athletes sanctioned for failed drug tests at Rio Games

IAAF spokesman Yannis Nikolaou confirmed to CBC that the governing body revoked eligibility for long jumper Darya Klishina based on new information it received last week from Richard McLaren.

Klishina, a former European indoor champion, was previously the only one of 68 Russians allowed to compete in the sport amid a massive doping scandal. The IAAF had accepted her application because she is based in the United States. The rest of the Russian team was banned over allegations of a widespread, state-sponsored doping program.

Nikolaou says Klishina has appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and a decision is expected Monday, before the long jump competition begins Tuesday. “I am a clean athlete and have proved that already many times and beyond any doubt,” Klishina said in a statement on her Facebook page. “Based in the U.S. for three years now, I have been almost exclusively tested outside of the anti-doping system in question,” she added in an apparent reference to the Russian anti-doping agency, which remains suspended over doping cover-ups.

“I am falling victim to those who created a system of manipulating our beautiful sport and is guilty of using it for political purposes,” she said.  “I will take every possible effort to protect my clean image as an athlete,” Klishina said. “At this moment I cannot help but feel betrayed by a system that is not focused on keeping the sport clean and supporting rank-and-file athletes, but rather seeking victories outside sport arenas.” 

Mathieu Reeb, the secretary general of the court, confirmed that an appeal had been filed.The president of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, condemned the IAAF decision. “Overall, all of this looks like a mockery of the athlete by the IAAF,” he said in a video message posted by the Russian Olympic Committee. 

“If Darya Klishina is in the McLaren list, then the IAAF must have been aware of it for a long time,” Zhukov said. “They, as I understand it, only addressed questions to Klishina on August 6. She answered them, and they only took this decision today, August 13. Why it couldn’t have been done while all the other federations were examining the problems with athletes who were in the McLaren list is completely incomprehensible.” 

The International Olympic Committee ruled out a blanket ban on Russia last month but imposed new rules which have barred some Russian athletes in various sports because their names were implicated in a report by World Anti-Doping Agency investigator Richard McLaren, who alleged a major doping cover-up. McLaren said he had received leaked e-mails in which senior Russian Sports Ministry officials discussed whether or not to conceal doping cases related to hundreds of athletes across dozens of Olympic and non-Olympic sports.

Some Russian athletes who featured in that report were able to regain their Olympic spots on appeal to CAS, though others were refused. 

Despite the denial of the fact, by white people and a few deluded kneegrows, big sports like the Olympics are just as much racial warfare as it is political. The 1988 race between Canaduh’s Ben Johnson and amurdikkklan’s Carl Lewis, exemplifies how the former children of enslaved Afrikans were promoted as poster children for a bigger more dangerous game. One of them, Ben Johnson, naive in thinking his fame will make him acceptable to white people. An the other arrogantly believing the same. The difference is that as long as amurdikkka is playing politics in a world that watches how it murders unarmed black men, women and children, this corporation can pretend to take the moral high road internationally. Even while it drops bomb on other countries s and support terrorists cadres around the world.

in the case of Canaduh…this is a country with sever inferiority complex, that despite crowing about the war of 1812, has a healthy fear of an amurdikkklan invasion, that would put to rest all this independent talk, happening in parliament. Those in the know , know that Canaduh is already a 51st amurdikkklan state. 57 if you count, American Samoa, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Northern Mariana Islands, supposedly Commonwealth and believe it or not the District of Columbia, which is the seat of the Federal government, but has never been listed as part of the 50 since old boy Abe sold the constitutions to international bankers in exchange for funding for his tribal war. A war fought to take wealth from the slave holding South and enrich his industrialized North. Not for freeing enslaved soldiers of imperial wars in Afrika.

But i digress. The image I put up above, was used to deviate from the following two very interesting stories:

hqdefault  images (1)





The article titled Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and the drama of the Dirtiest Race in History, was excerpted from a book of the same name and is a fascinating reading. Fascinating in the sense that the dude goes into details about what I have been saying since around 1995 at least, longer if a plumb my memories. Fascinating in the sense that only now is there a trickling of admission that Carl Lewis was a bigger cheat than Ben Johnson and that amurdikkka has far surpassed the former East Germans and Russians in doping.

Few people know that first six runners in that fateful Olympic sprint was on drugs. Even fewer people know that at the LA Olympics in 1980, Carl Lewis and numerous amurdikkklan athletes were tabbed as drug cheats, but the results were “stolen” by persons unknown. Never to be investigated further.

According to the author of the article Ben Johnson was called the “biggest cheat in the history of sport. And, for many, he remains ‘the most reviled drugs cheat in history’, as a British newspaper described him in 2008”.

But Johnson’s vilification detracted from the wider story, and the bigger scandal. He was not the only cheat in Seoul. Six of the eight finalists from the men’s 100m would eventually be implicated in doping scandals. They included Lewis, who tested positive for stimulants at the US Olympic trials. Had the usual three-month suspension been applied, he would have missed Seoul. But he was exonerated – as were many others in the 1980s – by the US Olympic Committee. The truth only emerged in 2003.

And there remains another mystery about what happened in Seoul. That Johnson cheated is not in question – he admitted, at the Dubin Inquiry, that he had used steroids for seven years. Dubin lifted the lid on the scale of the drugs problem at the highest level of sport, unwittingly endorsing the mantra of Johnson’s doctor, Jamie Astaphan. ‘If you don’t take it, you won’t make it,’ said Astaphan.

But the fact that Johnson had been using drugs, and passing drugs tests for so many years, raises another question. He and his entourage knew how to get around the drug testing, which back then was in its infancy. Johnson maintains, to this day, that he was sabotaged; that a ‘mystery man’ sat beside him in the anti-doping room in Seoul; that this man was connected to the Lewis camp; and that he spiked his drink. It sounds preposterous. And yet, when I interviewed Joe Douglas, Lewis’ old manager, he admitted that he did indeed arrange for this man to be in the anti-doping room. ‘We wanted to make sure that he didn’t take … any … masking agents,’ Douglas told me. ‘That everything was done legal and fair. That he was gonna be tested, etc.’

How did Douglas manage to plant this man in the supposedly secure anti-doping room? ‘I played some games,’ he smiled. I tracked down, and spoke to, the mystery man. He is Andre Jackson, a diamond executive in Angola who is also chairman of the African Diamond Council and African Diamond Producers Association. Speaking to him, I sensed that Jackson enjoys the notoriety of being the ‘mystery man’. I invited him to set the record straight. He could state, once and for all, that Johnson’s allegation that he spiked his drink is untrue.

‘Of course I can say that I didn’t,’ he replied. ‘But I can also say I did, too. What’s the benefit?’

Despite rumors of more than just stimulants being used, Carl Lewis has always denied using performance enhancing drugs. Yet in the 1980’s and 1990’s it was said according to a article that american was on drugs. Since the 80s Lewis is praised for his alleged greatness when he was as dirty an athlete as Ben Johnson.

Lewis: ‘Who cares I failed drug test?

Carl Lewis has broken his silence on allegations that he was the beneficiary of a drugs cover-up, admitting he had tested positive for banned substances but claiming he was just one of “hundreds” of American athletes who were allowed to escape bans. “There were hundreds of people getting off,” he said. “Everyone was treated the same.”

These are the words of an arrogant kat that knew he has powerful backing. Arrogant and allowed to continue to besmirch other athletes not from his country. Usain Bolt: Bolt Is Completely Right to Slam Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis stated that “if an athlete runs 10.03 one year, and comes back and runs 9.69 the next, something is terribly wrong. But based on his comment about Bolt, and as per his own standards of calculating the progress of athletes, CARMELITA JETER IS ON DRUGS. It therefore pains my heart to have to point out that Jeter ran 11.48 in Los Angeles (04/06/2006) & came back one year later to run 11.02 in Osaka (27/08/2007). Let’s not even talk about all the athletes up to Justin Gatling, once caught for doping and banned, coming back much older than Usain Bolt and is still a threat to unseat him as worlds fastest man.

In Bolt’s case, the improvement in question is the margin of 0.34, while in Jeter’s case case it is 0.46. She did it again when she ran 10.97 in 2008 (Eugene,Oregon) and came back in 2009 running 10.64, (Shanghai, China) a margin of 0.33.

According to Wikipedia, there are 140 confirmed doping cases for Americans, 44 for Russians, 27 for English and French. Chinese? 11. Americans are the current doping masters of the “free” and not so free world. There should be no controversy about that, at this point. Yet many Americans have the nerve to accuse players from other country to be dishonest, how about that!

Now am i supporting Johnson and Bolt, being that I hail from the same place as them? NO! Let me be clear. Ben Johnson is a friend of mine. We grew up together. And while his track exploits took him far, whenever we see each other we still greet each other as regular guys, not as a celebrity and some “Joe Blow” fan meeting. And even then my moral compass will have me defend him. Not for taking drugs, he admitted it and I knew it, but for the hypocrisy of the sporting standards that pick and choose which athletes to burn politically and which to burn racially. An for the gullible fanatics who fail to see the political ramification in cheering for black athletes doing great to enhance white national imagery. Until its time to ask for some sharing of that glory when the lights get turned off.

Ben Johnson got burned thrice over. A black Canadian who also happens to run for an impoverished after thought Island, known for beaches, tourism, reggae music, violence and ganja…in the eyes of ignorant foreigners.

I know many Jamaicans will be pissed when i say this, but I will qualify the following statements by pointing to my fields of fucks. Look how full they are and ripe, as I have still not given any away. Track and field is rife with performing enhancement drugs. Just like other sports. For fuck sakes, golfers are being caught with performance drugs. For the long time I had the stain of Christianinsanity in me where I tend to moralize shit instead of being logical. One of the reasons I lost interest in track early in life and and football later, was i did not overstand performance enhancements. There are many different forms of enhancement. From better training techniques, to weights and better weight training, Hyperbolic training and many too numerous to mention here.

In the case of doping, i go back to 1995, when Ben set his first world record. I remember being accosted by a kat who always took umbrage with my on going declarations that they are all doping. And just as I told him, I will break it down here. Carl Lewis is a great athlete as a sprinter and long jumper. Ben Johnson and Usain Bolt are great athletes as Sprinters. Some people are naturally fast. I know, like I said I grew up with Ben when he as a skinny 14 year old was beaten grown men, without knowing what the hell he was doing. You are either natural or you are not. i know kats who take drugs to run and wasted their money because there are mitigating factors involved in being a great sprinter.

More than just the Juice

in order to be a high performing sprinter, you have to first have that high level fast twitch muscle. It doesn’t really matter if you are bulky like Gatling or lean like Bolt. You have to have some other traits that set you apart. In the case of Bolt, his height and stride length allows him to cover more distance and his turn over is that of a smaller man. Now factor in training and you have a whole different outlook. Do you train hard right through? Do you train 50%? 70%? Do you do strictly spirits  or sprint related training…ie..former sprinter Evelyn Ashford once did 75 sprints in a workout at about 70%. She was a top level sprinter and was training for years. You try doing 10 at that pace. Because you neither have the muscle training, response, nor the strength.

So genetics and training plays a role. Also your mental outlook. Ask Jamaican Asafa Powell, who holds the record for the most sub 10 sprint times without a world or Olympic championships. So we have genetics, training, mental outlook. But that is till not enough. Sprinting is the one exercise that mimics the effects of intense weight training. The after burn and soreness last for a long time, even with massages and stretches. But that is still not enough. In order to take it to the next level, you must up your intensity and work load. No matter if you don’t go 100% each time. Failing to step up to the next plateau will cause a reduction in performance because the body settles in a comfortable space. In order to grow and get better, you have to be uncomfortable. You have to make the body uncomfortable. In doing so you run the risk of temporary or permanent injuries, because while the body is machine like, it is not a machine. Certainly not a indestructible one.

So how do you walk that fine line between going to the next plateau and not hurting yourself permanently (based on biology temporary injuries will always occur), by taking enhancements. In the case of track and field more so than say golf or soccer. It is not Yam or green banana, though both are great nutritious foods. Its to take something that either makes you recover faster so you can get more training and harder training in. Or something that boosts your energy and focus and aliveness ( hence the coded stimulants that many feel is immaterial).

Now consider that an event on the level of the Olympics, world Championships, commonwealth games, Pan Am games and such, there are several events over two days just for the sprints alone. You may run a heat, a quarter final, a semi final and a final. Each time you move up you are going at a speed that some urban bicyclist will never attain. That is a lot of stress on your hips, back, groin, and hamstring. being able to overcome such stresses is not just about massages,stretching and genetics. Because if you are going to fast, beyond your body’s limit, you can hurt yourself. So you need something to help you stay as injury free as possible, while helping you stay fine tuned. AND you need it fast and specialized.

Again just eating yam, bananas along doesn’t help all the way. But then…you have to be a high performance athlete to overstand  that there are levels to this. I want to expand my views on performance enhancement drugs, in a follow up posts, but i want to stay on topic by ending this post, with the idea that the bread and circus, currently going on in Rio, is a continuation of big business practicing racial, class and political warfare against pawns in a game, where we are directed to cheer against our self interests and to focus on the some and mind drugs they give us. Its amazing how on one hand we cheer visibly black athletic success in a white organized sporting event, while we are being murdered, disenfranchised, politically repressed, all the while falling far behind everybody socially economically and in all the other areas of people activity, that Neely Fuller talks about.

Oh! What changes time and amnesia does to a sleeping people.